13 Reasons Why Universities Need to Change

1. Universities force you to follow their rules and roads already walked on. This in itself tramples true originality and genius.

2. They get you to study by punishment and not inspiration. They are more fear-oriented than joy-oriented.

3. At the end of 4, or more likely 5 or even 6, years, most people are still as lost as before and can’t find a good job.

4. The textbooks, which students have no choice about, are very expensive and keep changing editions, so when you’re ready to sell them back, you can’t. Or you get peanuts back.

5. The internet has made all knowledge and sources of knowledge accessible. Universities are no longer necessary!!!

6. Professors can’t teach you how to become financially independent. In addition, most professors care more about their research than their students. Real teachers often end up at community colleges by choice for this very reason.

7. Universities brainwash you into thinking your worth depends on your GPA, the name of your school, and years of formal education. In truth, your worth isn’t dependent on any of those things.

8. Universities prepare you to work for someone else, not for yourself.

9. It’s been shown in studies that there is no correlation between happiness and level of formal education.

10. Constant staring at books and computer screens, which universities make necessary, leads to loss of eyesight, headaches, and other physical problems.

11. Universities don’t customize anything for YOU. You are just a number.

12. Universities cost a small fortune. You’d be better of investing the same money on your own business or a customized personal education by choosing your own topics of interest, books, teachers, etc.

13. Some universities/majors are so competitive that students adopt a series of unhealthy habits (caffeine all day, fast food, drugs that keep them studying all night, release through heavy alcohol and parties). Many students develop depression. Some even commit suicide. My own alma mater, UC Berkeley, has seen at least two suicides).

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