2012 F30 BMW 3 Series reveals its new design

The new 2012 BMW 3 Series enters a new stage in its testing process. The prototypes spotted yesterday in Munich reveals new design details of the F30 3 Series Sedan.

Visually the F30 is clearly recognizable as a BMW 3 Series, but we believe its looks resemble the new 5 Series, at a smaller scale. The 2012 3 Series Sedan will feature full LED lights, including the “squared” angel lights.

To maintain its unique appearance, we believe the overall shape of the lights will turn out to be middle ground between the design of the current E90 LCI and the design language of the F10 5 Series. The L-shape form will remain a BMW design core element in the taillights.

Like the BMW 1 Series F20, the new 3 Series sports LED turn signal indicators placed in the side mirrors. The kidneys have been redesigned giving them a more flat look than the 5 Series and a more dynamic appearance when compared to the current generation 3 Series.

After dropping the fake body parts, we can now the double character lines that flow across the side to give the car a more dynamic and road-focused look.

Same sausage, different length? Some may say this is the case with the new BMW models, and the new design language has been somewhat standardized and featured across the lineup, but there are still plenty of fine details hiding underneath the psychedelic camouflage that we believe will set the F30 apart from its bigger brother. With an evolutionary design, a common trait in the BMW design cycle, the new 2012 3 Series will appeal to an even broader audience and will have a positive effect on sales.

Technically, the 3 Series shares many components with the new BMW X3 and the upcoming 1 Series F20 and F25. Some of the options featured on the higher models, Head Up Display, Rear view camera, lane departure warning, parking assist and lane change assistance, will now be part of the 3 Series offerings.

Under the hood, the new 3 Series will use four and six-cylinder powerplants. Both are making use of the twin-scroll turbocharged technology, with the top six-cylinder model delivering around 350 horsepower.

With the exception of the base engines, all models will come equipped with the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission that offers not only great performance, but also a lower fuel consumption.

The 2012 BMW 3 Series will make its world debut late this year, and the public unveiling will take place at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Overall, the new PY24W LED turn signal lights and the “squared” BMW angel lights makes the new 3 Series look very nice.