21st Century Leaders – Present Strategic Actions from each Follower

Strategies are of little value if they are not implemented effectively. But implementation is difficult in an already busy schedule.

Unless each follower can see where they fit and what they need to contribute; the chances of a strategy being effectively implemented are low. The key is to explicitly show each follower what they need to do, when and with whom. This may sound impossible, but I will tell you how it can be done.

Firstly let’s consider some of the workplace dynamics that work against implementing a strategy:

  • There is not enough time to do everything that needs to be done
  • Action plans are poorly aligned to strategic plans
  • Leaders are unsure about what is actually happening
  • Followers find it hard to identify exactly when and how they need to contribute to a strategy
  • Important actions are sometimes missed or forgotten, so workflows are interrupted
  • Complete lists of actions are rare, so personal time management is hard
  • Often followers are not aware of the consequences of not doing an action allocated to them
  • Relevant changes are poorly communicated to the people who need to know
  • Followers see telling other people what they are doing as wasted (unproductive) time

To overcome these unhelpful workplace dynamics, we need to do the following:

  • Break strategic plans into a number of related action plans
  • Identify the actions required to complete each action plan
  • Populate each follower’s ToDo list with the actions they need to do for the strategic plan
  • Make responsibility and accountability clear
  • Keep followers informed about relevant changes
  • Automate reporting based on actions completed to minimize unproductive time

Unfortunately the level of training and discipline required to implement the above list of actions is unrealistic and unachievable in real life. However experience in many workplaces has shown that a leader using smart software on web or mobile browsers can create a leadership platform to implement the above list of actions with relative ease.

The key is to let the software execute the boring, but essential, management processes in the background and present relevant information from each person’s perspective. This keeps leaders informed, frees followers to do productive work, and gets strategies implemented in record time.

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