Afraid to Look Back – Accept the Mistake

No one likes looking back and seeing all that was not done. Or even worse, seeing what was done WRONG
Life, when did we think it would come with no mistakes?

Probably something we were told when we were young. Possible just a reproof from some adult trying to get us to not bother them with our young boundless approach to life and possibly breaking the rules they were “trying” to keep them selves. But the only people I know of that are not making mistakes now. . . well they’re dead.

Dead people don’t make mistakes. So, if you are dead, well you’re without worries about making mistakes.

But If you are NOT dead, then you will need to face mistakes and also attempts NOT tried.

So, here we are in life wanting to know how we can look back and not have regrets. How can we go forward in life without being afraid of making mistakes?

Simple answer, YOU CAN”T. Life comes with regrets and joys and happiness and mistakes and successes and . . . Yes, life does have all of this as part of life.

So what do we do to not be afraid to look back?

Fear of the end is not uncommon for us as humans. Some of us face this early in life. We may have a traumatic occurrence that causes us to LOOK at our life or tell the truth about our values and what is “really” a priority or important to us inside.

You know inside, when no-one is looking and you are just with your self. What’s really important to you in the silent realness of looking yourself in the mirror. Not the mirror you use to get ready for others. The mirror inside, that tells you about blemishes you are uncomfortable to admit and notice.

It isn’t really difficult to be brave and be able to look back at your life. You do not need to be afraid of what you have already seen. YOU will not be looking back at what is not OK with you from a long time ago, IF . . .

If, what . . . ?

How do you overcome the fear of looking back? How do you stop the worry of not being good enough later or at the end?

You look now. What . . . ? It can’t be that easy?!?

Well, yes it is that easy. You are not afraid of what you do regularly. YOU do not have fear about the things you do with skill and ability. When you do it over and over, you do it with greater easy and efficiency.

So start looking more frequently and with honest satisfaction that you are doing good each day of you life as you live it.

If you are living now with some honesty and a sincere attitude to notice what you do and improve as you go, you will be happy to see an end. Because you practicing being happy as you go through life.

Fear of looking back is caused by not looking NOW.

Look now and REJOICE, IMPROVE and CELEBRATE the GIFT of your LIFE.

Make mistakes – Forgive yourself

See it needs to be better – Admit your imperfection, and improve it

Notice you hurt them – Accept the responsibility, and ask for forgiveness

Notice when you do well – Give thanks to all those who contributed to you

Dafydd’s unusual life and working history has given him a very unique set of area of expertise. Becoming a successful entrepreneur at 11, with his first business enterprise, set the tone. He had only one worker to start. But over the years he has gained experience working with and directing hundreds and teaching thousands.

He has lived and worked in the United States, Germany, Holland, Greece, and ?? and has traveled extensively through more than 26 countries, sometimes being out of the US for years at a time. His clients have come from a variety of countries and cultures. He really does live on the whole earth and understands many of the unique aspects of different cultures and business systems.

He writes and teaches from a prospective that has the extensive breath of his world experiences, in addition to doing deeply personal metaphysical coaching with spiritual seekers and explorers. He is an example of the excellence of personal identity one achieves by finding his own personal spiritual truths and seeking to make them his own in sustaining and expanding ways.

When he is fortunate, he enjoys co-leading seminars designed by his life long partner, Rannette Eva Nicholas. Those who have been lucky to see them lead together, have, at times, needed to keep focused on their breathing. Laughing so hard and long can really take the air out of you. (Joy becomes the teacher).

His loves, joys, hobbies, and entertainment include sailing, flying, poetry, music and intriguing visionaries with whom he feel very much aligned.