An Overactive Thyroid can be cured.

Having an over active thyroid has been one of the worst experiences of my entire life, it really was very scarey at the time when my heart rate was way up and I hadn’t slept properly in days, for anyone that has gone through it they know how difficult it can be just to be able to think clearly and getting any work done is next to impossible which is a shame, the amount of energy that I had was enough to make sure I stayed awake for about 3 days, I was really hyper at that point and just didn’t feel tired at all but it was a very scary experience.

One of the worst things about having an over active thyroid is being told the only cure is to get it killed of by taking a radioactive iodine solution which the medical field calls safe, however before you go in they will usually make you sign a disclaimer stating that if you get cancer in the future you won’t sue them, they also tell you to spend at least 3 days in total isolation away from anyone, does this sound like a safe solution to you?

There is also a consequence of getting your thyroid killed off, you will need to take medication for the rest of your entire life which makes your thyroid balance out, this means regular trips to the drs to get your levels checked and unfortunately despite the claims most people still gain around 8lbs in weight every single year if they have an under active thyroid so it really is worth taking some time and doing the research before you rush into anything, usually your Dr will give you beta blockers to try and control some of the symptoms of an over active thyroid so you should certainly take this option and test it out for you, it may work well and you won’t have to opt for surgery or radioactive iodine.

One of the best things to do for an over active thyroid is go and get a hair analysis and blood work done, you need to find out what vitamins you are deficient in, the body can heal itself of most diseases if you give it the right kind of fuel, typically with the thyroid problem you are probably deficient in copper or selenium, maybe biotin as well, you really need to start a good supplementation program to help your thyroid on the road to recovery.

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