Anger Management – Dealing With Anger In Teens

Behavioral issues with a teenager such as dealing with anger can be addressed by the teenager themselves looking into their present life circumstances. Such circumstances can be how they see their life and where their anger stems from. It is the personal feelings of the teenager and their sudden explosive nature that are both connected.

A symptom of anger in a teenager is their unhappiness in life and in particular certain circumstances that they are dealing with, or more importantly what they are NOT dealing with.

Finding the connection between the teenagers own feelings and their anger is one such technique to make improvements in their life and forms a sound platform for anger management. When the teenager exhibits behavioral issues you must agree that the quality of their life is not quite what it should be when they should be enjoying life to the fullest.

Lets discuss one very important proven technique in anger management for the teenager.

Take a piece of paper or note book and write down the headings of how you feel about your present circumstances that makes you feel angry. Such as, “No one likes me and no one will listen to me”, “I hate my friends/mother/father/sister/teacher”, “I have no money and I am a failure” or “I am a bad person so I will act like one”.

These examples are just a few, write down your own individual thoughts YOU FEEL about your circumstances that lead you to feel angry. Not what you think your friends feel but exactly what you feel. If you think you are just no good then write that down.

Pretty soon you will have quite a list of your negative feelings of your anger and some of your responses might surprise you. It is in reality when you read your list that you will see clearly how you feel about your present circumstances and how you feel about your life in general. Reading this list you will want to make changes that will build your opinions that in turn improves your ability to control your feelings of anger.

Now with each heading you have written down you will identify it as a negative thought in your life. We will now change each negative heading into a POSITIVE heading. This is the power of positivity that will improve your feelings of belief.

This is how we do it. Lets say the heading is, “No one likes me”. The positive to this is, “I am a charming and likeable person'” and we write that down. Go through your list and change all the negatives into a positive. As you write the positives don’t you feel some empowerment, some encouragement and some feeling of believing in yourself?

It is working already. Now we take our positives and write them on a small poster and hang it on the wall of our favorite area such as the fridge or our bedroom. As you walk past your poster read aloud your positive headings and learn to believe in your positives.

Your poster will now be called “My Inspirational Poster”. Each time you read your headings and believe in your headings you will find as time passes by that you do not look upon yourself as angry and filled with hatred but powerful and confident with a beautiful friendly and welcoming personality.

Your Inspirational Poster is becoming your daily affirmations that will empower you and provide you with one very small technique in building your ability to control your anger and forms part of your anger management program that will build your self confidence.

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