Are You Going to Mop Floors at McDonalds?

Are you ever going to be able to retire or are you going to mop floors at McDonald’s? Have you ever walked into a fast food restaurant and noticed a Senior Citizen mopping the floors or cleaning the tables? I have, and it really breaks my heart.

Do you think that the Senior Citizens who are mopping the floors dreamed of the day when they could retire and then work at McDonald’s to earn some extra income? Can you picture them in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s just waiting for the day when they could start at McDonald’s?

I am presenting this on the funny side, but it is a serious point for you to consider. The Senior Citizens you see working are not working because they want to. (Well, some of them probably do want to. )

My mother retired a few years ago and has a part-time job because she likes to meet new people and see old friends at work! The majority of Senior Citizens are working because they have to. The reason they have to work is because their monthly income isn’t enough to cover their monthly living expenses.

Do you want to mop floors and clean bathrooms when you hit your golden years? If not, then consider this:

“If You Ever Want to Retire in Your Life, You Better Start to Create Passive Monthly Income Today”

What is guaranteed to you in today’s world? Is your job secure? Are you guaranteed to get Social Security or your pension at work? Will the stock market continue with hardly any growth? Study after study has shown that Social Security will run out of money.

The reason is because the baby boomer population will go from working and paying to Social Security to retirement and collecting Social Security. The number of people still in the workforce paying into the plan will not be enough to cover all of the outgoing payments made to retirees.

Look at Enron! Thousands of employees’ retirement accounts disappeared over night. Don’t think that you will be safe. The biggest problem that I see most people make is to rely on one income. Relying on one of anything is very dangerous to you. If you are relying on your 401(k) and the stock market crashes, you are going to suffer. If you are relying on Social Security and it runs out of money, you are going to suffer.

In fact, many people rely on just one income from their job. What happens when the company downsizes and your one income goes away? Never rely on one of anything. It is far too risky.

You really need to protect yourself from the danger of “one” by creating other multiple income streams. By having 20 income streams coming to you each month, you are not as dependent on any one of them. This book is about building passive monthly income streams that you can live on to ensure your financial security and independence.

When I say passive income, I mean money that you receive every month from your investments. Understand that it takes some work to set up passive income streams. However, once your income streams are set up, you simply have to manage them.

This is part one of a long series of posts that I will be rolling out over the next few months.

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