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Most women are less than eager to get trained in self-defense but we all need some tips on simple ways to avoid becoming a victim and repel instead of attract attackers. Fortunately, sometimes the simplest things work the best.

Attackers prefer victims go quietly so no one notices what is going on and gets a description of them resulting in their arrest. Now that we know what they are looking for, we can be the opposite. Here are a couple things to note:

  • Nine out of ten people gasp and hold their breath when startled or scared so attackers have the advantage already
  • Making noise startles the attacker (turnabout is fair play) and calls attention to your situation
  • When you gasp and hold your breath, the adrenaline that is automatically produced to deal with stress freezes you quicker and longer, and that’s when the majority of people get hurt. Adrenaline is produced to give you the fight or flight option. It helps you think clearly, run faster and strike harder under stress. In order for it to circulate and help instead of hinder you, you must be breathing. This is where making noise comes in. . .

    Yelling is a great way to make noise and get your adrenaline circulating at the same time because you expel all the air in your lungs and automatically take another breath. Viola! Circulation, adrenaline, strength, speed, clear thought, a startled attacker and everyone looking your direction! Notice I said, “yelling” and not “screaming?” That is because screaming is weak and defensive and yelling is strong and offensive. The three best things to yell: Stop, 911, Back Off!

    Other great ways to make noise:

  • Honking your horn
  • Sounding your vehicle alarm
  • Throwing or knocking over something loud (like metal)
  • Honking your horn is probably not what comes to mind first when you are startled unless you are startled by another driver, right? But just think about how much attention a honked horn gets. . . and that is the idea after all; even if it is about your personal safety and not about your car.

    We know that most people hate the sound of vehicle alarms and rarely even consider that something is being broken into or stolen but again, think how many people are alerted by the sound. You can be sleeping at night with your vehicle in the garage or driveway and sound your alarm if an intruder breaks in.

    You know the movies where someone is running from a bad guy through the kitchen of a restaurant, knocking over metal tables and shelves behind them? Not only does this make an instant obstacle course but it makes a heck of a lot of noise in the process. Maybe you are in a store and rake your arm down a shelf pulling products onto the floor to make noise and draw attention.

    There is nothing safe or heroic about going quietly with an attacker in the hopes he or she will not hurt you. In fact, it can easily cost you your life. If someone wants to take you against your will, their intention is to hurt you.

    Teach your kids this safety tip too. I can’t tell you how difficult it is to get some children to practice yelling in my Safe Kids Class! They have been programmed that yelling gets them in trouble and they need to know it can get them out of trouble as well.

    Remember attackers want quiet, uninterrupted time with their victim and the longer you are with them, the more power they have. Make a lot of noise and be more trouble than you’re worth.

    And ALWAYS trust your gut feelings to know what to do because sometimes submission is the best option. A good question to ask yourself is, “How is the best way to handle this situation?” Your brain will answer whatever you ask it. Make sure and ask good, empowering questions to get the same kind of answers.

    Bonus Safety Tip: Some things we’re taught not to do, like being loud, are the very things attackers take advantage of. And I invite you to be even safer by visiting to grab your sample Safety Quick Tip and the option of receiving a free one each week bonuses.

    From Kelly Rudolph – “Your Personal Safety Trainer”