Banter Touch Accessories from Banter Touch Accessories Pro

The latest LG Banter phone is the new LG Banter Touch UN510. Made for both multimedia and messaging, the Banter Touch has all the options. A full 3 inch touch screen makes it easy to control multimedia and phone functions. For quick messaging, use the full 5 line Qwerty keyboard that easily slides out providing the feel and touch of real keys versus the touch screen keyboard equivalents. The camera and full web access allow a convenient way to share pictures and connect socially. Touch Screen bar phones like the Banter Touch add the challenge of a large screen that needs to be protected. Finding a good cover solution at the new website is a cinch.

Covers start as low as $7.95 and include basic silicone gels as well as premium hard shell snapon covers. The basic silicone gels provide limited protection but can reduce damage if the phone is dropped or bumped. The Gels do not provide any smash protection though. Hard plastic shells can provide bump, drop and smash protection and come in both hard plastic or a smooth touch plastic. All of the covers offered at the bantertouchaccessoriespro site are tested for proper fit and port openings. The Wireless Solutions soft touch case is one of the best options. Never worry about safely and securely protecting your LG Banter Touch mobile device ever again. The Black Soft Touch Snap-On’s low profile hard plastic shell (two pieces – front/back) tightly snaps to your LG Banter Touch phone defending it from bumps, drops, and scratches while the soft-touch rubberized finish allow you to carry your LG Banter Touch handset in style.

Cases or pouches can provide additional protection including keeping the touch screen protected while in the pouch or case. With over 50 pouch options already available at there should not be a problem finding a Banter Touch carry solution for all tastes and occasions. The Naztech branded pouches are some of the best sellers as they provide high quality at an affordable price. Many, designed with a belt clip, can be carried on the belt, a purse strap, or anything else they can be clipped to. The Executive for the Banter Touch is a good choice. If you subscribe to “Cases for Places” then you’ll appreciate the fact that the LG Banter Touch executive case looks right in any business or social encounter. Its sharp, modern design is accentuated by hand stitching and an abrasion-proof mesh front frame. The Divided slot is the perfect size for a license, cash, credit cards, etc. For your convenience, the magnetic flip cover can be opened or closed with minimal effort. Plus, the 360 degree heavy-duty belt clip, ensuring a lifetime of use. Durable and classy, the LG Banter Touch Executive case perfectly complements your on-the-go lifestyle. Belt clip not included.

The Banter Touch Accessories Pro website also offers a range of charges and other accessories that can keep the phone powered up and ready to go.