Benefit From High Gas Prices – Even More Benefits From High Gas Price

What do you mean benefit? I can accept the word tolerate, but benefit? Well sit tight for a minute. Here in Part 2 of this article, we will discuss some benefits of high gas prices.

In Part One of this article, we discussed how the human brain has a capacity to generate ideas for us when we need them most. When the circumstances become critical, our brains can be far more creative than we realize.

I believe that the situation with the price of gas is becoming dire. I drive a reasonably efficient sedan and it still costs me $65 to fill the tank. As I’m filling, I look over at the family of five in the mini-van that is probably costing over $100 to fill. And I wonder how they do it. Again I say, the situation is becoming dire. How can families afford to visit their Grandmothers and Aunts and Uncles if it costs $100 to fill the tank.

So we discussed the health benefits of high gas prices.

This time, we want to look at financial benefits.

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em. There are many excellent buying opportunities if you want to get in on the rising stock prices of these gas companies. You can invest directly in the stocks of these companies, or buy into a mutual fund or an index-traded fund. There are many ways to be involved in the ownership of these companies so that you can benefit too.

In part one of this article we also briefly touched on a new technology that we can utilize to convert our cars into a type of hybrid. This will not only save us gas money but also increase the resell value of our cars.

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