Best Places to Visit in Paris

The French capital of Paris has long been one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and is home to many of the continent’s famed attractions.

Despite appearing to be quite a confusing metropolis of interweaving roads to first time visitors, Paris can be a joy to explore. The experience is likely to become far less daunting as central sights loom out of the distance at each part of your journey.

Tourists should also be aware that although some places may seem off the beaten track, most are within easy reach of any Paris hostel via the reliable and cheap Metro system.

River Seine

The River Seine is an excellent place to start any day. Running right through the heart of the city, it offers tourists the chance to take a stroll along a predetermined route whilst allowing them to branch off and explore the surrounding attractions that take their fancy.

Travelers may find themselves having to dodge their way through Parisians pedaling gaudy tourist paraphernalia at more popular junctures, such as around the Eiffel Tower or nearby to the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Some way from the river towards the north of the city, Montmartre maintains much of the bohemian characteristics that have endowed it with historical renown. Although once again easily accessible on foot, tourists can be forgiven for choosing alternative routes on its steep inclines.

At its highest point, however, tourists can find some wonderful Parisian sights. The huge Sacre Coeur Cathedral is an excellent photo opportunity and a lovely place to enjoy a meal or picnic.

The summit also offers wonderful views of the cityscape below, and can be a useful place for the beleaguered tourist to get their bearings.

Montmartre is also home to the famed red light district and the Moulin Rouge, offering a blend of gimmicky and genuine places of interest.


Although an attraction in itself, the huge sprawling Champs-Elysees boulevard is often a pleasant departure from the more built up areas of the city. Tourists are unlikely to find a cheap Paris hostel along here, however.

At one end the Arc de Triomphe monument is one of the city’s must-sees, honoring the soldiers that fought in France’s historic wars. It can also be an amusing place to watch cars carefully navigating the bizarre Charles de Gaulle roundabout (nicknamed L’Etoile, or star), famed for its confusing lack of road markings.

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