Black Homeowner Warning – Shelf Life of Information Shrinking Fast

Here’s 3 Powerful Ways To Keep Informed In A Fast-Paced World.

1. The Internet – There has never been a need for you to keep more informed than now and the need grows daily. Fortunately it’s never been easier for average people to keep informed . . . if you know how and where to look. The internet is the tool for the information age. Anyone who is not using it will be like a person trying to play basketball with one arm, you’re limited in what you can do. Worst of all you’ll have to wait until others give you information, by then it may be too late to benefit from it, that’s how fast information will come . . . and go!

In the past if you were a homeowner you usually only had to discover a piece of information once and that information stayed the same for years. But with today’s volatile financial and housing market information continues to change almost by the day or even hour.

That’s why it’s so important to stay informed more now than ever, especially if you’re a homeowner. Black homeowners continue to be one of the least informed racial groups on important issues such as financing, loan rates and financial planning .

The information void will not only hurt today’s Black adults it could pass on to the next generation if the trend doesn’t change. Yes, information access is the new Civil Rights movement for African Americans in the information age.

As we grow further into the information age, the most informed will have the most power to solve and avoid problems in the future. That’s why it’s important you continue to find sources that give you current and accurate information like this one. Why? Because the only way to make accurate decisions is to have accurate information.

But beware, because accurate information that’s old or outdated is not only be useless but dangerous. For example, what if you were still living by the old information about lead paint, asbestos or sub-prime lending rules. Yes, staying informed and updated continues to grow more important by the day.

Gone are the days of a homeowner buying a home, sitting back and living happily ever after. The current housing industry rules, policies and information continues to change so fast many experts find it hard to keep up.

Here’s a new flash . . . You can’t always depend on the government to keep you informed and updated. If you don’t believe me ask the many Hurricane Katrina victims, many who are still waiting for government responses to questions, complaints and for aid.

2. Search Engines. – The backbone of the internet when it comes to research and information is the search engine. At no time in man’s history has there been a more efficient tool for gathering information quickly. A search engine is a web site that collects and organizes information. Most people use them to answer questions or find the solution to a problem, or even check the background of a company or individual. We’ve all heard of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, but did you know there’s thousands of specialty search engines and dozens popping up everyday. For example, search engines for home improvement, real estate law, real estate brokers, home repair, etc. There’s even dozens of shopping search engines, travel search engines and more. There’s a search engine for almost any topic you can think of and some you can’t.

3. RSS Feeds. – RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. It’s a method of keeping updated on fast changing information on specific topics. More news and information sites offer fast changing information as an RSS Feed to anyone who wants it.

RSS Feeds allow you to easily stay informed and updated on subjects or topics of your choice, because the information comes to you hot off the press, so-to-speak. An RSS Feed saves time for busy people because you don’t have to visit websites to get information, the information comes to you.

Four Guidelines To Getting The Most Accurate Information.

Conclusion – The challenge to Black homeowners in this economic climate continues to depend on each homeowners ability to stay informed and updated. With news changing so fast it’s easier for out-dated information to blindside, surprise or leave you unprotected.

News continues to come so fast now, most news professionals can’t keep up. It may surprise you how more news organizations depend on average citizens to provide the news to them. In fact, most news organizations have hot lines and websites where citizens can send their own videos and photos to news organizations as it’s happening.

Because most news organizations have swamped schedules, you’ll have to fill in the gap and start being your own news reporter. That means learning to do more of your own research and information gathering. Although there are a multitude of ways to gather information, the three mentioned in this message is the most efficient and effective for the average person.

Yes, in this increasingly fast paced information age there will soon be only two types of people. Those who keep up with what’s happening and those who wonder what happened, which will you be?

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