Bowfishing Boats (Shapes and Sizes)

Bowfishing has taken on a bunch of new enthusiast into the sport. Most of the new bowfishing people start off with fishing from the banks. Utilizing there old archery bow with some simple modifications at little to no cost to start out. Everyone who enjoys bowfishing has a certain quality about them to want more action. They tend to not stand on the bank for to long before they are searching for the perfect bowfishing boat and freedom of the open water

How many people generally go out with you has a large impact on the choice of boat. Sixteen to twenty feet on length will generally do for up to five persons on a bowfishing trip. Forty eight inches is also about as narrow for stability purposes. Keep in mind also a flat bottom vessel will give even more stability. Your bowfishing experiences from the banks of earlier excursions have you well informed of the environment where the fish are. Shallow lakes and bayous are the most popular for bowfishing by all means.

Bowfishing motors and are determined by the environments. The most expensive bowfishing boat has to be the all so common air boat from the deep south. Next might be just a all purpose fishing boat with an outboard motor. Then the surface drive engines like Pro-Drive or Gator-tail. And don’t forget the typical trolling motor Quite and smooth running plus Eco friendly. Which every you decide to research on. They all have a purpose and a application for use.

Your wallet might be a little lighter after just a little dream shopping. There is always alternatives and you can start just about at any level of Bowfishing. Just as long as your out there. Landing the trophy fish just comes with time and practice.

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