Can you take your LCD TV outside?

You be thinking there’s no way to use an LCD TV outdoors, however you have probably seen one being displayed and wondered how it was even possible to do it without breaking the TV, after all there are many things outside that could damage your TV and after paying so much money for it you probably don’t want to risk taking it outside even on a sunny day.

One of the main reasons you should take it outside is to enjoy the World Cup games, usually you can take your TV outside on these days because it’s hosted during summer time when the weather is a lot better and there’s little chance of your TV getting damaged, one of the real reasons to do this is simple, you can have a BBQ outside while watching the game in the sunshine, most people these days don’t have a garage or any type of shelter to place the TV in just in case the worst happens and it rains.

There are many hazards that could really mess up your TV if you don’t get this right, it could start raining and then the TV will blow up or become so water damaged that it’s just unusable, this is the worst case scenario and very dangerous, there is also damage from the unit overheating, this is the main reason you should never place a LCD TV unit over the top of any heat source, it’s really bad for the unit as the parts can heat up very quickly and often you will see the TV shut off for no reason and possibly never come back on, the last thing to watch out for is the sun shining on the screen, this can be really damaging for any surface and can often lead to the screen fading in certain places or getting sun spots.

The best way to avoid these situations is to buy some kind of protection for your TV when it’s outdoors, these are more specialist items so you will have to search online for them as you probably won’t find them at major retailers, please always make sure you have the TV well protected if you are going to take it outside, don’t just think everything will be okay if it’s a sunny day, the weather can turn at any minute and ruin your TV which means you can’t watch the big game and you have just wasted hundreds of pounds on a TV that is now ruined.

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