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How to Use the Internet to Get Your Movie Script Seen

Do you have an idea that you are sure will make a great movie? Have you already written a movie script that you know will be a blockbuster? So, what do you do now? Do you take your script to an agent or send it to a studio? These are questions that all first time screenwriters grapple with after they’ve written a script. What do I do now?

Lucky for us, there is now a lot of help available online to help you get your script critiqued and seen by Hollywood professionals. There are websites that let you post anything from a rough draft to a full length treatment online, with all rights protected, to allow other writers, producers and agents look over your work and give you feedback based on their firsthand experience in film production.

This feedback is invaluable to anyone writing a movie script. Just as it takes a whole crew to film a picture and it takes more than one person to write the script. These sites give you a fresh perspective on your work as seen through the eyes of others who are in the same business that you are in, the business of making movies.

Having a fresh set of eyes look at your work allows you to see holes in the plot or underdeveloped characters that you had previously overlooked. When a writer works on a story for weeks or even years, he runs the risk of getting too close to his work and sometimes missing the obvious. Screenwriter websites help you get a fresh perceptive on your work which can make a world of difference.

These sites also bring another important element into play, connections. Hollywood works on a network of connections, sometimes it’s more about who you know than it is about the quality of the script that you are trying to get made. We’ve all seen horrible films featuring big name stars and have asked ourselves, what were they thinking? Those films happened because somebody knew somebody and sold a script that really wasn’t worth making.

Websites which cater to screenwriters give newcomers the chance to connect with their peers and create networks. These networks allow scripts to be seen by the people who make movies. So they are a win-win situation for any fledging screenwriter, post your work and receive the feedback necessary to make it a stellar script and get your ideas out there to the people who can actually make things happen.

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Ronald Reagan – Not Just Your Average Actor

No doubt, America’s 40th president Ronald Reagan is an actor by profession before crossing the verge of politics. He starred as actor-cum-host in General Electric Theater, a radio and television anthology series which features some of the greatest short story, play, novel adapted and portrayed with the likes of James Dean, Groucho Marx, Fred Astaire and other formidable actors of classic Hollywood. As the co-owner of the show, he became wealthy and famous, earning him a ticket for greater doors in showbusiness and politics in the future. Apart from General Electric Theater, he also appeared in Death Valley Days and since his departure from Warner Bros. he began to appear in B-movies making his career sag and lie-low.

Before he became a tv actor, he first became a radio announcer in Iowa and Chicago. He took the screen test from Warner Bros. and got him a seven-year contract. He appeared in the film Knute Rockne, All American where his nickname “The Gipper” came from. He also starred in Kings Row, Tennessee’s Partner, Cattle Queen of Montana and The Killers in which his last film.

His leadership is early emphasized being a Screen Actor’s Guild President from 1947-1952 facing various issues including labor-management disputes and Hollywood blacklisting. After serving America with pride, he died after his 10-year battle with Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 93. Even at the time of his death, he remained a great actor playing a vital role in the lives and history of the world as he created a major difference in terms of safer world.

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Kannada Folk Songs

The different forms of folk narration include songs, ballads, fables, erotica, romance and epics. Kannada literature in the 12th century began undertaking some important changes like speaking and singing folk songs while some still used the champu form of writing till the 17th century. The Gajashtaka composition is said to be the foundation for two popular folklore, ovanige and onakevadu, and were sung by people while they were pounding corn or trying to lure elephants to enter a pit.

At the turn of the century many changes began taking place in Kannada folklore where acclaimed lyricists began experimenting with native folks and literary classic English folk songs. With Christian missionaries entering India to spread the gospels, many relied on the local language to get their message across. British officers Benjamin L. Rice and J. H. Fleet published vital surviving literary classics and folk songs.

The oral tradition of hand to mouth is known to be much richer and meaningful in Indian languages compared to the written word. The famous epics, the Mahabharata and Ramayana were originally much shorter in form and were passed on orally and preserved in their original form for a very long time. Indian epics can be seen as representing different diverse groups of India and its great traditions. Since the caste system has always played a dominant role among India’s people from an early age, various traditions, folk songs and epics have co-existed uneasily against each other.

Kannada folk song heroes often comprised of common people who were always from the lower castes, such as goatherds, cobblers, cowherds as well as people from scheduled castes. Famous folk artists include Yashwanth Halbandi and Ratnamala Prakash. Kerala’s Khatakali form of folk has influenced Yakshagana which is one of the oldest forms of folk in its costume area.

A collaborative endeavour to study Indian folklore in detail began only after India achieved independence. For the last few years a lot of research has gone into the collection, restoration and preservation of Indian folk history. Indian folklore is a fascinating and appealing topic to many as it is still alive and thriving vibrantly in India. With many official languages and more than 1,200 languages without written scripts, it is difficult to categorize any language-and-culture specific folklore in India. Hence generalizing or comparing Indian folklore to one another doesn’t work. In the last two decades extensive research has been accomplished in gathering and translating various pieces of folk material into English and making them available on a larger scale.

Check out for the latest in Kannada songs on this link. You can also search for meanings of Tamil names on Tamil baby names and read some interesting Indian stories on these links.

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Usher Concert Tickets OMG Tour

Usher (Usher Raymond IV) was born on 14 October 1978 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. Drawn from LaFace Records’ apparently inexhaustible wellspring of young R&B acts, Usher is without doubt one of the few who can boast of actual superstar high quality and staying power.

He moved to Atlanta along with his circle of relatives whilst he used to be 12. Usher started singing within the church choir (led by means of his mother Jonetta Patton) whilst he used to be six years old. When Usher used to be 14 he used to be noticed at a talent show by means of a music exec. from LaFace Records. Eventually the company signed the young singer while he used to be still in high school.

After being noticed by means of a La Face music executive at a talent show in his place of origin of Atlanta, GA, it took no time for Usher Raymond’s profession to take off. The 14-year-old auditioned for La Face co-founder L. A. Reid, who signed the gospel choir boy to a recording contract. Raymond used to be introduced to the sector merely as “Usher, ” and launched his debut album of the same name in 1994, which featured co-executive producer Sean “Puffy” Combs. The first single, “Think of You, ” won Usher notoriety and reached gold status. From that preliminary exposure, Usher used to be approached to do different projects.

Indeed, after the album release of his self-titled debut in 1994, there looked to be a threat that he may grow to be higher known as a face slightly than a musical talent. He appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In 1995, he recorded a countrywide holiday jingle for Coca-Cola. He also joined a number of best male R&B vocalists to shape Black Men United for the album single “You Will Know, ” featured at the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack. He also teamed with teenager singing sensation Monica for a duet remake of Latimore’s “Let’s Straighten It Out. ”

After graduating from high school, Usher launched his sophomore album, My Way, in 1997. In an attempt to show his adulthood and songwriting abilities, Usher co-wrote six of the 9 songs and enlisted the assistance of producers Jermaine Dupri, Babyface, and, again, Combs. The album’s first single, “You Make Me Wanna, ” re-established Usher as one in all R&B’s freshest artists, and also made him a crossover sensation; it topped the R&B charts for 11 weeks, hit number 2 pop, and ultimately went double platinum. Both of the follow-up singles, “Nice & Slow” and “My Way, ” also went platinum, hip-hop-styled “Nice ‘N’ Slow” used to be a US chart-topper in March 1998; the former stayed at number one at the R&B charts for 8 weeks and changed into his first number one pop single.

In the meantime, Usher launched an acting career, showing within the 1998 horror spoof The Faculty and the 1999 urban high-school drama Light It Up. To tide fans over, he issued a concert recording titled merely Live in 1999.

His 2000 comeback single “Pop Ya Collar”, co-written with husband-and-wife group Kevin She’kspere Briggs and Kandi, was once a surprising failure in America. Usher used to be more successful within the UK, the place the single debuted at number 2 in February 2001.

Usher returned along with his 3rd correct album, All About U, towards the top of 2000. He returned to the highest of the US charts in July with “U Remind Me”, which premiered the transatlantic hit album 8701. His album 8701 (2001) moved him from a teenager pop famous person to a sultry R&B singer. The single “U Got It Bad” also reached the #1 place in 2002, and helped whole Usher’s transition from teenager pop famous person to R&B bestseller.

In early 2004, Arista launched the single “Yeah!” Produced by means of Lil Jon and guesting Ludacris, the addictive, evenly crunk minimize rapid changed into a club and radio favorite. By the time the Usher full-length Confessions dropped later that March, “Yeah!” had hit the highest of the Billboard charts. In March 2004, Usher launched his contemporary album, Confessions. The album has bought more than 2.8 million copies on account that its debut and the feature single off the disc.

Usher’s only pastime isn’t singing. He’s also tried his hand at acting with a few lovely neat flicks. Usher has appeared in The Faculty and Light It Up, in addition to the cowboy movie Texas Rangers with Ashton Kutcher. Usher concert tickets are now on sale for the OMG 2010 tour. You can purchase Usher concert tickets foe the OMG 2010 tour online at cheap prices.

The Almost-Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Allan Pinkerton

The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 is one of the most infamous events in American history, one that undoubtedly changed the course of history as far as Reconstruction in the South is concerned.

Few realize, however, that the assassination that took Lincoln’s life was not the first attempt on his life; the first attempt to assassinate Lincoln was intended to prevent him from ever becoming president, and came shortly before he took office in 1861.

The election of Lincoln to the presidency had literally split the country in two. Despite the fact that Lincoln was much more moderate on the subject of slavery than the abolitionist candidates that had campaigned in the North, even the moderate Lincoln’s election to the presidency was seen as an affront to slavery’s supporters in the South, and almost as soon as the election was decided, what would become known as Secession Winter began as southern states, first South Carolina, seceded from the Union like falling dominoes.

Nowhere was the split between Lincoln’s supporters and those who opposed him more divisive than in the area around the nation’s capitol, Washington D. C. Despite its position as the capitol of the United States, and therefore the Union, Washington and the area that surrounded it – including Baltimore, Maryland – were decidedly southern in nature; a large number of slaves were held in the area around and including Washington D. C.

As the date of Lincoln’s inauguration and arrival in Washington neared, so did the discord among the proslavery factions who believed that abolishment of slavery would follow Lincoln into the capitol.

According to the CIA’s website:

One rumor in particular reached devout Lincoln supporter Allan Pinkerton, a private detective who’d been hired to derail some of the plots to thwart the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad. At least one these plots was apparently to sever ties between Baltimore and Washington by destroying bridges and railroad lines, a plot hatched by Baltimore secessionists, possibly members of the infamous Plug-Uglies gang, who’d terrorized Baltimore for years, assassinating local politicians and inciting riots during elections.

Meanwhile, Lincoln was enroute to Washington from his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. He planned to stop in Baltimore for a speaking engagement, and according to the CIA, the intelligence Pinkerton uncovered revealed that during Lincoln’s visit:

While secessionists. . . whipped up a riot, a barber who called himself Captain Ferrandini would kill Lincoln, vanish into the mob, and slip away to the South. Baltimore police would have only a small force at the scene, under orders from the mayor and chief of police, both Southern sympathizers.

Pinkerton, convinced that the plot he’d learned of was a serious threat, met Lincoln at a stop in Chicago, and insisted that he bypass Baltimore altogether, arriving instead in Washington ahead of scheduled, disguised, just in case there were any planned attempts awaiting him in Washington, as well.

At first Lincoln dismissed Pinkerton’s warning, stubbornly refusing to abandon the stop in Baltimore. However, Lincoln was later informed that other detectives, working for Lieutenant General Winfield Scott, commander-in-chief of the U. S. Army and Charles Pomeroy Stone, had also uncovered the same plot, independently of Pinkerton. With this knowledge, and at his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln’s, urging, Lincoln finally agreed to go instead to Washington.

Disguised with a beard that he’d later become known for, walking hunched-over with a cane, Lincoln arrived in Washington and decamped to the Willard Hotel, where observers gazed in wonder at the bearded, bent figure that many would later be surprised to discover was their new president. Ignominious arrival or not, Lincoln successfully evaded any of those who would have prevented him from taking office.

On March 4, 1861, Lincoln, surrounded by bodyguards and a number of federal regiments, gave his inaugural speech in front of the U. S. Capitol building. Addressing his supporters and secessions alike, Lincoln declared that, “I hold that in contemplation of universal law and of the Constitution the Union of these States is perpetual. Perpetuity is implied, if not expressed, in the fundamental law of all national governments, ” and reminded listeners that the purpose of the Constitution was to “form a more perfect union. “

In conclusion, Lincoln said, perhaps acknowledging the attempt on his life:

every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.

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Watch Shrek Forever After Full Movie Online | Download Shrek Forever

Don’t be confused with the seemingly multiple titles (Shrek Forever After, Shrek 4, Shrek 2010, Shrek 3D), they all represent the same great movie. Download this movie and watch it at home after reading the review.

Shrek Forever After is the 4th and final chapter to Dreamworks Animation spectacularly successful animated franchise. Everyone who loved the first 3 Shrek films (Shrek, Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third) will also love this one. Dreamworks Animation has long been considered second class to Pixar, but this movie is about as good as anything Pixar has created.

All the main cast of characters are back, Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona, Antonio Banderas as Puss In Boots and John Cleese and Julie Andrews as the King and Queen. The newest character (evil villain) is Rumpelstiltskin, voiced by Walt Dohrn.

As the movie begins, we see a totally different Shrek than we have before. Gone is the gruff, “do what he wants” Shrek. Family life has turned him into (in his own eyes) a domesticated, soft ogre too busy with the kids and wife to do anything fun anymore. He has become a celebrity in his own town, and the townspeople who used to fear and avoid him now love him and find him cute … an adorable house husband ogre.

His suddenly rigid lifestyle with a wife and 3 kids is not what Shrek had bargained for, and he finds himself wishing he had a different life, one where he wasn’t shackled to a family. This is when he meets Rumpelstiltskin, the bad guy in this movie. Rumpelstiltskin overhears Shrek’s grumblings and offers to make his life different. Shrek doesn’t realize this guy is bad, and wants out of his life so badly that he makes a “deal with the devil” to get a new life.

This is where the movie becomes a sort of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Shrek is suddenly cast away into an alternate Far Far Away land where he has never been born. No one knows who he is, and all his former friends are in different roles … former wife Fiona is now a tough warrior leading a gang of rebel ogres, Donkey is in servitude to a group of very irritating, always babbling witches, Puss In Boots is a fat, pampered domesticated housecat, and Rumpelstiltskin is the King.

Shrek quickly begins to miss his family and friends and wishes he had his old life back. Rumpelstiltskin had told him that the only way to get back to his former life would be to get a kiss from “his one true love” … Fiona. He then sets out to try to woo her back.

The rest of the picture is of Shrek doing everything he can to get Fiona and his former life back. Things get hysterical as Shrek tries different methods to get a kiss from the now battle-tested, tough warrior Fiona. The jokes and funny scenes come fast and furious.

Antonio Banders steals every scene Puss In Boots is in. The writers seem to have given him and Donkey the best lines in the movie. Try to keep from laughing as Donkey has to deal with his cackling employer witches.

Now about the 3D … it works well. Thankfully, the director didn’t try to force 3-D scenes into the storyline just for show. In the places where 3D is shown, it really adds to that part of the story. Especially when the witches are chasing Shrek and Donkey in a sky-high broom chase. But the effect is best used during the final, breathtaking battle sequence. This is easily the most impressive display of animation in the entire Shrek library.

Shrek For Ever After is easily the best sequel of the bunch. The story about being appreciative of what you have is a good lesson learned no matter how old you are. If this really is the last Shrek movie, then the franchise ends on a classy, unforgettable high. Your entire family is sure to love this movie.


Watch Shrek Forever After Full Movie Online

Download Shrek Forever After Full Movie


Emotion in Poetry: Using Metaphor and Simile

Poetry needs emotion, but we need to create emotion with words, the creation which is called imagery. To enhance the emotion of any writing, we can use poetic devices. Using metaphors or similies is one way to strengthen (intensify, vigorize expression, support, vitalize, justify, stimulate, enhance)emotion.

A metaphor is the comparison of two unlike things by saying one is the other. An eample would be “love is honey poured over life. ” Love is not honey, but the comparison creates a mental image of sweetness added to life.

A simile is the comparison of two unlike things by saying one is like or as the other: “Love is like honey poured over life. “

Metaphors and similes are very like in what they do in writing. Both compare unlike things.

Remember the nursery rhyme, author unknown:

Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.

Comparing the star to a diamond is a simile. But that comparison doesn’t show about emotion, right?

So, let’s think of an emotion. Shame is an emotion that most people have felt one time or another. Now, to what can we compare shame?

Shame is like a dirty, smoothering blanket that clouds our sight. Shame is a monster that steals our self-worth. Shame makes us feel tarnished, unworthy, like a statue that has sat in the rain until worn and dull. Shame wraps us in gray, obscuring us from others’ love. That gives us a start for a poem that includes the emotion shame and some ideas for metaphors or similes.

Shame by Vivian Gilbert Zabel

I stand nude before the world, My faults and shortcomings Exposed for all to see. Like a tacky, tattered blanket, A cloud of despair smothers me. Layers of gray with streaks Of blinding black press me To the ground, a broken statue, Tarnished by relentless rain And worn by whimpering wind.

I cannot lift my head to watch In case others turn from me, Disdain displayed in their eyes. Shame turns confidence into Disgust for myself, burning Like a fire without warmth, Only a chill leaving no comfort. How can anyone love me When I remain disgraced in life By being who and what I am?

The preceding poem has two similes and one metaphor. The one simile states that a cloud of despair, like a tacky, tattered blanket, smothers the narrator. The other says that disgust burns like a fire without warmth. The metaphor compares the narrator to a broken statue. All help strengthen the emotion in the poem, enhancing the feeling of shame. Alliteration is also used: tacky, tattered; blinding black; relentless rain; worn, whimpering, wind; disdain displayed.

Hopefully we can improve our poetry and add to the emotion and imagery by using metaphor or simile or both. Let’s try practicing the use of these in our writing to see how we can create more power in our poems.

Vivian Gilbert Zabel taught English, composition, and creative writing for twenty-five years, honing her skills as she studied and taught. She is a author on Writers ( http://www.Writing.Com/ ), and her portfolio is http://www.Writing.Com/authors/vzabel
. Her books, Hidden Lies and Other Stories and Walking the Earth, can be found through Barnes and Noble or

Zodiac Sign Classification in Vedic (Indian) Astrology

The classification of astrology sign plays major role in horoscope reading, but before talking about this classification one should come to know about Zodiac, its parts and division, impact on astrology reading.
The circle of space surrounding the earth and measuring 360 degrees of celestial longitude is known as the zodiac. It is an imaginary belt in the Heavens that is 15 degrees wide in which the planets of the Zodiac travel. It is the path in the middle of shish; the sun appears to more around the earth, called Ecliptic.

The zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts. They are

1. Aries-Mesha
2. Taurus-Rishaba
3. Gemini-Mithuna
4. Cancer-Karaka
5. Leo-Simha
6. Virgo- Kanni
7. Libra-Thulam
8. Scorpil-Vrischika
9. Sagittarius-Dhanus
10. Capricorn-Makara
11. Aquarius-Kumba
12. Pisces-Meena

While studying Indian astrology, we come to know, Each of these astrology sign is a solar mansion otherwise called an astrology sign or a rasi and each extends to exactly 30 degrees. Each astrology sign has derived its name from its resemblance to the group of constellations found in and around the zodiac. These astrology sign may be classified broadly into thirteen groups depending on their influences on animate and inanimate objects.

They are classified as following.
1. Positive and Negative Signs
2. Northern &southern Equinoctial, Tropical Signs
3. Fiery, Earthy, Airy & Watery signs
4. Movable, fixed & Common signs
5. Fruitful or Barren signs
6. Mute signs
7. Violent signs
8. Human signs
9. Voice signs
10. Bestial or Four legged signs
11. Dual signs
12. Bicorporal or double bodied
13. short & Long ascension signs

My next article you read the detailed about all the Vedic Astrology signs as the given above.
In the Astrology all the signs have the signifies their own importance.

Finding Real Emotion With Method Acting

Many actors pretend the emotions that their characters are feeling while others bring the real thing to their performance.

When there is an actor who is faking the emotions that their characters are feeling, there is always an element of disbelief. Actors who pretend to feel what their characters are feeling are very apparent to the audience that is watching the performance. This can take a great deal of genuineness from the entire production when the actors use this approach in their performance.

When method acting is used, however, there is a feeling of realism that is created by the actors in the performance. There are many acting coaches that teach this style of acting to their students. This helps to create actors who understand the truth of real emotion in their performances.

In 1931, the Group Theater was created by Lee Strasberg, Cheryl Crawford and Harold Clurman. The Group Theater was designed to present a unified approach to performing the plays of that time. There was to be no star in the company and all of the actors were part of a movement that would achieve success for every member of the company.

Some of the members who were a part of the Group Theater were Kurt Weill, Lee J. Cobb, Paul Strand, Paul Green, Clifford Odets, Michael Gordon, John Randolph, Joseph Bromberg, Franchot Tone, Will Geer, Howard Da Silva, Luther Adler, Stella Adler, John Garfield, and Elia Kazan.

It is with this company of actors that Lee Strasberg developed the method of acting that later was to be called the Method. The inspiration for this style of acting came from the work of Konstantin Stanislavsky. The actors are taught during rehearsal to bring real emotion into their performance by calling up the experiences of their own life.

This method of discovering real emotions and experiences is done through the act of improvisation.

Through the years, the Method has gone through many incarnations as it has been passed through the hands of different acting coaches. Acting coaches add their own personalization to the method to get the best performances out of their students.

The Method has given some very stilted and guarded actors a way to bring the truth of emotion into their performances. The intense exercises are designed to help the actor open up and add some emotion into their performance without pretending the emotion.

The exercises that the Method uses will help the actor to draw upon their own life experiences for the emotions that their characters are feeling in the scene they are performing. It is about moving from a state of being into a state of emotion and then using that state to perform the scene. When an audience watches an actor who is using this technique the performances can be powerful and raw. There is genuine emotion behind the acting.

The Method is not something that is learned and finished. The act of learning the Method is something that the actor will continue for the rest of their career. It is a process of learning to tap into the life experiences that everyone has and using them in the performance.

Once the Method is learned the actor will be able to use the exercises in whatever performance they are doing at any time.

This method changes the performance from an acting performance into an art form. The artist is always able to put his or her own passion and emotion into the performance while the actor simply pretends.

Roy Eisenstein is a veteran of comedy and hidden camera reality television, who has made a career of developing and pioneering comedy vehicles that shape the genre.

Eisenstein is an acting coach and mentor, and has taught in Hollywood and abroad at the IAFT, a film school in the Philippines.