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Lucky Charms and Numerology; Your Personal Magic Square Talisman

Long believed to possess great magical properties in India and the far east; numerological Yantras are Magic Squares attuned to an individual by using the numbers of their date of birth to construct the square. Yantra Magic Squares can be used for divination, to bring good luck to the bearer, ward off harm and ill luck, and to draw love and prosperity to you like a magnet. They are relatively simple to make, can be drawn or printed on paper, inscribed on metal, or carved in wood or stone.

In general, Magic squares are any regular grid of numbers; (3 x 3), (4 x 4), etc. where each box of the grid contains an integer number, and all of the rows, columns, and diagonals add up to the same total. Several famous western occultist created and worked with Magic squares: Agrippa, John Dee, Abramelen, and the Golden Dawn just to name a few. Even Benjamin Franklin had a passion for constructing magic squares.

Yantra Magic Squares

The only book I’ve seen that describes them in detail is “Talisman Magic, Yantra Squares for Tantric Divination” by Richard Webster (Llewellin Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1995). It’s currently out of print, but you can find it out there. The book provides a formula for constructing a (4 x 4) magic using your birthday numbers, and your Life Path from Numerology. Let’s look at an example to see how they are made.

Johnny Depp’s Magic Square

Johnny Depp was born on June 9th, 1963. His Life Path of (7) is calculated as follows:

6 + 9 + 1963 = (1978) = 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 = (25) = 2 + 5 = (7).

The top row of his Yantra Magic square if filled in from left to right with the Month, Day, Year (without the century), and his Life Path as follows:

( 6 ) ( 9 ) ( 63 ) ( 7 )

This row sums up to (85), so we fill out the Magic square with numbers such that all of the rows, columns, and diagonals add up to (85) giving us the following result.

( 6 ) ( 9 ) ( 63 ) ( 7 )

( 61 ) ( 9 ) ( 4 ) ( 11 )

( 8 ) ( 64 ) ( 8 ) ( 5 )

( 10 ) ( 3 ) ( 10 ) ( 62 )


Using some very simple techniques and materials, anyone can make a potent talisman to attract money, good fortune, and help you reach your life goals; all through the power of numerology.

Keith Abbott is the developer and owner of ‘Numerology 4 You’ where you can view the Numerology readings of over 500 celebrities. Order your own chart, including your personal Yantra Magic Square on the web today at

Free Movies Online – The New Way To Watch Movies

We all love to be entertained and watching movies is one of the best ways to do this. We can be whisked into a totally futuristic land, indulge in a guessing game of who done it, marvel in a land of fantasy, or laugh out load at the antics of funny people.

Some of us are totally addicted to the world of movies and some see it as a fascinating pastime. There are several ways we can watch movies, we can go to the cinema, we can go down to our local movie rental provider, or we can dip into our own collection of favourite movies.

However there is another way us movie enthusiasts can watch movies which is sometimes overlooked. We can watch free movies online
. Now I’m not talking about all those illegal pirate websites out there showing low quality dodgy movies filmed from the back of the cinema, I’m talking totally legal websites showing streaming movies that have a crystal clear picture quality. I’m talking about websites that show movies that are under license and cleared for viewing online.

These movie websites are out there on the internet and need no subscriptions or credit card details. Just the ability to watch free movies at the click of a mouse any time, day or night. The only caveat here is that you have to have a computer with a good speed on your internet connection.

But what more do you want, a whole library of movies at your finger tips are not only free but also instantly available at any given moment. In today’s world a lot of us have frantic lifestyles, so some of us movies buffs don’t have the spare time to visit a cinema or the patience to deal with the guys behind you who keeps kicking your chair.

Free movie websites allow you to kick back in your favorite chair at home and open a bag of popcorn (that’s didn’t cost you a small fortune to buy) and watch a range of some of the best movies available. These free movie websites have a huge collection of free streaming movies which are organised into specific genres so you can quickly find a movie that suits your taste and preference.

So next time you get that urge to immerse yourself in a movie then check online first to see what is available for you, you will be surprised the quality of the films you will be able to watch for free. One of my favourite free movie websites is Indie Movies Online – you have to watch Evil Aliens it’s awesome.

Adding Different Design Elements to Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos are among the most common tattoos that women choose to get placed on various parts of their bodies. In order for these tattoos to express the significant meaning that these women want to express, it is often important to them that they include more than just a simple design. Incorporating other design elements including everything from flowers to fashion designs can make one woman’s tattoo stand out from all of the others in the crowd. Since body art is supposed to be an individual’s tool for self-expression, this type of differentiation is really important to most people.

Although there are many different ways that these designs can be added to in order to change their original design, there are actually some ways that are more common than others. Adding flowers is an example of something that is commonly done but which can be done in such a way that the individuality of the tattoo isn’t lost. Flowers that are incorporated into the art can have special meanings to the wearer. For example, the flower may be the flower that represents the birth month of the wearer. Or a chain of different flowers may represent the birth months of the wearer’s children. Although the addition of the flower itself is common, the way in which it is included in the design can make it more personal.

Of course, there are also more dramatic or different ways to alter all sorts of body art so that they appear more unique. Some people choose to use the design of a fairy only loosely to create an image that more accurately represents who they are. The image dressed up in dark gothic clothing would be one example of how the design may be changed to personalize it without changing the fact that it is still a fairy tattoo. Another example would be to depict the image dressed up in haute couture fashions or holding accessories that are more modern and less magical than most traditional images would be.

Speaking of holding things is yet another way that the design can be easily changed so that they represent more of the individuality of the person who is going to be wearing the art. It can be depicted holding almost any item. The person who is looking at fairy tattoos may want to think about what items or symbols are most important to them and see if there is a way that the creation could be holding these items in the design. If the image is large enough, it could represent something important to the wearer such as a favorite piece of jewelry or the name of a loved one.

These are just a few of the ways that body art can be improved upon in order to make them different from what every other woman out there with a fairy tattoo has tattooed on her body. They are certainly common enough now that people are going to draw from a well of some of the same symbols to get inspiration for their designs. Despite this, the tattoo remains a highly personal work of art that is worn on the body for reasons of self-expression. Altering fairy tattoos in ways either small or large can help maintain the important uniqueness of the body art.

Andy West is a writer for, which offers a wide selection of fairy tattoos created by top artists and illustrators.

Watch Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Full Movie Online | Download

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is a throwback to the action packed movie serials of the old days. Absolutely gorgeous CGI cinematography and special effects makes this a “must see” movie on anybody’s list. Watch it at home and don’t miss it

Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) is the adopted third son of King Sharaman (Ronald Pickup) of Persia. As the movie starts the King gets word that a neighboring Holy City has accumulated powerful weapons of mass destruction that the people plan to use against Persia. As a preemptive move (sound familiar?) the King sends a small attack force, led by Dastan, into the city to capture the city and the weapons.

After the successful capture of the city, the beautiful princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) and the hanging of the Mission Accomplished banner, King Sharaman arrives to lecture and scold the people. As a reward for his heroic behavior, the King also decides to give the captured princess Tamina to Dastan as a wife. But before the King can make it official he is murdered, and his son Dastan is framed for the killing.

Dastan escapes the city with Tamina and a magical dagger that has time-travelling powers. The rest of the movie deals with the 2 outlaws trying to evade capture long enough to clear Dastan’s name and find the real killer of his father. Not only are they in pursuit by the King’s army, but others who wish to control the power of the dagger are also trying to capture Dastan and Tamina.

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is based upon a popular computer game created back in 1989. In that game you controlled a character (prince) through a series of increasingly difficult levels until you got to the end. This movie tries to give the same type of feel as playing a video game. Dastan and Tamina travel through a series of frenetic chase scenes where they must elude their followers. At the end of each “level” they find themselves at the beginning of a new challenge more difficult than before.

This movie is visually stunning, just as you would expect from a Walt Disney movie produced by the now legendary Jerry Bruckheimer. He was the one that adapted that old theme park boat ride to the movies in that blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is not as good as Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s not that the story is lacking or that the movie doesn’t look spectacular. The missing ingredient is Johnny Depp. With Depp, Bruckheimer caught lightning in a battle. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies would not have been nearly as good without him and his many memorable quotes.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a very good actor (Brokeback Mountain), but he just doesn’t have the charisma of Johnny Depp. But if you don’t try to compare the 2 movies then you will have a great time watching Prince of Persia The Sands of Time.

Two performances worth singling out are those of Ben Kingsley as Nizam, Dastan’s uncle and Alfred Molina as Amar, the humorous leader of a band of outlaws. Kingsley is always great in whatever he’s in, and he gives the movie a sense of authenticity in every scene in which he appears. Alfred Molina is just damn funny. As the outlaw leader who makes a living racing Ostriches, he easily gets the movie’s best lines.

Whatever you do, do not leave your seat during the last 30 minutes of this movie. The epic battle that ends this film is a gorgeous-looking action-adventure spectacle that you will not forget anytime soon. Supposedly, Jake Gyllenhaal trained with an expert for months in parkour to get through the finale.


Watch Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Full Movie Online

Download Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Full Movie


Watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 Finish What We Started Online Free

Watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started, Hey guy’s you want to watch this latest scene untitled as Finish What We Started you know gu’ys the whole title for this episode are Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started si if you are interested with this latest season of Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started Online Stream 100 percent you will watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started free megavideo online . Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started – Savannah is furious with Marti Dan keep it secret so she goes home a couple of days to unwind and reconnect with his family watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started free online megavideo.

Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) is mad with Marti (Aly Michalka) for gripping a tip about Dan (Matt Barr) from her so she goes home for a integrate days to cold off as well as reconnect with her family. Meanwhile, Marti is conflicted over her feelings for Dan as well as Lewis (Robbie Jones), as well as focuses upon Travis’ (guest star Ben Cotton) box to keep her thoughts occupied. Vanessa (Sharon Leal) finds out Bill Marsh (guest star Aaron Douglas) took divided a Hellcats’ gym as well as turns to Red (Jeff Hephner) for help. Musical guest FeFe Dobson performs. Heather Hemmens additionally stars. Ron Underwood destined a part created by Vince Gonzales.

Savannah is angry with Marti, to keep a mystery about Dan for her so she returns home for a couple daytimes to calm down and reconnect with his family. Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started – That’s a little information about what will happen in episode 9 Hellcats finish what we started. As the release date, this exciting episode will air on The CW on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 9:00 PM. As always, if you do not have the time or the opportunity to see it through your television, do not worry, because through this post, you will see episode 9 Hellcats finish what we started mass flow through the Internet. A video clip below has been seen by over 18,000 people, very nice and interesting watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 – Finish What We Started free online stream.

Watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 Finish What We Started Online Free

Watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 Finish What We Started Online Free

Watch Hellcats Season 1 Episode 9 Finish What We Started Online Free

Emily Dickinson – A Day

The simplicity of Emily Dickinson’s poem A Day is brought to life in images of life’s ordinary things. Through the eyes of an inquisitive child, Emily takes the reader on a mental journey from the miracle of sunrise to the mystery of sunset.

She starts the poem with a declaration: I’ll tell you how the sun rose. Her knowledge and confidence of this grandiosity is worthy to be shared. Her explanation is defined in the metaphorical image that the sun rises a ribbon at a time. The colourful stratus layers across the sky are portrayed as ribbons. A sense of vanity is connoted, of which the morning sky is entitled, because – honestly – everything in creation deserves some merit or worth.

The morning sky is the colour of amethyst because her next thought tells us that the steeples swam in amethyst. The word ‘steeple’ is a spiritual word. It suggests physical height and spiritual depth. The idea of the high building ‘swimming’ against the amethyst background is caught in the concept of movement. The early morning air is alive and moving, giving the impression that the steeples are swaying in the wind.

Once the natural colors of sunrise and the morning wind have been described, the poet impresses upon the reader how quickly nature reacts to these signs. She says that the news of the risen sun like squirrels ran. In effect, nature awakens as quickly as a squirrel runs. (The speed of a squirrel is much debated, but many people will say that they run at an average of approximately 16km per hour). The message this beautiful image conveys is that once the sun rises, everything happens quickly. This in effect symbolizes the frantic pace of the day that we have to contend with, from the moment we wake up.

The rhythm in the first stanza is quick and light. The tone is merry and full of promise. It continues in the second stanza where the hills personified untie their bonnets. As the sun rises and the morning air starts to warm, the mist, which is the metaphorical bonnet, over the hills evaporates. Then the bobolinks begin to sing. The bobolink is a small American songbird. Something that is really special about dawn is the dawn chorus. What else can birds do other than sing when they wake up? And whatever the habitat may be, birds sing to it.

At the end of the second stanza Emily blames the sun for everything that has happened. She says that it is the sun that caused the ribbons in the air, the steeples to swim, the squirrels to run, the hills to untie their bonnets and the birds to sing. The sun miraculously brings the morning to life. It is a message that symbolizes birth; the beginning.

The rhythm then starts to change in her statement: But how he set I know not. The mood is dampened in the mystery of sunset. There seemed a purple stile, which little yellow boys and girls were climbing all the while, till when they reached the other side, a dominie in gray put gently up the evening bars, and led the flock away.

As the sun sinks toward the horizon, sunlight enters the atmosphere at a lower angle and depending on the concentration of atmospheric particles in the path of the incoming sunlight, the clouds appear yellow, pink and purple. The yellow clouds are the puffy cumulus clouds. These playful clouds remind the poet of children clambering over a stile. The purple stile is a band of stratus cloud lingering almost parallel to the horizon.

So, as the day ends, the children are led away by a dominie. Literally, the dominie could be a cleric or a schoolmaster, who, like a shepherd, takes the flock home to safety. Figuratively, it is night – darkness – that brings an end to day (or life). The color gray symbolizes mourning: the end of a lovely day; death. It also reminds the reader of the fact that the poet does not know how the sun sets. The colour enhances the mystery. Figuratively, people do not know what happens after death. The evening bars represent a sense of security. This gives the reader hope.

The reference of the sun being masculine, like the dominie, magnifies the Creator and gives the stanza a spiritual tone. It is as if the poet wants the reader to meditate on the spiritual meaning of sunset. If dawn is the beginning – birth – surely then sunset is the end – death.

The poem has a very unconventional broken rhyming meter. Her use of metaphors is vivid and spiritual. Emily Dickinson’s insight to nature and life was original and profound. Her works are descriptive and show the power of her imagination. This is truly a very beautiful poem that, like so many of her other poems, deals with the themes of life, death and immortality.

Daily Love Horoscopes Aries and Gemini Love Compatibility

Daily love horoscopes indicate that a romance between an Arian and a Gemini will never be boring. They’ll always have lots to do together and lots to talk about. When they get together, the hours will fly by and they’re never at a loss for words.

Gemini is an ideal combination of beauty and brains, which is a huge turn on for Aries. Gemini is humorous and witty and can easily make Aries laugh which is really a bonus for this relationship. For Gemini, Aries is the most attractive lover they have ever had. There is enormous sex potential and long-term possibility in this relationship.

The pairing of these two bright minds could lead to creative collaboration. Aries will take charge, and this works out okay since Gemini doesn’t need to be the boss. If the Ram starts to be a bully, the trickster in the Gemini comes out, eluding capture and control, but seeing it as a game. The detached mind of the Twins can toss off these Arian plays for dominance, and soon they’ll be laughing again. This is a promising match.

Aries and Gemini individuals have much in common in case of compatibility according to free love horoscopes. Both of them love to enjoy life and are always on the verge of doing something new. They have very low tolerance for boredom and easily discard anything dull or sticky. They never cling on to things, especially after they have lost their worth. They live in the present and past doesn’t bother them much. An Aries will let a Gemini have his freedom and in return, the Gemini will respect his individuality and never lean on him too much.

In spite of these commonalities, they may face some occasional problems as per free daily love horoscopes. A typical Gemini may take some time to bare his or her mind which may make an Arian irritating and restless. Gemini and Aries in union is an exciting pair to watch and they also make a lovely pair. Just watch both of them together and you will see plenty of intellectual skills and meaningful arguments. They can help each other in a fruitful way.

At times the sarcastic attitude of Gemini could result in irritation for Aries resulting in venting out anger and discontentment. Good news for both is that the situation will last only for a short duration and things go back to normalcy pretty soon with both calming down. Best part of it is that people belonging to these two zodiac signs know exactly how to live life and get the most out of it.

Get to know you daily love horoscopes and free love horoscopes from free daily love horoscopes . Come to our site and see your daily horoscopes 2012

Download Bare Knuckles Movie- Avail Complete Movie Downloads Within M

Bare Knuckles, an action drama movie is all about a determined single mom and Martin Kove, Jeanette Roxborough, Chris Mulkey and Teya Roxborough etc play important characters on the movie.

The movie is among the most talked movies of nowadays and people are looking for genuine sources to download Bare Knuckles. And, as of now, it has become so easy to make Bare Knuckles movie download from Internet.

As Internet is reaching every home of world so everybody wants to learn the ways to download Bare Knuckles and other movies so that they can enjoy the complete movie while sitting at the comfort of their sweet homes. Let me guide you on the way to download Bare Knuckles movie with safety and quality. If you would follow these steps, then it would be just like a piece of cake to make Bare Knuckles movie download.

It’s not very hard to download Bare Knuckles movie as thousands of websites are available which provide options to download the movie. How to go ahead, let’s go and discuss the right ways to download Bare Knuckles movie.

When you would turn to Internet, you will be welcomed by thousands of websites with all of them offering services to download Bare Knuckles. Now, you will think which website to go with as it really becomes tough to choose one thing among several of same type.

Okay, let’s have a look on the websites which offer services to download Bare Knuckles movie and other movies as well. Many websites keep on driving one from links to links when one opts to download Bare Knuckles. On the other hand, many require you to make payments for per download and many websites would provide options to download Bare Knuckles and other movies by making payments for once only.

Mostly, people like to go with the websites, which offer them downloading services by making one-time payments only and these types of websites are known as membership websites. When you choose to download Bare Knuckles and other movies from these websites, you make one time payments and get safe and quality movie downloads in turn. Once you get registered with such websites, you get access to download as many movies as you want without any limits on per day downloads.

In order to download Bare Knuckles movie and other movies from membership websites, one needs to have an Internet connection and a computer at one’s end. If you have these two with you, you can pick the right mode of membership for you and begin to download Bare Knuckles and other movies. The best thing about these websites is that they always protect your PC from all types of Internet threats. Their safe and quality download services will serve you as long as you remain their member. Either you can be a lifetime member of the sites or can join them as a limited member as well. The choice is yours. Once you get the membership, you can begin to download Bare Knuckles and other movies within minutes only.


Watch Just wright online Download just wright movie

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It is very well- known to all that nowadays, thousands of websites are purposing for free downloading of Hollywood movies.

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Steven Russell is happily married to Debbie, and a member of the local police force when a car accident provokes a dramatic reassessment of his life. Steven realizes he’s gay and decides to live life to the fullest – even if it means breaking the law. Steven’s new, extravagant lifestyle involves cons and fraud and, eventually, a stay in the State Penitentiary where he meets sensitive, soft-spoken Phillip Morris. His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts Steven to attempt and often succeed at one impossible con after another

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The Words, Achievements, Honors and Legacies of Frederick Douglass Re

Frederick Douglass was perhaps the first black man who had such a long and arduous climb which took him from slavery to some of the highest positions in the land wielding considerable influence on not only the minds of many ordinary folks but also having much influence on Presidents. His name and legacies remain unforgettable as is seen in the many quotes attributed to him, the books written on him especially for children as well as the monuments to his honor.

Douglass served as an adviser to President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and fought for the adoption of constitutional amendments that guaranteed voting rights and other civil liberties for blacks. He provided a powerful voice then that was championing human rights. He is still revered today for his contributions against racial injustice

After the Civil War, Douglass held several important political positions such as President of the Reconstruction-era Freedman’s Savings Bank; marshall of the District of Columbia, President of the Colored National Labor Union, Recorder of Deeds in Washington, minister-resident and consul-general to the Republic of Haiti (1889-1891), and charge d’affaires for the Dominican Republic.

In 1872, he moved to Washington, D. . C after his house on South Avenue in Rochester, New York burned down with him losing among other items a complete issue of The North Star.

In 1868, Douglass supported the presidential campaign of Ulysses S. Grant who upon assuming power had the Klu Klux Klan Act and the second and third Enforcement Acts signed into law. President Grant. used their provisions vigorously, suspending provisions for habeas corpus in South Carolina and sending troops there and into other states; under his leadership. Over 5,000 arrests were made. The Ku Klux Klan was thus dealt a serious and devastating blow. Though Grant’s vigor in disrupting the Klan made him unpopular among many whites, it won him Frederick Douglass’ and other black’s praise. An associate of Douglass wrote of Grant that African-Americans will have and cherish a grateful remembrance of his name, fame and great services.

Douglass’ climb to greatness took a symbolical turn upwards when as a mark of the high esteem in which he is held in 1872, he became the first African American to receive a nomination for Vice President of the United States, having been nominated to be Victoria Woodhull’s running mate on the Equal Rights Party ticket without his knowledge. He neither campaigned for the ticket nor even acknowledged that he had been nominated.

Douglass spoke at many schools around the country in the Reconstruction era, including at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine in 1873.

In 1877, Douglass purchased his final home in Washington D. C. , on the banks of the Anacostia River and named it Cedar Hill. He expanded the house from 14 to 21 rooms and included a china closet. One year later, Douglass expanded it further to 15 acres, with the purchase of adjoining lots. The home is now the location of the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.

After the disappointments of Reconstruction, many African Americans, Exodusters, moved to Kansas to form all-black towns. Douglass spoke out against the movement, urging blacks to stick it out. But he was condemned and booed by black audiences.

In 1877, Douglass was appointed a United States Marshall and. then in 1881, he was appointed Recorder of Deeds for the District of Columbia.

His wife Anna Murray Douglas died in 1882, leaving him in a state of depression which was only assuaged with his association with the activist Ida B. Wells who brought meaning back into his life. In 1884, Douglass married Helen Pitts, a white feminist from Honeoye, New York, the daughter of Gideon Pitts, 1, an abolitionist colleague and friend. A graduate of Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, Pitts had worked on a radical feminist publication Alpha while living in Washington, D. C. . Frederick and Helen Pitts Douglass faced a storm of controversy as a result of their marriage, since she was white and nearly 20 years younger. Both families recoiled; hers stopped speaking to her; his was bruised, as they felt his marriage was a repudiation of their mother. But individualist feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton congratulated the two.

The new couple traveled to England, France, Italy, Egypt and Greece from 1886 to 1887. In later life, Douglass in a determination to ascertain his birthday adopted February 14th because his mother, Harriet Bailey, used to call him her “little valentine”. He was born in February of 1816 by his own calculations, but historians have found a record indicating his birth in February of 1818.

Douglass had five children; two of them, Charles and Rossetta, helped produce his newspapers. Douglass was an ordained minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

In 1892 the Haitian government appointed Douglass as its commissioner to the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. He spoke for Irish Home Rule and on the efforts of Charles Stewart Parnell. He briefly revisited Ireland in 1886.

Until his death a quarter of a century later, Douglass used his great abilities to help his people achieve “a higher, broader and nobler mankind. ” In a multitude of capacities, Douglass contributed his energies towards that main purpose. He fought always for the dignity of his people, always emphasizing that exploitation against colored people was not a Negro problem but was in fact an American problem, or as he told the nation, “No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man, without at last finding the other end of it fastened about his own neck. “

He once wrote warning the American People that “the lesson which they must learn or neglect to do so at their own peril, is that Equal Manhood means Equal Rights, and that they must stand each for all and all for each, without respect to color or race. . . . I expect to see the colored people of this country enjoying the same freedom, voting at the same ballot-box, using the same cartridge-box, going to the same schools, attending the same churches, traveling in the same street cars, in the same railroad cars, on the same steamboats, proud of the same country, fighting the same foe, and enjoying the same peace and all its advantages. . . “

But unfortunately Frederick Douglass did not live to see his hope realized.

On February 20, 1895, Douglass attended a meeting of the National Council of Women in Washington, D. C. during which he was brought to the platform and given a standing ovation by the audience, as if they knew that was his last public appearance. Shortly after returning home, he suffered a massive heart attack and died. He is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York.

But today, even after more than a century of his death, the people have learnt and indeed are learning the lessons he taught. All over the world millions of people of all races, colors, creeds, and nationalities are moving forward together to achieve victory, enduring peace, security and freedom.

Frederick Douglass’ words have never been as significant as they are today after the war had raised the question of Negro rights in the most acute form. Their vast contribution in the war effort have made it clearer everyday that victory, lasting peace and security cannot be achieved without the Negro peoples and without satisfying their just demands.

Below are the emblems of his greatness and everlasting significance in the form of quotes, children’s books and films on him as well as monuments:

Famous quotes from Douglass:

  • “I am a Republican a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress. “

  • “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. “

  • “To make a contented slave it is necessary to make a thought
    less one. It is necessary to darken the moral and mental vision and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason. “

  • “I assert most unhesitatingly, that the religion of the South is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes – a justifier of the most appalling barbarity, a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds, and a dark shelter under which the darkest, foulest, grossest, and most infernal deeds of slaveholders find

  • “Without struggle, there is no progress. “

  • “[Lincoln was] the first great man that I talked with in the United States freely who in no single instance reminded me of the difference between himself and myself, of the difference of color. “

  • “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. “

  • “Once let the Black man get upon his person the brass letters US let him get an eagle on his button and a musket on his shoulder and bullets in his pockets and there is no power on earth which can deny that he has earned the right to citizenship in the United States. “

    Books on Douglass For Young Readers:

  • Miller, William. Frederick Douglass: The Last Day of Slavery. Illus. by Cedric Lucas. Lee & Low Books, 1995.

  • Weidt, Maryann N. Voice of Freedom: a Story about Frederick Douglass. Illus. by Jeni Reeves. Lerner Publications, 2001.

    Documentary Films on Douglass:

  • Frederick Douglass [videorecording] / produced by Greystone Communications, Inc. for A&E Network ; executive producers, Craig Haffner and Donna E. Lusitana. ; 1997

  • Frederick Douglass: when the lion wrote history [videorecording] / a co-production of ROJA Productions and WETA-TV ; produced and directed by Orlando Bagwell ; narration written by Steve Fayer. ; c1994

  • Frederick Douglass, abolitionist editor [videorecording] / a production of Schlessinger Video Productions, a division of Library Video Company ; produced and directed by Rhonda Fabian, Jerry Baber ; script, Amy A. Tiehel

  • Race to freedom [videorecording] : the story of the underground railroad / an Atlantis Films Limited production in association with United Image Entertainment; produced in association with the Family Channel (US), Black Entertainment Television and CTV Television Network, Ltd. ; produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, Ontario Film Development Corporation and with the assistance of Rogers Telefund ; distributed by Xenon Pictures ; executive producers, Seaton McLean, Tim Reid ; co-executive producers, Peter Sussman, Anne Marie La Traverse ; supervising producer, Mary Kahn ; producers, Daphne Ballon, Brian Parker ; directed by Don McBrearty ; teleplay by Diana Braithwaite, Nancy Trites Botkin, Peter Mohan. Publisher Santa Monica, CA : Xenon Pictures, Inc. , 2001. Tim Reid as Frederick Douglass.

    Memorials to Frederick Douglass:

  • Frederick Douglas National Historic Site The Washington, DC home of Frederick Douglass

  • Frederick Douglass Gardens at Cedar Hill Frederick Douglass Gardens development & maintenance organization

  • The Frederick Douglass Prize A national book prize sponsored by The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition

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    His other publications include: Folktales from Freetown, Langston Hughes: Life and Works Celebrating Black Dignity, and ‘The Struggle of the Book’