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Which is Better – iPad 2 or Laptop?

IPad as Apple Inc, the first generation called back into life in 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had clarified that the iPad was no better than a laptop, but cheaper than one. It was more than clear that Apple is not interested in eating it the laptop market with the introduction of the iPad – an iPhone-iPod Touch-crossover, which makes a bit of computing. But bear the curiosity, and people started wondering what would be ideal for them – an iPad or a laptop.

iPad vs Laptop: The Long Debate PendingCome 2011, the introduction of second generation iPad – Apple iPad two made the task of choosing the more difficult as Apple made it a point to do away with all the limitations of its first generation tablet in the new device. Although logically it should be a Tablet PC Vs Laptop comparison, the iPad has become a brand within a year after its introduction, and therefore it is better to compare iPad vs laptop, tablet vs. laptop instead. After Apple launched the successor to the original iPad – the second IPad generation earlier this year, it sparked a whole new iPad 2 vs Laptop debate, and as always, join us were not able to hold back from us.
Which is better – iPad 2 or laptop?While a tablet and a laptop both portable PCs to be random, they differ both from each other by a considerable extent, and which of the two is perfect for you, what you are going to depend on this device for use. Specifically with regard to the second generation iPad, it is an advanced tablet, which acts as a platform for various activities directly from listening to musicand watching videos on computer and internet surfing. With so much to offer, it is not surprising that this device against laptops that are being developed further played out very quickly. But the iPad is 2 better than a laptop? Like a computer, not really!

The disadvantage of the iPad line 2 – when it is played out against a laptop, is the lack of a physical keyboard. While a virtual QWERTY keyboard is not present – together with an amazing cover, also known as a prop to put it in the ideal position for typing, the experience is not as smooth as that of a laptop – especially if you have a lot of typing to do. As a student you need to do projects and tasks as a working professional, you may need to prepare a Power Point presentation. Unfortunately, neither of these work tasks with a virtual keyboard would be okay, even if it’s a QWERTY keyboard, which passed the iPad two sports. The virtual keyboard in iPad 2 is ideal for typing messages, but typing longer texts or do assignments and PowerPoint presentations can be quite annoying.

Different than a physical keyboard, laptops and edge of the iPad 2 in relation to the USB ports. While thousands of applications on the official App Store can give a user a high iPad two kinds, one can not download some of the most useful apps from the Internet and install them on this device. While the multi-tasking function, finally makes a debut on the iPad, the experience is far from multitasking on a laptop. Not to mention the problem with multitasking will also affect your web experience on the iPad second At the same time, 256 MB of RAM available to theiPad is not sufficient when it comes to surfing. The second Generation iPad not boast of a 10 hour battery life, but it has a built-in battery that you do not like you can replace it in a laptop.

That has helped to determine which is perfect for you – Apple iPad 2 or laptop. The second generation iPad not boast two cameras, the FaceTime video to make this phone possible. It has the ability to play different audio and video files. It can also double up as an e-book reader and a gaming device. But all these things are possible even on the laptop, depending on which brand you choose. In fact, Apple’s own MacBook Pro is the ideal choice if you have to choose between the iPad and a notebook.
Apple iPad 2 in no doubt, much better than its predecessor, but it is not good enough to replace a laptop. If you do, whether you should go for a laptop or the iPad 2 go confused, you should sit back and think, and decide what you want for this unit. Regardless of whether you are a student or a professional job when it comes to real computing, it is a laptop the whole way. But if you already have a desktop or laptop, and you just want the iPad 2 for the brand to buy it, you do not need to give a second thought on your money on them.

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Delete Browsing History – How to Clear & Permanently Delete Cookies a

It has always been pretty simple to delete your Internet browsing search history. Your favorite browser, whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox or some other, has long come with the option to delete your Internet, web and browser search history and to clear cookies and memory cache. The trick is your simply knowing what to do.

Now, remember that as in deleting other files, these files are not permanently erased until they are written over, so there are numerous special programs out there to permanently erase your search and Internet history. However, while most users do not know how to erase the history, even fewer know how to retrieve it, so using these built in functions is going to be successful for most computer users.

Most people surfing the web still use Internet Explorer. On the top menu, simply click Tools/Options/Internet Options/General. Then click “delete files”, then click OK. Finally click “clear history”, then click Yes when prompted.

Safari users have it easy. Simply click History on the top menu, and then click Clear History on the bottom of the list that appears. Just in case you did not know, Safari is now freely available for Windows users. It is one of the best browsers when it comes to protecting your search history and enabling private browsing.

If you are a Mozilla FireFox user, you will choose Tools/Options/Privacy/Clear. It is a piece of cake, right?

AOL is just as simple. . . Settings/Preferences/Toolbars and Sounds/Clear History Trail Now.

Granted, having to choose “toolbars and sounds” does not sound intuitive, but it does bring up an important point. If you have toolbars on your browser, like the Google, Yahoo, or Alexa toolbars, those also keep your search history for future reference. . . which is actually quite handy when you are trying to find something again and cannot remember what search term was successful.

However, if you are trying to cover your tracks, you do not want that information left there for prying eyes. As an example, click the Down arrow to the right of where you enter your search on the Google toolbar, and you will see your search history right in front of you. Fortunately, you will also see a link that says Clear History. Just click there, and your history is gone from sight.

All toolbars provide this sort of option, as well as an option to not even remember your Internet search history, although you might have to go into your browser and turn off the AutoComplete function.

But, again, if you want to truly make sure your search history is gone forever, you are going to need third-party privacy control software to do it. These programs cannot only clear history, cache and cookies, but they will usually permanently delete them from your computer where they cannot be recovered using undelete or data recovery software. Most programs on the market use government and military level deletion protocols, which wipe the data from your computer for good.

For more in-depth and informative articles on all sorts of subjects ranging from anonymous web browsing to how to clean your hard drive to remove private data and for comprehensive reviews of the latest software available to protect your online privacy, such as Cyberscrub Privacy Suite
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SAP Business One Customization Market – Review

SAP Business One has about 4 years of implementation history and very robust presence in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, plus it has strong positions internationally. Considering the fact of relatively young age – the design of the system, including object model enable advanced customization, integration with both legacy and new technologies. We see certain stake on Microsoft technologies, such as MS SQL Server and COM object model. Integrated CRM module allows you to deploy Microsoft Outlook client for messaging, just to name a few. In addition to the customizability – SAP Business One has transaction integration to high end SAP, which allows this product to consolidate mid-size and small subsidiaries across the USA or internationally to your SAP corporate ERP system – franchisees network, dealerships, manufacturing facilities, etc. In this small article we will give customization scenarios to IT managers, who are planning to deploy SAP Business One integration, customization, reporting, etc.

  • SAP Business One SDK. SAP Business One Software Development Kit has User Interface API, Data Interface API, Java Connector. The recommended way of customization design is XML web services, which allows you integrate custom web portals with SAP Business One objects: Sales Orders, Inventory Items, Customers. Ecommerce or Web-based Extranet (collaboration with your permanent vendors and customers) would be a good example.

  • Implementation Partners. SAP Business One has several licensing & certifications criteria. One path allows the SAP partner to provide installations and so-called functional consulting. This means that these companies are experts of tying your business processes to SAP Business One standard set of modules and standard features/functionality. In our opinion – SAP BO is not only for relatively small to midsize businesses, but also for mid-size to large and even corporate business (subsidiaries and branches). Large companies have combination of multiple systems, including legacy – often they combine several platforms: Windows, Unix/Linux, Lotus Notes Domino, Siebel CRM, Salelogix, IBM DB2 to name a few. In this situation you need partnership with technically-savvy and experienced partner

  • Customization Partners. SAP Business One SDK is not an open technology and in order to get access to it SAP Partner should get SDK development training and pass certification exam. At the same time, SAP SDK uses open tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, for example for coding itself. This leads to the common practice when Customization partners do not provide implementation and functional consulting services, but rather concentrate on development – offshore business location is also common. Some risk, however might be attributed to the fact that one organization does business processes specification and another one realizes them in custom coding.

  • Technology Partners. The best result in the custom solution in our opinion could be achieved with SAP Business One Partner, who does both sides: Implementation/Functional and Customization/Development. Considering less then 10,000 SAP Business One implementations worldwide – it might be difficult to find local technology partner in your area, in this case – the compromise is to use remote partner with the network of local independent contractors.

    Happy implementing, customizing and modifying! If you want us to do the job – give us a call 1-866-528-0577!

    Andrew Karasev is Chief Technology Officer at Alba Spectrum Technologies ( ) – SAP Business One, Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, Navision, Axapta MS CRM, Oracle Financials and IBM Lotus Domino Partner, serving corporate customers in the following industries: Aerospace & Defense, Medical & Healthcare, Distribution & Logistics, Hospitality, Banking & Finance, Wholesale & Retail, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Placement & Recruiting, Advertising & Publishing, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Non-Profit, Beverages, Conglomerates, Apparels, Durables, Manufacturing and having locations in multiple states and internationally. We are serving USA Nationwide: CA, IL, NY, FL, AZ, CO, TX, WI, WA, MI, MA, MO, LA, NM, MN, Europe: Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Middle East (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, OAE, Bahrain), Asia: China, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, South & Central America: Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

  • Great Plains Dexterity History and Programming Overview

    As of now – Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise is transformed/renamed into Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Business Solutions is in process of merging all its accounting applications: Great Plains, Solomon, Navision and Axapta into somewhat granular: Microsoft Financials, Microsoft HR, Microsoft Distributions, Microsoft Project Accounting, etc. So the original design of Great Plains should be deemphasized. But even now – Great Plains is written on the programming language and technology, created in early 1990-th, named Great Plains Dexterity. And the graphical interface looks very user friendly and nice – these are all Dexterity forms and screens.

    The original architect of Dexterity, Tim Brookins, pursued several goals, the main are these:

    1. Engine, supporting graphical interface, which is computer platform independent – if you remember those days – the main competition was between Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Mac was graphical and very popular, but Windows, backed by IBM cloning/platform openness was very dangerous competitor. The new engine was targeted to work on both: Mac and Windows. On the other hand – nobody could look at the future far enough to be sure that other competitors from both Hardware and Operating Systems sides not going to take over. This is why the graphical platform independent engine was required for the new type – Graphical accounting/ERP system: Great Plains Dynamics.

    2. Database platform independence – initially Great Plains used Ctree (available for both PC and Mac) and Btrieve, later on with Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Great Plains relatively easy introduced it as a new alternative: Dynamics C/S+ on SQL Server. Again – nobody could guarantee which DB will be a winner. Technically Dexterity could easy provide DB switch. Unfortunately – the necessity to support “cheap” databases, such as ctree forced Dexterity architect to use cursors or loops instead of providing aggregation, available on all SQL blends.

    To resolve these goals, and following popular those days believe that C programming language is platform independent, C was chosen as the low level language to write dexterity itself.

    This was the story, now to the practical side. You can install Dexterity from Great Plains 7.5 or 8.0 CD #2. Obviously it requires a lot of learning / training, but it allows your custom piece be seamlessly integrated with Great Plains interface.

    1. Native Dexterity Cursors. Dexterity was designed as platform independent programming language and so if you want your code to be operable on all currently supported databases – you use Dexterity ranges and loops to manipulate the records

    2. Great Plains Dexterity with SQL Stored Procs Nowadays, most of Great Plains installations are moved to SQL Server – so you can use Dexterity for custom forms drawing only and make the buttons run SQL stored procedures.

    3. COM Objects calls. Beginning with version 7.0 Dexterity supports COM objects – you register them as libraries in Dexterity. Refer the manual. This technique allows you to call such nice things as web services across the internet.

    4. Dexterity Forms – if you like VBA and are comfortable to do all the business logic in VBA – you can use Dexterity as new forms creator/editor. This is OK – but you have to purchase VBA/Modifier and Customization Site Enabler from MBS.

    Some restrictions. Great Plains is actually integration of multiple dictionaries: DYNAMICS. DIC, ADVSECUR. DIC, EXP1493. DIC, etc. In your Dexterity customization you can deal with one dictionary – DYNAMICS. DIC. If you need cross dictionaries customization – consider using SQL Stored Procs for crossing dictionary borders and pulling data/making changes in the other dictionary.

    Happy customizing! if you want us to do the job – give us a call!

    About The Author

    Andrew Karasev is Chief Technology Officer in Alba Spectrum Technologies – USA nationwide Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, based in Chicago, California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New York and having locations in multiple states and internationally
    , he is Dexterity, SQL, C#. Net, Crystal Reports and Microsoft CRM SDK developer.

    HP Pavilion Slimline S5-1110 Review – Best Desktop Computer For Bud

    If you’re looking for the lowest price possible for the best desktop computer, the HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1110 is probably your best options. Almost the same as the s5-1120 but differs slightly in its processor speed and hard drive. The good thing here is that, this offers at even lower price which is the best desktop computer you can have if you’re a budget conscious user.

    It is built with a powerful Intel G620 dual core 2.6GHz processor with the latest socket 1155 to give you the highest reliability and energy efficient. This is excellent in performing multiple tasks such as web surfing, play music, word processing and photo editing.

    The G620 processor is a perfect choice if you want to save energy to cut your electric bill, this is good news because it consumes less power making it a highly efficient as well as it runs cool. The slim design leaves you more space on your desk. It looks great in all black color design with a glossy front panel.

    To handle multitasking smoothly a 4GB DDR3 was installed. If a large disk space is in demand for your growing files needs a 750GB hard drive is provided, enough to handle all your important data’s. At the speed of 7,200rpm we can be sure of its fast access and retrieving programs.

    The built-in video graphics is great for transcoding application which is the latest features from Intel’s socket 1155 based processor. It provides a DVI and VGA for monitor in which can be used both at the same time for multiple display.

    Speaking of a multi display technology, this helps you even more productive with your daily work. This lets you run several programs at once that you can easily compare and analyzed data’s while managing others.

    You can now easily transfer your photos, Mp3’s and other digital files trough easy access 6-in-1 memory card reader on front panel. This also includes the 2x USB and audio-out port that totally eliminates the pain from reaching the back panel for connections.

    There are two options to get you an online access, first is through Ethernet for wire connections and second, it provides an 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi for wireless, you can easily connect to the net within the hot spot and other wireless devices such as printer.

    If you love to watch your favorite DVD movies, you can now enjoy it with the inclusion of the SuperMulti DVD Burner, this also makes it possible for you to create your own DVD’s or backup your important files.

    This is bundled with Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium edition Operating System for you to enjoy the latest technology in software.


    Intel G620 dual core 2.6GHz processor

    4GB DDR3 SDRAM of system memory

    750GB 7,200rpm Hard Drive

    SuperMulti DVD Burner

    Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

    6-in-1 Digital Media Reader

    Bundled with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS

    Bottom Line

    The slight difference in processor speed of 0.1GHz is almost unnoticed when running these both desktop computers at the same time. If you’re not a disk space hungry, the 750GB is enough to fill in those small files of yours. What we can see in here is that the big difference in price is what really matter. If you’re in a super tight budget, the HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1110 is probably the best desktop computer you can have.

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    How To Remove & Uninstall Trend Micro Antivirus & Security

    Do you got to uninstall Trend Micro? Do you got to remove Trend Micro PC-Cillin, Security, Office Scan or the antivirus version? If you’ve got to uninstall any of these versions then you’ve come to the right place because I will set you up with the best Trend Micro removal plan. Basically, you’ve got 2 ways to remove this program from your computer. You either do it yourself or you use an uninstaller software. Let’s take a look at both options.

    Uninstall Trend Micro By Yourself

    When you are uninstalling this program by yourself, you’ll notice how long it can actually take. Because a full uninstall of a program requires you to do 3 things. 1 – Do an uninstall by going to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. 2 – You’ve got to scan your drivers. 3 – You’ve got to go into your registry to remove any left over files. Doing this is very, very time consuming. However, it’s not only time consuming but it’s very risky too. This is because if you delete a wrong file in your registry, then it’s high likely that you will cause serious damage to your computer which costs you even more time and probably lots of money too. Therefore I highly recommend you to uninstall the program by using an uninstaller. Let’s take a look at that option.

    Uninstall Trend Micro By Using An Uninstaller

    It’s highly recommended to use an uninstaller so you can avoid wasting lots of time or damaging your computer which can cost you a lot of money too. A great uninstaller that can help you to remove this program on the fastest and the most easiest way is called the Perfect Uninstaller. The Perfect Uninstaller will help you to uninstall any unwanted programs. How? Well, by uninstalling the program from the core. It doesn’t only remove the files on your driver, but also on your registry.

    This way, this program will be fully uninstalled and removed from your computer. So, in order to fully remove and uninstall Trend Micro from your computer you can do 2 things. You either do it by yourself, spend a lot of time doing it manually and risk damaging your computer. Or, you use the Perfect Uninstaller which is easy to use and deletes any unwanted programs in literally minutes.

    It also helps you to Remove DRM Protection and to Uninstall Nero

    What Causes Inaccessible Boot Device Stop Error 0x0000007

    An inaccessible boot device stop error can be caused by any of the following and typically associated with an error in the Windows operating system or hardware upgrade. Some common causes could include:

    * A boot sector virus

    * Corrupt Windows registry

    * Upgrading the motherboard in your computer

    Not all inaccessible boot device errors are caused by the operating system. Sometimes they may be the result of a physical hard drive crash or damage to the disk drive.

    * Moving a boot drive from one computer to another

    * Bad or partially connected data cables

    * Bad sectors on the hard drive

    * Power surge or outage

    The most commonly recommended solution to this inaccessible boot device error is to format the hard drive and run a fresh reinstall of the operating system.

    There is a problem with this recommendation. . . You will lose your data! You should only reinstall or format the hard drive if you are absolutely sure you do not need any of the files from it (you can only be sure after you check your backups).

    Customers and technicians alike who thought they had backed up or saved their data from a hard drive only to realize that after formatting, there were files that hadn’t been saved or weren’t included in the backup session.

    In most cases, data can be recovered after a hard drive has been formatted or after a fresh install of the operating system has been performed. However, there is always a risk that all of your data may not be recoverable, especially if the drive has been used after the format or reinstall.

    Technical Support Told Me To! Nearly every day technical support technicians tell users to run their recovery disk. This is not a solution if you don’t want to lose your data! An experienced data recovery specialist can usually recover data at this point, but e-mail and other files may be corrupt and it’s tough to get a 100% recovery.

    When it comes to recovering vital data from a crashed hard drive, you need to choose a company that has the experience, training, and equipment necessary to recover your files.

    Jason Perry

    ADR Data Recovery is available to evaluate the damage and potentially recover your lost data. For more information on ADR Data Recovery’s service, visit

    My Computer Is Running Slow, What do I do?

    The answer is simple. Use a registry cleaner on a regular basis. A registry cleaner is a software cleaning service for your Windows Operating System, and is a great tool that can help improve the speed and quickness that your computer runs and also can help to ensure that your computer runs error free. What a registry cleaner is designed to do is clean out and remove unnecessary and redundant items on your Windows Operating System, freeing up memory and increasing speed.

    As you use your computer, the Windows Operating System Registry is always growing. The registry, with every use of Windows, keeps increasing in size and adding information. Eventually, over time lots of obsolete and unwanted information gets stored in your Windows Operating System registry and it can become fragmented and jumbled. This can cause your computer to work slower and even cause software problems. A messy registry that is full of redundant and obsolete information can cause your computer’s performance to really degrade over time. If you add and remove programs and files often to your computer, a registry cleaner can come in very handy in ensuring that no unwanted fragments are left over and remain on your computer’s registry.

    Prevent Errors and Crashes

    By using a registry cleaner you can help keep your computer running quickly and prevent error messages and even computer crashes. What the registry cleaner does is inspect your Windows Registry and finds data that is no longer in use or is redundant on your system and removes those files. Some examples of items the registry cleaner looks for are data left behind from software that has not fully been uninstalled, computer information that is no longer useful, and operating requirements and settings placed on your registry because of malware. The registry cleaner searches your entire registry and will either delete or repair items on your system.

    Registry cleanup software is a great automated way to ensure that your computer functions properly. Your Windows Operating System Registry can become so large and full of unneeded, redundant, and non-essential items that can cause a load of computer issues. Registry cleaners are an essential way to keep your Windows Registry clean and your computer running efficiently. Many registry cleanup software programs offer backup and restoring functions, so in the case something was removed that you needed you still would be able to recover that information.

    Keep it Smooth

    In order to keep your computers running smoothly and effectively without encountering error messages and computer crashes, registry cleaners can be a very useful tool. Registry cleanup software will improve the performance of your computer, the advantage of using a registry cleaner is having an programmed system cleaning up your Windows Registry. By searching for broken links, unwanted files, invalid items and leftover fragments registry cleaners can help keep your Windows Registry clean and your computer running efficiently.

    Resource box Info:
    This article is written by Marlyin Katz who recommends to use a registry cleaner to make your PC faster.

    Newer Gadgets Provide Conveniences and Risks

    New technologies have always brought about new ways in which sensitive information can be leaked to people who its owners don’t want to possess it. When the copy machine was introduced back in the nineteen sixties, copies of important documents suddenly started finding their ways out of both government and corporate offices, hidden recording devices have been the stuff of spy novels for decades, and even the first words carved into stone tablets were probably used (albeit somewhat laboriously) to transport sensitive information where it wasn’t supposed to go.

    Now security threats are more serious than ever thanks to newer technologies that are built into gadgets that are cheaper and more reliable than the spy tools of decades passed and considerably more portable than copy machines (and the papers that come out of them) or stone tablets. One of the types of gadgets to attract the most attention as a potential security threat is the USB key. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this device, it’s a device small enough to fit onto a key chain that can be plugged into the USB port of a computer and have various kinds of data loaded onto it. It’s essentially a portable data storage device based on flash memory and it’s perfect for backing up files or transferring them from one computer to another in the absence of a local area network. The fact that this technology could be used to sneak sensitive information past firewalls goes without saying and has probably happened more times than anyone is really aware of.

    Now USB and flash technology have been taken a step farther by being combined with MP3 recording technology and then hiding the electronics in inconspicuous items. For example, it’s now possible to get a pen with a built in microphone and flash memory that allow it to record conversations into MP3 format. This device is advertised as a personal note taking device and for used for gathering evidence of on the job harassment, but it could also obviously be used for eavesdropping as well. In addition to these features this pen also functions as a USB drive both for uploading recordings to a computer and for data storage. It also looks a lot like a normal pen and actually writes as well.

    There are also similar combinations of devices hidden in wrist watching. The USB connection is hidden in the band and the unit is equipped with a jack for an earphone. Incidentally, both the pen and the watch come with options of 256 MB, 512 MB, and 1 GB capacities and can be used as normal MP3 players as well.

    In addition to USB/MP3 players/recorders, it’s also easy to find a variety of other devices that could be used for some sketchy purposes on the Internet as well. For example, you can get various forms of hidden video cameras, remote listening devices, and other electronic devices that can be used for somewhat nefarious ends. While it may seem disconcerting that just about anyone could get a hold of these devices and use them to get personal information about anyone else, it should be reassuring to know that Bug detection devices are also easily available.

    Even though all of this technology could be used in order to breach security and for other less than noble purposes, it’s important to keep in mind that the vast majority of gadgets out there are primarily used to make life much safer and more convenient.

    A pioneer in technology reporting, Julia Hall has published articles about the latest digital devices and gadgets for over ten years. After graduating from MIT with a degree in electrical engineering, Julia turned down huge salaries from some of the most recognized fortune 500 companies in the world to pursue her dream of becoming a leading consumer advocate. Julia uses his expertise to cut through the too good to be true deals offered by high tech companies to reveal the real steals and the real duds that we’re bombarded with daily. If you enjoy staying on the cutting edge of technology
    , whether for business or pleasure, but find yourself occassionaly confused by the overwhelming and convoluted information out there let Julia show you the way.

    Let Your Laptop Overheat and Most Likely Your Video Chip Will be Frie

    The video chip can be found within your laptop, usually connected to the motherboard. Without a video chip a laptop would not produce a display on its screen and is prone to failure particularly if the laptop is mistreated.

    There are 2 large chips located underneath a heat sink. These are the graphics chip and CPU respectively. The CPU and graphics chip generate plenty of heat once the laptop is running. The CPU will not generate nearly as much heat as the graphics chip. The CPU is almost always contained in a socket that allows it to be rapidly extracted and replaced should it fail or require an upgrade. Unfortunately, upgrading or changing a faulty graphics chip is impossible or very difficult since it is directly soldered on the motherboard.

    As a general rule, the hotter a chip operates at, the shorter its life-span, when a failure should be expected. If the laptop and especially its graphics chip are kept as cool as possible then this should help increase the life expectancy of the laptop.

    With a bit of thought you ought to be able to keep your laptop operating cool instead of hot and damaging the graphics chip. Make sure that you never block the air inlet and air outlet being specifically careful never to use the laptop on a fluffy surface like a bed or rug. Have the vents and fan cleaned if there appears to be a reduction in airflow or if you notice the fan working most of the time. Many users do not realise that certain programs generate much more heat from the graphics chip than others. Games make use of a lot of advanced graphics features so will create much more heat than say a word processing program. You will most likely a bit surprised to find out that playing a DVD film will cause the graphics chip to run incredibly hot, so potentially reducing the life span of the laptop particularly if this is done regularly.

    You could find that the graphics software driver is damaged, out of date or simply missing. This will usually result in the graphics chip overheating along with the laptop locking up or crashing. Most laptop manufacturers provide a free service where the correct driver or drivers can be downloaded to help keep it operating exactly they intended when designed.

    Some laptops have the graphics chip installed on a mini circuit board that is socketed into the motherboard; this allows for easy upgrade or repair to the graphics chip. This is generally quiet costly and is usually only possible on the luxury laptops.

    Always treat your laptop carefully, being aware that if it is getting too hot then the graphics chip might fail immediately or will have a shortened life. If you are fortunate, an overheating graphics chip will cause the laptop to cut out and shut off yet most of the time immediate permanent damage results that will stop the laptop from powering up in the future.

    Graham Kelly is skilled at repairing broken and damaged laptops and USB RAM drives. He has spent over 30 years inside the electronics sector specializing in electronic design and repair. He has circulated several articles relating to laptop and notebook faults to assist users diagnose and possibly carry out simple laptop repairs by themselves where appropriate. He is always happy to give technical guidance and can be contacted at Trilogic’s internet site for laptop motherboard repair or USB flash drive data recovery .