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XBox 360 RRoD – What Causes the Red Ring of Death?

As an XBox 360 gamer, I am sure you are well aware of the RRoD, the red ring of death, that has been plaguing quite a lot of gamers. But what exactly causes the red ring of death? The answer to this question also gives you a clearer idea of what to look for when you need to fix this problem.

What Causes The Red Ring Of Death?

The main cause of the red ring of death is overheating. Technically it is referred to as error e74 which stands for general hardware failure. And in most cases, the failure comes from the XBox 360 overheating itself and the graphics processing unit becomes loose. And when the connections from the graphics processing unit (GPU) are no longer solid connections to the rest of the XBox, you end up seeing the red ring of death.

Bad Soldering

Sadly, the solder that was used for the XBox is not the best solder for the job. The solder that was used ended up cracking at high temperatures. And given the small confines of the XBox interior, the heat inside gets very high.

Inadequate Ventilation

Given the high heat components inside the XBox, the ventilation that is provided is inadequate. Some people are able to cool down the XBox during play by setting the XBox on top a stool where it gets a breeze as well as by pointing a little fan right at their XBox.

Stay Away From The Towel Method

Now, when it comes to fixing the red ring of death, stay away from the towel method. It’s a method that’s been going around the internet. Knowing what we now about what causes the red ring of death, mainly overheating, you can understand why the towel method is not the best answer to fixing the problem.

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Keybinding and User Interfaces For WoW Arena Gameplay

This is part 2 of 5 part article series.

The key to being successful in PvP is to not click ANYTHING, EVER!

In order to do this you will need to utilize two different aspects of our new User Interface. First we will need to use proper key bindings so everything is within reach of our fingers, and we can also use macros and the addon clique to reduce the amount of spells and abilities we need to have on our action bars.


If you have downloaded Bartender3 or a similar action bar addon, you will have a customizable setup now. Along with this you will be able to change all the key bindings for each and every bar. The most typical setup is to take Bars 1-3 and stack them on top of each other in the bottom middle of your screen.

Here is how I set up my action bars:

Action Bar 1Places 1-6 are abilities I need to have very easy access to. Now you can see at the end of the bar abilities that are usually bound to 0, -, and = are all bound to mouse actions. The normal = slot is bound to Mouse Button 4, which is the side mouse button. The normal – slot is bound to mouse button 4 and shift at the same time, while the 0 spot is bound to Ctrl and mouse 4 at the same time. These are all spells I use a lot while I am on the move, and my fingers need to be free for movement keys instead of spell keys.

Action Bar 2This bar is bound the same as Action Bar 1 except that spells 1-6 are bound to shift and their corresponding number. This is very easy to access even while moving your character with the movement keys. Try it out and you will see your response time decreased significantly once you become used to this.

At first you may become frustrated with it, but over time you will become used to the setup and will begin to love it and see its advantages.

Normally I save this bar for my most used cooldown abilities such as sprint or evasion as a rogue example, or Howl of Terror or Amp Curse for a Warlock. This gives you easy access to cooldowns without having to click them, which can keep you from moving and shorten your response time. Which could mean the death of a teammate, or the other person being healed to full before you can finish them off.

Action Bar 3

This bar is bound to Ctrl and the corresponding action number 1-6. This is much like action bar two, and gives you easy access to 6 more spells while maintaining full control of your character.

What this does for you

Overall you should have easy access to at least 21 (6 on each action bar and 3 mouse binds) different spells and abilities no matter what stance you are in, which is a great increase over the normal 5 to 6 and then clicking everything else.

This means a faster reaction time to an extra 15-16 abilities, some of which you may have not even used before but needed!

Every successful PvP players uses tons of macros, from mouseover macros to buff synergy macros they all help you accomplish your job on the battlefield.

Clique Addon Usage

This is one of the most powerful addons for use in PvP you will find. This is mostly for use with caster classes, and mostly healers. As a healer you can use this addon to heal your entire party without ever changing your target, in fact you can have an enemy targeted while you liberally heal and dispel your party.

You will be able to use mouse binds and key binds while over a unit frame to cast the corresponding spell on that character. This will allow you to switch between targets much quicker than most players can by clicking on the unit frame to select the player and then click the spell you would like to cast.

To set this up go into your spell book by pressing “P”, and there you will see this addon has added an extra tab at the bottom. Click on this tab to start binding your spells.

As an example when I play my Paladin I use:

Mouse button 4 (on the side of the mouse) as my button to cast max rank Flash of Light.

Shift and Mouse 4 will cast a Holy Light Rank 7, use this every10-12 seconds in place of Flash of Light in order to keep the Lights Grace buff active.

Then max rank Holy Light is bound to Ctrl and Mouse 4.

Blessing of Protection is the Middle Mouse Button.

Cleanse is bound to Alt and Mouse 4.

These all increase my abiltiy to switch targets and cleanse effectively. These are a requirement for healers in 5v5 matches where opposing teams will use a switch DPS target tactic to try and catch opposing healers off guard. With this addon it is much less likely that will happen to you!

All of these ideas above should serve to increase your reaction time, and if you start using all of them you should see an enormous effect on your PvP ability once you get used to them. In PvP, when every millisecond counts, these will make the sole difference between a loss and a win.

Seth Brown is the author of Spugnort’s PvP Guide find out how to dominate your opposition in every facet of World of Warcraft PvP from duels to arenas. Also check my many other WoW guides at Spugnort’s World Gaming Network Guides

Cinavia Workaround & remover fix guide

Fix the Cinavia error message 1 & 3 for your PS3 and BluRay with this easy method. I’ll go through the non-working methods and include a link at the bottom for the only working legit bypass for this error! And then I’ll let you enjoy your movies – With sound! An easy step-by-step guide is included at the bottom!

What is Cinavia and how does it work?

Have you ever experienced something like this: “I was streaming a movie called the losers from comp to my ps3 after about 25 minutes the audio muted and i got a message cineavia muted ur audio signal due to copyrighted restrictions. I paused the movie for about 30 seconds then audio came back.

then after 15 seconds audio went of again adn the same messages was displayed has anybody had these problems and is there something to do with the problem” If you have, you’ve experienced the annoyance of having Cinavia featured on your Playstation 3 console. Cinavia is a new protection that help fight piracy. This protection is not any ordinary protection that can be removed by software such as AnyDVD HD or DVDFab HD. They’ve watermarked the audio, so they can tell what movie you are playing – And stop the playback if it’s not officially released yet.

So if you’ve downloaded a movie, a pirated bootleg version – Cinavia might stop you. Even if it’s recorded using a camera or a line-in from a movie theater. But don’t worry there is a solution to this!

I’ve read you can change audio cables to make it work?

No. Nope. That won’t work. From the Cinavia technical pages and other technical sites; all later editions PS3 and bluray players have Cinavia drm built-in via hardware and ENABLED. (time will tell whether this continues on a permanent basis) Read that as HARDWARE ENABLED, so unless you are an engineer and plan on extensive re-design of the boards to remove the drm chips, logic circuitry, etc Firmware will not cut it either if that is your next idea.

1. Cinavia checks the media inserted.

2. if legit retail/copy, hardware enables both audio and video circuitry and movie plays normally.

3. if NOT legit retail/copy then the hardware disables audio circuitry and movie will NOT play audio through any connector!!!

Whether you get the warning screen with video but no audio or just the warning screen is different for various players out there now. None of them will allow any of the audio connectors to work since Cinavia drm shuts off the circuitry.

So WHERE is the working method?

Right now, there are two methods which works. One site has them online, but in order to keep them relatively secret I won’t publish them here. Easy step-by-step guide:

Here is the first WORKING Cinavia fix (NEW! as of July 2012)

Good luck! And enjoy those PS3 movies – with audio!

World of Warcraft How to Make Gold From Farming Pets

Many people in World of Warcraft enjoy collecting vanity pets. These are the little pets that follow you around. They can be dragons, cats, frogs etc. If you’ve ever noticed any on the Auction House, you’ve probably noticed that they can cost over 100g. The reason for this is because they are a rare drop and the majority of them drop in Pre-Burning Crusade zones. Meaning they are farmed very little.

Here is a list of the rare pets and where to go to farm them.

Azure Whelpling – This blue baby dragon was recently added to the game. The average price lists it at a whopping 300 gold. He can be farmed in Azshara from the blue dragonkin mobs in the zone.

Crimson Whelpling – The Crimson Whelpling is similar to the Azure one, except that it’s red. The average price of it is estimated at 300 gold. This can be farmed in the Wetlands from the various red whelplings in the zone.

Dark Whelpling – The Dark Whelpling is a black version of the baby dragons. The average price of it is 225 gold. This can be farmed in two places, the black whelps in both the Badlands and in Dustwallow Marsh.

Emerald Whelpling – The Emerald Whelpling is a green version of the baby dragons. The average price is between 200 and 300 gold. This can be farmed from the Dreaming Whelps in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Captured Firefly – This pet is a tiny version of the firefly models that can be found in Zangarmarsh. The average price is 500 gold. This can be farmed in Zangarmarsh and only drops off of the Bogflare Needler.

Hyacinth Macaw – This is a very rare parrot that drops off of Bloodsail Pirates in Stranglethorn Vale. A lot of people mistake this for a common parrot, so sometimes you can find it on the Auction House for cheap. The average price is 100g-200g though and it could make for a nice resell item if you find it on the Auction House for cheap.

Disgusting Oozeling – This pet is a tiny little blob of ooze that gives you a green aura. Although the aura has negative statistics (-20 to all statistics and -20 to your defense skill), it is entirely unique. The average price is 270 gold. This can be farmed from the various oozes in the zones of Felwood, Un’Goro Crater, Eastern Plaguelands, and Western Plaguelands. The oozes drop a bag called “Oozing Bag. ” If you’re lucky, this will be inside.

Justin Hopley is the owner of rapid wow which provides WoW Guides for free, he also runs a World of Warcraft News site.

Wii Golf Improves Your Real Golf Game

I love sports of all kinds, in real life and on the Nintendo Wii. I use to play all sorts of Wii Sports games except for Wii Golf. I never was a big fan of Wii Golf until it helped my real life game!

One of the sports I love to get out and play in real life is golf. Unfortunately, time and money prevent me from getting out there as much as I would like. So bottom line is I am a lousy golf player!

A few months ago a client of mine asked me to attend a golf tournament up in Washington. He was important enough that I did not want to say no and miss a chance to network. So I fool heartedly agreed to meet him up there. As soon as I got off work I barged into the messy garage and pulled out the dusty clubs. I cleaned them all up and through them in the back of the car so I could go practice the following day. When I got to the course the next day my golf game was below my average. I ran a handicap of a 49. I then said to myself that I would practice once a week before the tournament. Well, as everyone knows good intentions can often times die fast. I didn’t even get a chance to play again for two weeks. When I finally got out again to play golf I played a more average handicap of 45. When I left the course I knew that I wouldn’t get a chance to make it back before the tournament so I ran to the store and bought Tiger Woods 08 so I could practice on my Nintendo Wii. I played that thing every night for about 20minutes for a month.

Well, surprise surprise, When I finally headed up to the tournament I shot a handicap of under 40. My slice, which was my biggest problem was gone. I had practice night after night on Wii Golf trying to correct that problem. It seemed to have paid off. Wii Golf helped me not look so bad, and helped my real game of golf.

Though, I am still no golf expert, and I never will be. I am however a Wii Golf master! It is truly amazing how Wii Golf has helped me and how other Wii games are helping other people. Tiger Woods, you and me, and your new Tiger Woods 09 game. . . Your going down!

Michael Roberts
Is a Wii Sports nut. Loves Wii Golf and Wii Sports games of all kinds.

World of Warcraft Hacks

What world of Warcraft hacks are possible?

There’s many WoW hacks, cheats and exploits. Blizzard tries to keep away from using them, but they’re usually updated and released again. world of Warcraft hacks can consist of:
WoW Speedhacks:

In world of Warcraft, you’re granted a predefined character speed. This price could possibly be manipulated from the hack, and also this would permit you to definitely operate more quickly compared to online game intends. Syndrome, PMGFusion and BWH all have speedhacks.
WoW Teleport Hacks:

Teleport hacks are extremely detectable server side, they hold out by teleporting you to definitely some particular area by coordinates. The trouble could possibly be the actuality how the server can detect the substantial range travelled, which could jeopardise your world of Warcraft account.
WoW Telehacks:

The variance among a teleport hack and telehack? A telehack merely teleports you over small distances that are predefined (ie. Are previously recorded), whereas a teleport hack will transport you to definitely wherever you need to go in world of Warcraft by inputting the coordinates. Telehacks really are a whole great offer much less detectable and could possibly be found out in Syndrome or PMGFusion.
WoW No Fall harm Hacks:

These hacks merely remove the fall harm away from your game. This isn’t extremely detectable server element or otherwise. world of Warcraft penalises you ingame in circumstance you fall as well far, this hack merely removes that penalty.

There’s also many world of Warcraft dupes, exploits, cheats and bots.
WoW Dupes:

World of Warcraft dupes are extremely uncommon as they could possibly be worth loads of money, internet sites retailing only a ‘dupe method’ are 100% scams, do not spend for them, they merely clarify easy methods to abuse ingame lag which could be extremely unreliable and doesn’t’ hold out in practice. additional common world of Warcraft dupes are product dupes or ingame gliches which contact for just about any particular situation for only a little benefit. an illustration of the most recent dupe will be the GM Dupe which took advantage concerning the brand abuse power. participant A would produce a character with an offensive name, participant B would then pass all her gold to participant B (1000 gold, for example). subsequent twenty minutes, participant B would warn a GM that participant A has an offensive name.

A GM will then get in touch with participant A saying ‘You’re on the way to should alter your name, I’m logging you out in two minutes’, through which time participant A would pass all the gold back again to participant B (1000 gold). participant A would then be logged out concerning the game, but when she logs in again, she’ll nevertheless possess the 1000 gold as there’s a slight lapse in time. That way, each participant A and participant B have 1000 gold, the gold have been duped. This method nevertheless was patched different times subsequent it started to be neighborhood and will no lengthier work.
WoW Exploits and Cheats:

World of Warcraft Exploits and Cheats are very common. These abuse any glitches or bugs within of the online game toward the game fanatics advantage. an illustration of the world of Warcraft exploit will be easy methods to swiftly increase your weapon expertise swiftly by executing nothing, easy methods to hold additional inventory products then you’re allowed, easy methods to kill bugged bosses easier, easy methods to obtain the advantage in PvP. There’s many internet sites dedicated to world of Warcraft exploits, they demand for membership contemplating that when exploits turn out to be as well favored (and everyone understands them) they’re patched by Blizzard.
WoW Bots:

There’s presently no decent world of Warcraft bots as they’re all presently detected by Blizzard. Bots hold out the online game such as the participant would. world of Warcraft could possibly be extremely uninteresting when levelling up, and bots automate this method which means you can level up although you sleep. Blizzard consists of a difficult stance on world of Warcraft bots and there’s presently no 100% undetectable bots around.
Unlimited Health/Never Die Hacks/Weapon Hacks:

These hacks are possible, but not concerning the standard world of Warcraft Blizzard servers. Some internet sites make an effort to scams you into contemplating that weapon hacks exist by delivering screenshots of amazingly effective weapons – but these screenshots are used on emulated servers which aren’t official. ‘Cheating Death’, ‘never die’ or limitless HP hacks aren’t feasible concerning the standard servers so don’t bother asking for them!

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Lalaloosy Land – Online Games Created Around Lalaloopsy Dolls

The incredibly cute line of Lalaloopsy dolls for young girls are great fun for imaginative and creative play. But in addition to the fun young girls can have with their physical Lalaloopsy dolls, they can also engage with an online world of Lalaloopsy fun to bring their creative play to a new level. Online fun in the world of Lalaloopsy provides great and challenging interactions that young girls are sure to enjoy.

There are some very fun and engaging choices in online play for young girls who love the adorable Lalaloopsy line of dolls. From the homepage on, young girls have a choice of fun and interactive options and games that will allow them to engage their imaginations as well as their sense of wonder. These fresh and fantastical options provide young girls with a wonderful online distraction that challenges their skills and creativity. Parents can feel safe and comfortable with allowing their daughters to access these wonderful online resources.

One fun Lalaloopsy themed game available from the website is the Hide And Seek game. This is an adorable little find-it style game where many objects are hidden all over the house and lawn of a Lalaloopsy character. It’s the child’s job to locate and click on all the hidden objects on the page within a certain amount of time or else the game will be reset. The game comes with three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and difficult modes. The screen in which the objects are hidden provides a wonderful 3D illusion to the screen as the scene scrolls horizontally slightly with the mouse, and objects in the foreground scroll slower than objects in the background. Sometimes a child will be forced to move in a certain direction in order to locate a hidden object, which is great fun and makes the image seem that much more realistic and filled with depth. A sense of accomplishment awaits the young girl who finds every single object within the time limit set in order to complete the game.

The main draw of the lalaloopsy online interaction, however, is the ability for children to actually enter and travel through a Lalaloopsy virtual landscape. By installing an application called the Unity Web Player, parents can allow their children to select a Lalaloopsy character to use in travelling through Lalaloopsy land online, a virtual 3D environment in which young girls can meet all the Lalaloopsy characters and play games with them. Once the Lalaloopsy online virtual world is loaded up, young girls can travel around the land and see all the fun sights to explore.

Movement is done by use of the arrow keys, and the mouse is used to move the camera around, as well as to zoom in. The Lalaloopsy doll that was chosen by the young girl will start outside of her own house, and from there can move about and travel to different parts of Lalaloopsy land, and visit all the other Lalaloopsy characters in their own houses. They can skip along the land down the path to each dolls house, or they can find a dock and take a boat ride down the river to different parts of Lalaloopsy land. And this online environment is improving all the time, with new additions expected such as a park, as advertised in a sign along the path which advertises “PARK: Coming Soon”.

Young girls can visit each Lalaloopsy doll’s house, and as they approach each one’s pet they will be asked to play a fun little game providing more options for interaction. This safe and fun online environment is a great way to encourage creative and challenging online play for young Lalaloopsy fans.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Lalaloopsy Dolls. Here is more information where you can BuyLalaloopsyDollsatAmazingPrices or take a look at one of our Most Popular Lalaloopsy Dolls here

World Cup Slime Soccer – My Favorite Computer Game

World Cup slime soccer is a two dimensional computer game which you can play real professional soccer virtually. Because of the popularity of the sport, game developers created such slime games intended for fanatics particularly kids who love the sport.

These games are simple but fun to play. It uses simple controls that even kids can easily learn to play it. The game can be played individually and set the computer as the opponent. It can also be played in multiplayer mode and enjoy the game with your friends.

The objective of the game is to beat opposing teams from professional leagues from different countries. You control your own slime with the keyboard and move it like jumping and grabbing the ball. You can choose whatever team you want to use. As you win different levels of the game, the opponent becomes more aggressive and intelligent which becomes more difficult to beat. The duration for each round can be configured depending on how long you want to play. The game consists of qualifying round, semi-finals and finals.

The final round of the game, you will have to beat teams from South Korea, Tunisia, Sweden, Brazil, Germany and England. These are the top teams in the game. As an additional fun, it includes a team called Night Elves.

World cup slime soccer is really a nice simple game which you would really enjoy playing. You will love to play it over and over again. So what are you waiting for, ask a friend to play with you and enjoy the game.

Watch Videos about world cup slime soccer

Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines Flight Simulator Dublin Ireland

Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines – Flight Simulator X Online Dublin Ireland

Welcome to Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines for Flight Simulator in Dublin, Ireland

Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines is a Virtual Airline for Flight Simulator for various flight simulation networks in Dublin, Ireland. Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines recreates the real world operations of Aer Lingus using Flight Simulator as a hobby in Dublin, Ireland. The main hub for our virtual airline in flight simulator is Dublin. If you are interested in joining Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines as a pilot an fly with us in Aer Lingus Virtual then please fill out an application form. We use a simulated system to re-create real world Aer Lingus schedules and passenger demands at our Virtual Airline. We would also like to hear any feedback that you may have about our legacy Irish Virtual Airline.

About Flying for Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines in Dublin, Ireland and using Flight Simulator X Online

Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines is an online based virtual airline community of pilots on various Flight Simulation networks in Dublin, Ireland. All of our Virtual Airline’s flights are flown online on these networks using Flight Simulator (FSX, FS2004 or FS2002). In order to join Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines you must have a copy of Flight Simulator (FS). This can be flight simulator version FS2002, FS2004 or the latest version of Flight Simulator, FSX. Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines is a one of many of the leading virtual Airlines in Ireland and the world. We would like to invite you to join our virtual airline in Ireland if you have some time that you can spend with is to fly online. Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines is one of the world’s leading virtual Airlines and our staff will be willing to assist you and to make your virtual airline and flight simulation experience the best possible.

Flight Simulator X Online in Dublin, Ireland

The default scenery in your flight simulator will contain the scenery that you need for every airport that we fly to. If you did not install the scenery for every region when you installed flight simulator then you may not be able to see all of the scenery for all of the airports that we fly to. In order to maximize your flight simulation experience at our virtual airline we recommend that you install all scenery for every region in the world in your flight simulator.

FSX Online Flying in Dublin, Ireland

In order to fly for our Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines you must have a valid SimMiles or Virtual Skies ID. SimMiles is a large international online community for Flight Simulator enthusiasts that provides simulated air traffic control. All you need to connect is an internet connection and a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Software is provided to connect your flight simulator to the SimMiles server where you can experience some of the finest online flight simulation and virtual airline simulation anywhere. You may also choose to fly on the SimMiles network. To fly on this network all you need is a Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines pilot ID and password along with the latest version of the FSINN pilot client.

Flight Simulation Online in Dublin, Ireland

If you have any feedback about Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines or would like more information about Flight Simulation then please contact on of Aer Lingus Virtual Airlines staff. We would be happy to receive your feedback about our virtual airline. We strive to do everything we can to making this the best virtual airline flight simulation you have ever experienced one your flight simulator.

Aer Lingus Virtual

Alaska Virtual Airlines

LIAT Virtual Airline

Dress Up & House Games for Kids

Some of the most beloved children’s games include playing dress up and house. With only a little effort and minimal materials, kids can spend hours in imaginary play. Help kids select games appropriate for their ages and abilities. Consider the children’s interests as they discover time-tested dress up and house games.

Dress Up Games

Traditional dress up games provide hours of entertainment for kids. Rummage through closets, sift through yard sales and go through thrift shops to find kid-size clothes and shoes for dress up games. Very young children will imitate characters they know from storybooks and fairy tales. Kids can dress up as princesses and princes living in castles, as well as magical creature, s such as dragons. Let kids use their imaginations in selecting clothes and accessories. Older kids tend to pick characters from television, movies and books, like “Robin Hood, ” “Harry Potter” and “Jane and the Dragon. ”

House Games

House games give kids activities during cold or rainy weather, as well as outside. Traditional house games are often the most beloved. Hide and Seek is a favorite. To add extra fun, watch “Narnia” with you child and then enjoy playing Hide and Seek, with an additional trip through a real or pretend wardrobe that opens into a magical land. Alice in Wonderland is another variation on the discovery of a new world. Kids can pretend to fall down a make-believe rabbit hole. A Peter Pan house game lets children pretend to fly from their bedrooms to Neverland, where they can fight pirates and visit mermaids. For house games, kids only need their imaginations and grown-up safety guidelines.

Online Dress-Up Games

Online dress up games have sprouted all over the Internet. Check the sites before sharing them with kids to select the most age-appropriate and with the fewest intrusive ads. Once you have chosen some sites, share them with your child. Figures for dress-up online paper dolls include Teddy bears for younger kids. Older children can dress up fairies, pirates and holiday dresses. Other choices include getting ready for school or dancing.

Online House Games

You can find lots of online house games to occupy young kids. Help a young child decorate a gingerbread house. Preschool and elementary school kids can spend hours arranging furniture in a Barbie House. The Earth Day House Hunt activity game provides energy-saving information and tips for kids to learn about energy consumption. For kids interested in housing construction, Bob the Builder Design a House lets youngsters select housing features including windows, doors, roofs and chimneys, as well as selecting paint colors before printing the final product.