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Male Breast Feminization – How Real Can My Breasts Look?

Male breast enhancement, what was previously a taboo subject which was only discussed in small groups of the transgender community, is now receiving an increasing amount of discussion. What was once perceived as a transexual related subject only, is now known to have many facets and angles. The fact is that there are many males who wish to have their breasts enlarged without being totally transexual. Having feminine breasts is a common fantasy shared by tens of thousand of males all over the world.

One of the basic and most common question these males have about possible breast feminization procedures is how real will their breasts look at the end of the process?

That depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is the treatment option you choose to undergo.

If you choose to have male breast enlargement surgery, there is a potential risk of having unnatural looking and feeling breasts. Regardless of the advances in the development of natural looking implants, they can never look and feel 100% natural.

The only way to have natural breasts is to develop natural breast tissue. While this may seem difficult to accomplish, there are a number of products which have helped a great number of males to achieve natural and impressive breast growth.

Male breast enhancement products are divided into hormonal pills, herbal pills and a combination of natural herbs and nutritional supplements which can induce natural breast growth. Using these products can get your natural looking and feeling breasts.

To learn more about male breast augmentation, click here Male Breast Enhancement Review
. Jasmine Dawkins writes on male breast enhancement on this dedicated webpage: Male Breast Enlargement Do’s and Don’ts

Hope for those with Meniere’s disease

The Meniere’s disease is a very dangerous condition where people are exposed to the possibility of getting constant vertigo attacks. Meniere’s and Tinnitus are often inseparable as Meniere’s disease sufferers usually get spontaneous vertigo episodes along with the attack of the tinnitus symptoms at the same time. To know better about these annoying diseases, people should know what tinnitus, vertigo and the meniere’s disease individually.

Tinnitus is a Latin word (yes I know it’s obvious) that means ringing in English. As the name implies, tinnitus sufferers often experience series of annoying ringing sound (most sufferers experience ringing. Other cases stated buzzing, humming, and pulsing sounds are also heard and some people even experience roaring sound in their unique case of tinnitus) that cannot be related to any source outside the ear. This would mean that the sound source is located internally or there may be no sound whatsoever and the sufferer is merely having some sort of hallucination in audio form. The cause is usually a severe sound trauma after being exposed to loud noises. Sufferers can experience a mere two or three second lapses of these noises, but in some cases, the noise can last for hours and can cause severe frustration that can lead to depression and mental instability.

Vertigo as quoted from wikipedia “is a type of dizziness where there is feeling of motion when one is stationary” vertigo sufferer will experience spinning motion while they are standing still or even walking and can cause them to have difficulties in trying to walk or stand. Vertigo is often caused by concussion and migraine that disturbs the function of the vestibular system that is located in your inner ear.

In a case of a Meniere’s disease, sufferer is often struck first by the tinnitus symptoms while afterwards experience sensations of pressure inside their ears and followed by an episode of vertigo. It is a very annoying thing to have as you will be having trouble to do mostly anything and would need constant care from your family or friends as you can get it anytime of the day. In simple activities like cooking in the kitchen or even crossing the street, your life would be in constant danger because you would be temporarily disoriented while the disease is striking. This is why in the past doctors often regard the Meniere’s disease as a chronic condition that can in some ways be treated but can not be entirely cured.

Like most chronic condition, there are steps that doctors around the world usually be adamant to take while treating such patients. The first step is always to convince the patient to have patience and endurance in fighting his or her disease. When you are seeing doctors while you are having Meniere’s and tinnitus
, you will be asked to change your life style into a somewhat more healthy way to live. Avoiding substances like caffeine and alcohol would be a very good start in treating your disease. This is due to the cause that substances as such can give unpleasant effect to your neural system that can trigger and increase the occurrences of your Meniere’s disease.

Did You Know That Iosol Iodine Could Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm Th

Iosol Iodine is a proprietary iodine formulation that has been in widespread use for the past fifty years. I am often asked what the difference is between this iodine supplement and others, and many have asked what the source of the iodine is that is used in Iosol.

Iosol Iodine is in my opinion the premier iodine supplement on the market today. This is because of the superior water solubility of the iodine. This feature makes free iodide readily available for your body to use.

There are two sources of iodine in the Iosol formulation. One is from kelp. Iodine in kelp is naturally in the form of potassium iodide. However, potassium iodine is not very soluble in water and may be difficult for your body to easily use. For example, if you get liquid potassium iodide on your clothes it causes a permanent stain of red. If you get Iosol on your clothes the red will evaporate out in a few minutes or readily come out with washing. In fact, potassium iodide has been shown to congest the thyroid gland when taken in high doses – which is how Hashimoto’s thyroiditis was first discovered (Japanese citizens consuming too many sea vegetables). This is why I don’t use potassium iodide in any supplement I produce. During the production of Iosol, iodine is extracted from kelp and made into pure iodine crystals. This is an unbound form of iodine, not potassium iodide.

The second form of iodine used is ammonium iodide, a form that readily dissolves in water. These two forms of iodine are combined in a proprietary manner in a base of vegetable glycerin.

Ammonium iodide is a combination of the mineral iodine and ammonium (NH4). This is a synthesized compound, not derived from a food source. It has superior bioavailability as the iodine readily disassociates from the ammonium upon exposure to water, producing a free iodide ion – exactly what your body would like to use in metabolism.

Some people think that ammonium (NH4) sounds like some sort of toxin, compared to potassium or sodium iodide. This is far from the case. As different from ammonium, ammonia (NH3) is an irritant gas with a pungent odor. Anhydrous ammonia (meaning no water in the ammonia) is the third most synthesized chemical in the U. S. , with one-third of it used by the farming industry as fertilizer and animal feed. The ability to fix nitrogen in some type of compound is vital to the growth of plants and crops. Many household cleaning products use ammonia in the form of NH3 plus water.

Ammonium is a primary source of nitrogen for humans. It is involved in many cellular chemistry reactions necessary for health. As dietary protein is metabolized ammonium is produced. The liver converts any extra ammonium to urea, which is easily cleared through the urea cycle. The amount of ammonium in Iosol can act as a nutrient in normal cell metabolism or it can readily be cleared by the liver. The amount of ammonium in a dose of Iosol is trivial compared to the amount of ammonium produced in routine protein metabolism.

Ammonium toxicity in humans occurs from excess consumption of protein or from liver disease wherein the urea cycle does not function well. If you experience headaches or excess irritability following a high protein meal or while on a high protein diet you may have too much protein in your diet (resulting in too much ammonium).

The bottom line is that Iosol Iodine is a very safe and effective form of iodine to use as a dietary supplement. In my experience over the past twenty years it has routinely produced outstanding results.

What is the dose of Iosol?

The most commonly used dose of Iosol is 1 drop of the preparation in a few ounces of water, taken once a day. Each drop has 1.8 mg of iodine or 1200% of the government’s recommended daily value. If you would like to get only 100% of the daily value then take 1 tsp of a mixture of 1 drop of Iosol in 2 ounces of water; however, most people like taking more than this.

Adequate iodine tends to keep your head more awake during the day, helps support your energy level, and helps you warm up (if you are cold). * Many people take 1-5 drops of Iosol per day, using enough to feel warmer and more energetic. While this can be taken all at once in the morning, some like to split the dose and take some in the afternoon as well.

Some people find that taking iodine every day really helps to support metabolism. Others find that they only need to take it once or twice a week. Regardless of the dose used or frequency of the dose, the goal is to notice energy support. And if you are too cold, another goal is to warm up. Iosol Iodine is one of the best nutrients for natural thyroid support. *

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Byron J. Richards, Founder/Director of Wellness Resources
, is a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and has been a charter professional member of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN) since 1991. He is a nationally-renowned health expert, radio personality, and educator. He is the creator and pioneer of The Leptin Diet and has been a featured expert consultant on Fox News Live, CBS Infinity television, and The Wall Street Journal. Richards has appeared on hundreds of radio programs throughout the country. He is also a staunch defender of health freedom and a national leader in the fight against the FDA’s desire to eliminate your natural health options. His book, Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA’s Betrayal of America is widely regarded as the top book on health freedom today.

Spectacle Lenses vs. Sunglasses

It is always a personal preference on what type of eyewear will be suitable for you. If you decide what type of eyewear you want. Basically the difference between the lenses use in spectacles (brilleglas) and the lenses use in sunglasses are very different. But it can both be bought by using a prescription form eye doctors. It is very important to keep in mind that if you have glasses that you usually wear the whole day you need to have also sunglasses that should have prescription.

Basically the spectacles lenses can correct the vision of your eyes and can help you with your vision. Sunglasses on the other hand can protect you with the dangerous effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun but you will not use is the whole day. If you need to compare both eyewear it is very important to know that spectacle lenses is important than sunglasses. It is a fact that sunglasses are more comfortable to use during sunny days or during the time you are out of your house.

Spectacle lenses need good care like sunglasses. Both eye wear can be expensive but if you have a good retail store that can give you discounts in every eyewear you purchase you can get good deal on with every thing that you will purchase. Glasses are good for poor eyesight and there are also many different types budgeted price on different designs in the market. You can choose cheaper products that can be effective and can be use at work.

There are many lenses in the market and you should choose the right color for your sunglasses. If you have spectacle lenses you should consider if it has the correct and prescribe grade of the lens. You need to have high requirements when you say spectacle lenses (brilleglas) because basically you use often glasses rather than sunglasses. If it concerns your vision it is very important to recognize the correct color objects or the objects in front of the road while you are driving. It is very important to colorless and there are also lenses that are transparent and some lenses changes its color when you are inside or outdoor. These are very important for students and also best for other professionals that use glasses. If you work basically most of the time outside under the sun there are many sunglasses that can be a good way to see things clearer. Sunglasses can also be use to have a slow change on objects in front of you.

You need to take considerations of the light transmittance of the lenses. Lenses in both glasses and sunglasses can be able to give the one wearing the eyewear to have a clear vision even when you are under the sun. Usually those spectacle lenses can be coated and can be made with an anti-reflection. It is very important that if you want to have a good spectacle lens it should have a colorless spectacle lenses and with anti reflection property. You need to consider the thickness of the lenses you also need to have the appropriate refractive index applicable for you so that your pupil will not have a hard time in adjusting to changes in your vision.

Choosing the right lens (brilleglas) for you glasses or from sunglasses (click here for more) should be prescribe and you should always consult a good eye doctor for your concern.

If you’re more insterested in sunglasses (more information here
) , however, you can still stick to your opinion without bothering about the alternative.

Bidet For Achieving Better Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is a matter of choice. While some people believe that it’s enough to wipe your backside after you have finished using the restroom it’s just not true. Proper cleanliness cannot be achieved just by wiping, douching or showering but by using bidet. It is both cleaner and more convenient than toilet paper as bidet makes use jet of water shooting out of a high pressure nozzle to clean you.

As personal bidet offers hands free cleansing, it considerably reduces the chances of catching infection caused by germs from urine and faeces. Though not medically necessary, but bidets have proven to be helpful in medical conditions like haemorrhoids, post-birth trauma, rectal itching and constipation.
If limited space in your bathroom is holding you back from going for a toilet bidet then there is no need to wait anymore.

There is a wide range of models of bidet toilet seat so that you can enjoy the convenience of a bidet without replacing your existing toilet. Easy to install, this bidet attachment adds a unique touch to your bathroom furnishings. There are certain electronic bidets that allow you to control the temperature and pressure of the water jet spray and also provide heated toilet seat and air-dryer system. Some remote control bidets are designed to massage the anal region with different spray patterns and pressure levels to alleviate pain from that area. Needless to say, these remote control bidets are a boon for people suffering from haemorrhoids or with physical disabilities.
Vital in preventing urinary tract infections, bidet toilet seat is an eminently helpful for people suffering with diarrhoea, rashes and other infections which are not only likely to be aggravated by the use of toilet paper but also spread and add to a situation that is already quite painful.

Remote control bidets are ideal solution for those who have mobility problems like arthritis and for elderly people. The cost of installing and using personal bidet is far less than using rolls and rolls of toilet paper every year. At, you can find various models of electronic bidets, remote control bidets and bidet toilet seats to choose the one that suits your lifestyle and specific needs.

In fact the benefits of electronic bidets are so numerous that you will never want to go back to toilet paper once you have used it. Check out the latest models of bidet toilet seat and electronic bidets along with detailed instructions of installations at
For more information on bidet, bidet toilet seat, Personal bidet
, Remote control bidets
and electronic bidets

Taking Proper Care Of Your Muscles

If you have ever worked out or spent any amount of time at a job that was a strain on you physically, then you know what it feels like to have your body pushed to the limits. Some of us either have so many responsibilities, or do not know when our bodies have had enough that it gets to the point that you can pull a muscle or you can have those moments where you just completely loose the ability to lift anything and your body starts to just give out. These things can happen at the worse possible times and when it does you hope there is someone around to help you out but, there is not always someone there. It is quite hard to scream with two hundred and fifty pounds of weights on top of you and to depend on someone always being around to spot you would be suicide. That is why the proper care of your muscles are so important.

Taking proper care of your muscles is not as difficult as some might imagine. One good way to keep your muscles happy is to feed them well. What I mean by this is the right nutrition helps stimulate growth in your muscles. So make sure to eat foods that are high in proteins they not only speed up growth but also lessen the amount of time that your body may feel sore from over working. Getting the proper amount of sleep is also very key to muscle regeneration. So make sure that you are getting to sleep and getting the right amount to let your body rest. If you need to you should invest in the right bedding for the job. Something like a featherbed on top of your mattress would go along way. Also down comforters are a good way to keep you warm without being to much of a heavy strain on your body. Being that you work out a lot you probably want to use duvet covers over your bedding. A duvet set is a great way to protect your bedding from the sweat and bacteria of a long hard days work. But, one of the key most important things you can do is hydrate yourself. One of the biggest mistakes many athletes and people who work at strenuous jobs make is that forget to hydrate and if you do not do that then it can lead to a fatal error. Want to know more visit

to find bedding to help your muscles rest easy.

Do you just want to know more queen duvet covers Or how about the kids bedding The beautiful vibrant colors mixed with the silk threading makes for a bed that welcomes you with arms wide open.

Niacin For Psoriasis

Vitamin B3 (niacin or nicotinic acid) is also touted as a cure for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. If only that were true! Unfortunately, this B vitamin is toxic in high doses and may harm rather than help psoriatics. This has been the sad experience of those taking 100 milligrams or more daily.

“Troublesome side effects often occur, most commonly the ‘niacin flush’ – intense reddening and itching of the face and upper body that usually diminishes after several weeks. High dose niacin can also cause gastrointestinal upsets, abnormal liver function tests, elevated blood-sugar levels, and, rarely, atrial fibrillation (rapid beating of the heart), ” revealed Dr. Stephen Barrett, a psychiatrist, consumer advocate, and board member of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) in “Health Schemes, Scams and Frauds. “

“The flush is not considered dangerous but the sort of doses that produce it (greater than 100 milligrams) can, in a few individuals, produce other unwanted side effects, including nausea, headache, cramps and diarrhea. Still larger doses of nicotinic acid (in excess of two grams daily) have been reported to produce skin discoloration and dryness, decreased glucose tolerance, high uric-acid levels, and aggravation of peptic ulcers and even symptoms that resemble some of those that accompany hepatitis, ” according to Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler in “The Doctors’ Vitamin arid Mineral Encyclopedia. “

Regular exposure to sunlight has helped patients with psoriasis. Since vitamin D is made in our skin when we are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, quacks claim that oral doses of the same vitamin will benefit psoriatics.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Oral doses of vitamin D are not recommended. Excess amounts are dangerous and can cause headache, fatigue, muscle weakness, blurred vision and kidney stones among others.

“High doses of vitamin D can be toxic. The major effects of vitamin D toxicity are hypercalcemia (high levels of blood calcium] and soft tissue calcification. Symptoms of hypercalcemia include anorexia, nausea, vomiting, constipation, tiredness, drowsiness and, when more severe – confusion, high blood pressure, kidney failure and coma, ” Hendler said.

“The margin of safety between the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamin D and the level which is toxic in some people is very small; the smallest for any vitamin. Some people develop toxic symptoms three to four times the RDA. Thus the practice of supplementation with this vitamin should be discouraged, ” concluded Dr. Myron Winick, director of the Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in “The Columbia Encyclopedia of Nutrition. ” (Next: Are fish oils effective for psoriasis?)

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Sharon Bell is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premier online news magazine

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat – 5 Damn Easy Steps To Start Now!!

This is something no one wants really, but it’s like “I can’t help it” thing. Accumulating fat around your tummy/belly just isn’t going to seem good. In fact, it’s a thing of disgust for many of us. . . and yet, we find so many people with fat round “capon” bellies (as some great poet said!)

If you are really serious and surely want to get rid of belly fat, I’m sure this article would be of tremendous use to you. After all, belly fat isn’t a prize!!

There are five simple, (and I mean it) darn easy steps to getting rid of belly fat. You could, in fact, call them the first steps to the “get rid of belly fat” game. And yes, they are really simple.

Let’s get started. . .

1. Reduce Thy Calories This is one of the best ways to plug the growth of fat around your tummy. The equation is darn simple again: Stop your intake, the fat is automatically stopped from growing out big.

You don’t have to go on a two-day fasting to reduce your calories. It is just a matter of taking what is just necessary and taking low-calorie diets. You can find a hell lot of info about that on the internet. Contrary to what other say, low calorie diet always helps. Especially in reducing the belly fat.

2. Beer Belly Drink a lot? Socialize a lot? Well, that’s where the whole thing about beer belly comes in. Drinking a lot of beer leads to what they call beer belly, and that might be one of the reasons you got a fat belly.

Remedy? Believe me or not, stopping drinks all-together has helped countless number of people all the time. I would not directly suggest you stop drinking, but reduction is a great step. This will definitely get rid of your belly fat.

3. Sweet Sugar? Sugar-rich foods, like sweets etc. are dangers in disguise. You just seem to consume so little of them, and when the doctor says sugar-foods are bad for you, you are stunned. The fact? Sugar-laden foods are always contributing to something – fat belly!!

If you are really serious about reducing the diameter of your belly, you have to avoid eating these sugar-stuffs. Dropping them altogether will definitely help!

4. Exercise A Bit You were just hoping I would not say that, right? Sorry, but the fact is fact: You need regular exercise to keep your body trim – and it applies to your belly too. By exercise, I do not want you to enroll into a hi-tech gym and waste two to three hours every day.

Exercise could just be something like a regular walk with some mild movements of your arms and legs. You could even perform some very basic movements that would go a long way in getting rid of your belly fat.

5. Gather Info Be aware all the time. Self-awareness is something very basic and yet so many people stray away from. There’s a ton of info on the net you can learn from. You could even read books, enroll in courses like FatLoss4Idiots( or best: join forums, discussion groups and all those and learn from others.

If you commit yourself to do these things regularly, and perform a good job at it, I’m sure, you’ll get rid of your belly fat within a really short time. The only thing required is, patience and practice.

Good luck in your task!

With a fat round belly, it was just disgusting. Imagine being not able to do so many things these youngsters do all the time. . . really bad!! So what do people like me prefer to do when they know there’s only one way to get rid of this belly fat thing? Become idiots and learn things from here:

Cracks at Corner of Mouth What Are They?

Having a cut, lesion or sore in any place that is constantly moving makes it hard to heal, painful and aggravated. Cracks at corner of mouth are some of the worst because they are not only painful and frustrating but look ugly and make it hard to eat, smile, frown or any facial movement that involved the lips and mouth.

So what are cracks at the mouth corners and what are they caused? The technical term for this condition is called Angular Cheilitis, where angular refers to any area at a corner and cheilitis is a medical term for inflammation of the lips or oral areas. This is made worse sometimes because these cracks can become infected by a fungus Candida albicans also known as Thrush. This combined with the constant movement and the constant wetness of the mouth make this condition very hard to shake once it gets a foothold.

To avoid succumbing to this condition having good nutrition and oral hygiene is the key. Deficiencies in certain vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin B12, and iron have been the primary causes of Angular Cheilitis and a change in diet may be needed for those at risk.

Wholegrain cereals, meat, poultry and fish are good sources of dietary iron and vegetarians do need to be vigilant of their iron intakes that can be lower that meat eaters. Foods rich in riboflavin include beef liver, milk, low-fat yogurt, cheese, enriched-grain foods, whole-grain foods, eggs, and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin B12 is also another found in many meats leading us to a conclusion that vegetarians that suffer from this condition may need to take supplements for vitamin intake.

This can help you prevent the condition but to remove cracks at corner of mouth once you have the problem is a different story!

To discover how to heal Angular Cheilitis and prevent it from ever coming back to plague you again click below.

Get Rid of Acne Quickly – Have Clear Skin Permanently

Have you tired almost everything to get rid of acne but only to suffer from recurring pimples outbreak at random periods?

Most so-called remedies out there that promise fast results are not permanent, because of that, you need to understand what it takes to help you get rid of acne once and for all.

Many acne sufferers have horrible pimple outbreaks for years without knowing that it can be gotten rid of for life, this is especially true during the early stages of such occurrences where corrective actions should be taken.

If you believe in the conspiracy theory, you may even think the acne treatment industry has been keeping it as a secret so that over-the-counter products will continue to sell. What if there is not one, but several natural ways to permanently eliminate acne and pimples for life?

First of all, the title of this article may be unbelievable at first glance. Not only are there ways to get rid of acne in as little as three days, they are natural procedures and can be proven scientifically. Forget what you know or have been told about your acne problem because some of these facts are what dermatologist won’t even tell you!

However, a little education on how acne comes about and how our skin, especially those around the face, response to chemicals and the environment changes is essential. This is the key to unlock the secret to permanent acne control forever.

Here are some of the biggest myths that you may have been told:

  • Acne can be treated easily with creams, but recurrences several days or weeks later are inevitable.
  • Everyone has acne problem at some stages of their life, there is no way to prevent acne from appearing one morning over your sleep.
  • It’s “OK” to mask the symptoms of an acne outbreak with cosmetics and powder.
  • …and perhaps much more that may mislead you into thinking that acne problems can either be solved easily given some old-folk’s recipe and simple instructions.

    The fact is that getting rid of acne is an issue much more than “skin deep”. For true permanent solution to acne problem, you need to address it from three facets: Inner nutrition, Outer protection and last but not least, physiological well-being.

    Yes, it may sound more difficult than applying creams and lotions! The question to ask yourself then is whether you’re looking for the only proven, holistic way to heal, restore and have beautiful clear skin permanently, all without any side effects.

    Christoper Gryson knows how to get rid of acne quickly
    . After years of drug therapy, countless visits to dermatologists, and recurring bouts, he has found a way to banish it in 3 days in the comfort of his home. These propriety information have been complied into a step-by-step guide book which you can review at