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Opening a Dollar Store Includes the Threat of Customers Shoplifting –

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on shoplifting. In this article we will examine some of the more common techniques used to shoplift. Do everything possible to protect yourself and your business when opening a dollar store. Don’t delay in preparing. In fact everything possible should be done prior to actually opening for business.

There are a number of ways that customers can and will shoplift. In fact the variety of techniques used is limited only by the creativity of the shoplifter. In many cases the method used depends on the size of the item being taken. Smaller items are either grabbed and then pocketed or placed into a bag, backpack or purse. There is also the method of knocking a number of items off the shelf, seemingly by accident, and then bagging items while replacing them. Often many of these items will end up in a pocket, including in hooded sweatshirt with the pockets in the front for both hands, or in larger purses.

Another method is making use of shopping bags from your store. These previously used shopping bags are used to carry items out without being stopped. This works well since most people just assume that the person has purchased the items that are contained inside the bags. Unless you have a security system with tagging and monitors at the exits, and the security alarms are then triggered, no one is the wiser when this method is used. This technique can be used with completely lifted merchandise. It can also be used when purchased items are combined with items that have not been paid for. In other words, a few unpaid for items are slipped in with the items that are paid for. Opening a dollar store means being vigilant to these commonly used methods and then putting protection in-place.

Another technique is when a customer comes in to your store. Next the customer picks up two items. One they open and place in a store bag. They then take both items to customer service or your cashiers and request an exchange without receipt, for a supposed defective item. They then walk out not only with a receipt but with the item. There are even more complex methods but they usually involve several different people and are not as common. Shoplifting on a small scale is usually done by a single person and involves the more common pocket and leave techniques.

Security tags will not always protect your items. Dressing rooms and out of the way places are perfect for people to open and remove the security tags from inside the items. They then simply place the items, usually minus the cases, into a bag or pocket.

When opening a dollar store business, become informed. It starts with being aware of the more common methods used. Next eliminate dimly lit, out of the way locations where it can most easily occur. Work with your commercial insurance carrier and the local authorities to gain a better education. Examine every option to reduce shoplifting in your store.

To your dollar store business success!

Are you interested in opening you own dollar store? Check out “A Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Dollar Store at

Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

Market Your Website With E-Zine Articles

Writing articles for e-zines is a cheap and effective way to promote your website.  They are a particularly good method to use because they generate targeted traffic of web searchers who are interested in your information.  It is free to submit articles to most e-zine sites.  

It’s much easier to market your site with several paragraphs versus a line or two in a banner ad.  Here is some more information on writing articles to increase website traffic.

There are two ways that these articles can increase traffic to your site, and they are back links and keywords.  Before you submit your article, you can put a link to your website in the resource box along with some information about yourself and site.  If the reader found your article useful, they may link back to your site to check it out.  Try to submit your article to as many high ranked e-zine sites as you can, because the more links that point back to your site the higher it will be ranked by the search engines.

By using carefully placed keywords in your writing, it will improve your article and your websites search engine ranking.  The trick is to not have your keywords compete with other websites.  Try to find a highly searched term that returns relatively few websites.    Place as many relevant keywords into your article, just make sure that they are things that readers are searching for.    Even if your article is about a niche topic, you can drive traffic through carefully placed keywords.

After you have submitting several articles on a subject, you will be perceived as an expert.  This is good because it makes people comfortable with you and earns their trust.  Then you will be more likely to get their back links because they will take your information as valuable.  Make sure that the information in your article is new, relevant and useful. Grammar should be checked, and the writing should be clear and concise.  If you have trouble with writing and submitting your own article, there are several companies who will write articles for you, such as Cybertrack  This is not necessary, but may be useful if you wish to write and submit numerous articles and don’t have time to write them yourself.  

By writing articles for e-zines, you can increase your search engine ranking and draw thousands of targeted visitors to your site.    At the same time, publishing lots of articles will declare you as an expert in your respective field and will earn you and your website respect.  E-zines are quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to quickly increase the traffic to your website.

For More Information About Marketing Your Website With E-Zine Articles visit:

Rich Tansky
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Advantage Of Affiliate Internet Marketing To Both Publishers And Affi

There are many legitimate online business opportunities but one that I would recommend for newbies is affiliate internet marketing programs. Affiliate marketing is where a business program rewards its associates every time they bring in a customer who buys products. It has an advantage in that you will have a wide range of products to promote on your website thus offer variety to your target market.

Affiliate internet marketing is also beneficial to people seeking to market their products through associates. With affiliate marketing, online business people have access to a wide range of sites to network with in order to market their products and services. As publishers market your products, they will help you attract traffic to your website thus generate online sales.

Affiliate management companies are the ones in charge of coordinating between the producers and publishers. These companies in most instances have a vast number of publishers in their network thus marketing online business products is quite easy. All they do is offer publishers/associates attractive commissions to promote their products thus the power of affiliate internet marketing.

As discussed on this article, you will notice that affiliate internet marketing is advantageous to both the associates and the owners of the products. The reason I recommend affiliate marketing programs to newbies is mainly because there is no fee required to start promoting products. All you need is to choose and sell products of a particular niche.

In order to generate sales online through affiliate internet marketing, load your niche products and drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. In addition, give your customers limited time offers which will necessitate them to take action to follow your links and purchase your affiliate products.

There is much more to know when it comes to affiliate revenue. To learn more insightful and educative content as regards to generating online sales and thus improve your internet affiliate programs follow the link below.

Stephen Kavita writes rich content on Affiliate Internet Marketing Strategies. His webpage is on Money Making Ideas and Best Business Opportunities. Visit his informative and insightful website at:- Money Making Secrets and learn more. . .

7 Steps to Make $1,000 Online in Just One Month

1. Set a clear and specific goal. And in this case, your goal will be to earn $1,000 online in just 30 days. If you do not have a goal, you will not focus in what you do. Write down your goal in a piece of paper and paste it somewhere you can see it often.

2. Search for a suitable market. You want to go into a market that is profitable, less competition, a market that you love and have at least some knowledge about. Make sure you carry out market research before diving into your market. Many people fail because of this step. Take this step as seriously as possible. Find out what your market really wants then go in from there.

3. Locate an offer. If you don’t have any products to sell to your market, use affiliate marketing and sell other people’s products. However, make sure that the products you choose is right the solution for your market. Don’t choose the product because it is hot; choose it because it is the right solution for your market’s problems.

4. Build a list. You need to capture leads if you want to build a long-term and solid online business. Use an auto-responder to create an opt-in box to capture visitor’s names and emails.

5. Get ready with a few quality follow up emails for your list. You have to provide good quality content in order to build trust and relationship with your market. People surf the net for information, and if you give them what they are looking for, your business will soar. Again, use an auto-responder to do all these.

6. It is time to drive traffic to your website. The number one reason most people fail to drive traffic to their website is because they are not taking the necessary action. Once you take action, traffic will come. Learn, focus and take massive action are the keys to success in traffic generation.

7. Try to improve your online business performance by increasing traffic and conversion rate. Track the statistics of your website and sales. Try to transform your online business into auto-pilot mode then build another extra stream of income online.

These are the 7 steps to make $1,000 online in just one month. I believe that if you are serious and follow through all the steps mentioned above, you will be able to make $1,000 online within 30 days.

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How Your Advice Column Can Build Loyal Readers

Last year while researching a book on memorable speeches and essays, I stumbled across an ageless writing technique that continues to captivate readers.

Advice articles first appeared several hundred years ago. Some were submitted to papers and magazines anonymously. The question-and-answer format probably appeared a little bit later.

While opinion articles have been around for years, few develop the loyalty and following of advice columns.

Test this for yourself by gathering newspapers and magazines from the last several decades. My guess is: you’ll find the old question/answer columns still ageless and vibrant.

Advice features generate return readers. Why? Maybe it’s because people love to share problems and possible solutions.

Want to start your own “advice” column? Here are three simple ways to begin:

1. Survey your readership for the two or three industry issues perpetually discussed.

2. Find out all you can about those issues.

3. Prompt questions from readers about those issues, and answer them regularly in a column.

Current popular syndicated features, for instance, offer advice on personal relationships, do-it-yourself projects, and travel.

In a professional or trade magazine, your question/answer feature might cover the history of your profession, provide an open forum where readers share information, or follow a how-to format. That’s your decision.

Personal note: Lots of times I get questions whose answers I don’t know. That’s when I ask the advice of an expert in that field, and ask for his/her permission to include their response and name in the answer. If I don’t know the answer, I tell the questioner I simply don’t know.

Bottom line: If you want to connect better your readers, you must also give them the opportunity to reach you.

Rix Quinn wrote the new book Words That Stick, which offers lots of writing tips for professionals who hate to write. The book’s available at your local bookstore, or

Rix can be contacted directly at 817-920-7999.

Email Address Lookup Exposed – Learn How To Look Up Any Email Address

Do you know how to do an email address lookup? There are many services that enable you to do en email address look up on the internet. Here is how to look up an email address for free.

The first option you have to do an email address search is to go through the different search engines and to enter the email address of the user. A lot of people using the internet put their email address on websites, forums, forms, etc. The easiest way to proceed is to enter the email address in search engines and try to find an exact match. To have an exact match place quotes like this ” “around the email address to have more targeted results. Should you need to be even more specific, you can enter the first part of the address with just the name, and without the “”.

If you happen to know the email provider of the sender, you can directly perform a search with that email provider. For instance, if you think the person is a yahoo, gmail or hotmail user, directly perform the email search in their websites. However, this search might take time and you may not be able to find the information you are searching.

Another option is to go through country email directories. Most of country email directories have died but you can still try your luck.

Back in those days, people deliberately chose to submit their email address to email directories. However now it is a totally different trend and users are more likely to either conceal or disguise their email addresses.

Purposeful email directories are almost useless and out-of-date now. Old directories like Big Foot still have a very large database but the information is not always accurate. Therefore your best bet to find an email address sender is to learn how to decipher the different components of an email address or use a professional service that can access worldwide information in the blink of an eye.

Sophia Munoz is a journal writer who is versed into new gadgets. She has written hundreds of articles for specialized magazines and article directories. If you want to discover more about how to do a reverse email search
, visit us for the latest tips! Also learn how to send anonymous emails to your boss. . . laugh guaranteed!

Intuitive Social Media Marketing – 3 Ways to Rely on Your Marketing I


Recently I have been presented by colleagues in the marketing industry with many articles about social media marketing mistakes. Nearly all of them are about the pioneers in our business that have taken some courageous steps and ended up finding out new rules of the internet marketing game. They are all very similar to humankinds’ first attempts at air transport or open sea naval travel, resulting in the land (and sea) decorated with data points.

My message in this article is not one of fear, but rather one of intuition. The enjoyment we get from our marketing work is not about safety, but about adventure. True creativity has always been an adventure while en route. I am going to lay out 3 social media marketing (SMM) elements that will fuel your already well-developed marketing intuition.

Several years ago, I was given skiing lesson in Austria. It was the most innovative lesson I had ever taken. The instructor told me to pay attention to only 3 things. He did this because he knew that in the heat of a demanding downhill run, you will only be able to pay attention to 3 things at most. Similarly in SMM, we are cranking out information, campaigns, and messages so fast that we need to keep a few things in mind. So, in this article I will give you 3 points to remember.

1. Authenticity, Not Talk

Social media is a very tempting place to spend time conversing, chatting and making friends. After all it is a place to be a human being in the company of other human beings. However, when you put your marketing hat on, it is time to work. Creating coherent content, staying true to your mission and strategically choosing the channel and the amount of time that you spend there are questions to be answered by the minute.

You have goals to accomplish while you are engaging in any media and it is particularly important to recognize this while using social media. You have heard it before, that you need to give, before you get. Make sure that every day that you are contributing content to somebody, somewhere. When people openly plug themselves incessantly, it is only talk to many others. In addition, when you are reading others’ pieces make sure that you contribute there also. There is nothing wrong with attributing yourself while there, but make sure you are adding to the conversation. There are places to make a sale (your website, your sales letter, your store) and you may use social media to help them get there. Solve peoples’ problems everywhere and allow your solution to be an organic aspect of that interaction.

2. Be Transparent, Then Test

On the individual path to any product, cause or interest, there are real concerns that your audience will encounter. Rather than discussing your solution, make sure that you are open to these concerns and engage in the discussion of these concerns to satisfaction of your audience. In the physical sales world, these are know as objections.

These objections will arise sooner or later, and you would be best advised to bring them up a priori. There are many ways of doing this. At the very least, be aware that at any point in a campaign, you have the power of social media to test out your campaign on your audience. Some of the big mistakes in SMM, are in not testing a message before it hits the social media waves. The two way nature of social media, allows near real time airing of your message. Before you spend big money and time on a campaign make sure that you test at every step of the way.

3. Listen and Respond

The dinosaurs of the traditional off-line marketing ranks may well exempt themselves from the population based on earlier habits. Legacy skills, rely strongly on the ready, aim, fire mentality (spend big money on campaigns, launch them, and wait for the money to roll in). The social media channels take into account the need and ability for the audience to talk about stuff first. Sometimes they do not say things that you want to hear. But, ignoring bad news is like letting your checking account get overdrawn. Social media is a river that flows with heavy currents. Ride along with it, you need to go where it takes you, so you can get to a better destination.

When responding to bad news, it might be better to engage the help of other users/customers to address the concerns of fellow users/customers. Self-defense techniques may not be the quickest way of listening, responding and resolving concerns. I have seen this done in both bad and good ways. I think the most effective, is to openly admit to customers how frustrating the problem must be for them, express that you understand the concern, that you are either working on it or have a solution for this problem or that you will have a solution. It is no different than if you were working at a service counter at your own store, except that the rest of the world may be listening this time.


Do not be overwhelmed by the mistakes of others in SMM. You, your business, and your product have been designed in a very quality and ethical manner. Even your message may be well crafted. Using SMM in communicating will be frustrating sometime, because it may progress no faster than than its slowest listener. You cannot resonate to the lowest common denominator of society, but you should be aware of the characteristics of your customers. After all, you do need to know everything about your customer, even the stuff you do not want to know. Enjoy yourself.

Frank Dobner Director – Sales & Marketing The Startup Source Twitter: @dobner

Google Give Big Reward for hacker in their Chrome Product

To enhance the security capabilities of the web browser Chrome, Google did not hesitate to spend the money up to $ 2 million reward for the hackers can find vulnerabilities on a web browser.

The search giant said it plans to finance for the contest Pwnium 2, scheduled to be held on 10/10 here in the framework of the security conference “Hack In The Box” in Malaysia.

Accordingly, if the hacker can attack the Chrome browser based on the source of the error will be awarded the money $ 60,000, even if the attack is not based on source browser Chrome, for example through a Chrome bug in the source code associated with an error of the Windows operating system, will be awarded the $ 50,000 amount. If the hacker exploit Chrome browser through security holes of the 3rd component, such as Adobe Flash or Windows Google will be awarded the $ 40,000 amount.

Google said it would spend up to $ 2 million reward for the hacker in this contest. Before that, Google also has plans to spend $ 1 million for Pwnium contest took place in early March, but only $ 120,000 is used for awards for security vulnerabilities that hackers can detect Chrome browser.

In addition to awards for hackers and security experts at contest Pwnium, Google also very generous rewards for security professionals if they discover any bugs or security holes on Google products and up time notify the “search giant”.

In addition to Google, there are many other security vendors are using the money to encourage hackers to discover vulnerabilities on their products such as Facebook, Mozilla or Paypal . but among them, Google is the company “more bold” to enhance security for the hacker. Up to the present time, Google has spent much more than $ 1 million awarded to hackers and security experts because of the security vulnerabilities that they found on Google products.

Conversely two software vendors to meet most security vulnerabilities in their products is Adobe and Microsoft without payment program to encourage professionals to find security holes in their products. However, Microsoft also recently awarded $ 250,000 for the three security researchers for help Microsoft improve the overall security status of their products.

With incentives for finding bugs in the product, especially the Chrome web browser, Google is hoping to turns your web browser into “fortress” inviolable, although current web browser Chrome has been highly price is safe and secure browser today.

The latest version of Google Chrome 21 has been equipped with features to deliver Flash content into the “sandbox”, which not only helps Chrome become more secure and minimize the possibility of hackers from breaking into browse through error on Flash, besides also helps Flash more stable operation on Chrome and limit crashes due to the Flash content.

Users can download Chrome 21 official version now in Google official website.

In addition, Google also launched the Beta version of Chrome 22, with improved performance and security capabilities, signaling an official version of Chrome 22 is really impressive in the near future.

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Ways to Search For My Friends Number on Plaxo

Plaxo is one of the recent spins on the social networking site. Forty million people use it for its synched address book features so they can keep in touch with loved ones. Created by Napster co-founder Sean Parker, Minh Nguyen, and two engineering students from Stanford, the concept is that you can store information on Plaxo’s servers. Whenever you change any of your information, such as your address or phone number, it is updated in all your contacts’ address books.

Recently, Plaxo has added more features to its repertoire. With Plaxo Pulse, you can see what your friends and family are creating online. From your Pulse account, you can view blogs, social networking sites, photos, videos, and more from various online sites. You can connect your Pulse account with over thirty other sites, such as Flickr, Twitter, and Yelp. This site is very much about staying connected to those who mean the most to you. So, now how do you find them?

If you want to find a friend’s phone number on Plaxo, simply go to the website and enter the name into the search box on the homepage. The site will then pull up any matches they have. If you want to view your friend’s profile, you have to become a member – which is free. The process is very easy – just fill out some basic information, such as your name and email address. Once you become a member, you can view your friend’s profiles and set up one of your own. This is a great way to stay in touch because you get to control the information that people see. It is also becoming more and more popular, which means more and more of your friends and family members will be on.

Staying connected with friends can sometimes be difficult because of our busy lives; but technology makes it so much easier. Plaxo, in particular, is a way to organize your friends’ information and to share what they’re doing online. You can choose to share your phone number with your friends and family, and they with you. As always, though, don’t share your personal information with strangers, and when you get calls from unfamiliar numbers, search a phone number to see who owns it. It is always better to be safe. With Plaxo, though, you have control over how much information you share.

Susan is a part-time writer and long-time personal fitness trainer with a knack for tech gadgets. You can check out her latest techie project-a tool to find out who owns a cell phone number-at

What Your Click Tracking Script Should Tell You?

You run an ad spending $100.00. How could you possibly know how many people bought your product? If you don’t know your ROI on that particular campaign, how will you spend another $100.00 on it?

Simple is You have to track your advertising campaign. This is done by –

1. By keeping specific URL in that specific campaign Ex:

2. By giving ‘?source=campaign1’ tag to your URL Ex:

3. By using a Click tracking script shtml

Click tracking script is a cgi/php script that gives you information about a click. The click may be on your website, emails, ezines, banners or anything.

If the click tracking script tells you the number of clicks it is not going to be useful to you. Because you can’t differentiate the people buying through your campaign links or your regular links.

So what a Click tracking script should tell you?

1. Tell the number of clicks to tell the click thru ratio:

By this you can optimize your ads. If a specified ad get low click thrus you can change the optimize it.

2. Tell the ip address of the visitor:

By this you can know which ad bringing you the sales. If a particular ip clicking on a specific link buys your product you can know that ad campaign’s ROI.

3. Tells the geographical distribution of the clicks:

This is useful when you want to know how many clicks coming from different countries. Like if you see ‘jp’ with ip address, you can know the visitor from Japan. But this is not possible in all cases.

4. Tell the date and time of clicks:

Some online enterpreneurs are more interested in sending promotional emails in the weekends. But I guess it is subject to their personal experiences. If you know that particular campaign gets lot of clicks in certain days, you can concentrate showing ads at that particular time.

5. Referers:

You can know that which link exchange program or banner ad on web sites bring you the most clicks.

6. Clicks by time and date:

You are able to get the results by time and date. Like your click tracking script must provide daily stats seperately. This is useful to see which day you sales page gets most clicks.

Radhika Venkata (c)

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