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MySpace Blocked at Work or School? Try This

Can’t get to MySpace from work because it’s blocked? Here’s something you can try.

Many of my friends are constantly searching for ways to get to MySpace from their workplace because they have been blocked. MySpace is the most commonly blocked web site on the net. I have recently introduced them all to proxy servers such as the one here.

A proxy server like this one can communicate with MySpace, or any other site and redirect everything back to you instead of your computer directly trying to access MySpace or whatever site you like. Thus allowing your computer to see pages at

Unless your work has the proxy server address blocked, you usually can usually use this method. You can search on Google for “myspace proxy” and find a great deal of other proxy servers you can use as well.

Another method I have told people to use is to get a remote control account such as GoToMyPC account or a free LogMeIn account. Using such a service allows users to access their home computer from work.

The home computer then can be used to get to MySpace since your workplace can’t block the web sites your home computer visits. In addition to being able to view MySpace pages, the remote control software will allow you to access all the resources on your home PC as well.

Be sure not to let others know how to do these tricks. . The more people are aware of these things, the more likely administrators will catch on and find ways to shut them down.

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Logo Designing- Must For Your Business

Every organization or company has a logo of its own. Logo is the tangible identity of a company in the market. It can be an emblems, signs or symbols designed to portray the image of your company. It represents the culture, ideology and values of your company. It is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a company. Logo not only symbolizes the company name but also gives your brand a graphic identification. It also contributes largely in brand building. Logo represents your company and communicates to the public in your absence. Thus, it becomes very important to create a good logo for your company. There are a lot of things that should be taken care of while creating a logo. Starting from color to the shape of the logo design every thing should be perfect as it concerns the image of the company.

Your company’s logo should be powerful enough to establish a brand name in the market. It should be simple yet attractive. Your logo should be impressive enough to separate your services and products from the existing players in the market. Your logo should be unique and not similar to any of your competitors, other wise people might confuse the logos. Logo designing should be done keeping in mind the products and services offered by the company and targeted audience in consideration.

Before designing the logo you should be clear about the aim of your business and what your logo is supposed to convey to its targeted audience. Use of right color is really essential, as different colors have their own importance, value and meaning. One can use loud colors for grabbing immediate attention while subtle colors can be used for normal ones. Thus, logo designing should be carefully done by skilled designers as they are the ones who can develop concepts that will increase the brand of the company.

A company portrays its identity, aims and objectives by corporate identity. Corporate identity is demonstrated by branding and trademarks. It can be in the form of logos, trademarks etc subjected to proper designing. Thus, it can be said that logo corporate identity contributes to the success and recognition of a company.

Six Figure Yearly – Is it Another Scam?

Recently, I stumble upon another website about earning six figure yearly and I just kept asking if this money making tips is real or just another scam. You have seen all the so-called work-from-home programs that promise you a large fortune from simple typing, data entry, or many of the get-rich-quick schemes. You then find out the only way you are going to get paid is to type ads and place them on Google, Yahoo or other places that only cost you money. The only way you are ever paid is if someone purchases something from the ads you have placed. If you decide to make this a full-time job by working 6 to 8 hours a day, you can earn a yearly six-figure income. Did you know that about 99% of work-from-home opportunities deal with sales? Whether you are selling Avon from home or doing Internet marketing, you have to sell something to get paid. It is hard to make an income from home when you are relying on someone else to purchase something in order for you to get paid. Unless you spend countless hours a day building your business, the chances of success are very slim.

Successful home entrepreneurs will tell you that the most important way to succeed at working from home is to have more than one way to generate income. The Internet is still considered to be in the beginning stages as it grows at a rapid pace daily. Many years from now you may say to yourself, “Why didn’t I jump on that opportunity” We see this everyday as the Internet changes and different opportunities are created. This is the time to get in on what may be the best income source to date for making money on the Web. The best part is this is only going to keep growing and it all can be done from the comfort of your own home.

My friend actually tried Six Figure Yearly and the result was a surprised , she really earn $1000 a day with the system! It is hard to believe but I myself saw the proof! She didn’t get rich with the system but at least she really gain financial security. Six Figure Yearly will provide you with all the knowledge, tools, resources and high quality proprietary softwares and files you need to set up your income generating systems. In most cases, the system will have already been set up for you and all that will be required from you is the name to make your checks payable to. I was really happy for her!

So, what do Six figure yearly put aside from the rest of the internet opportunity online? The system has it’s own support team, ready to answer all your question. They will guide you in everything you need in order to succeed. Many work-from-home opportunities say that you can make thousands of dollars with their programs, but they provide NO PROOF it actually works. Usually these programs will not offer any guarantees that what they are selling will work, OR provide proof of current members success. So what do you need to know to be able to land in to a legit online jobs?

1. Investigate about the site. Some site doesn’t pay. Believed me I’ve gone and experienced it already.

2. Look for the method of their payment.

3. Pay attention to their members support.

4. You should have knowledge about the work they are offering. Don’t just jump from one opportunity to another.

5. Be choosy! I tried to enter in to a lot of home based jobs. I tried everything. But still I didn’t succeed. Try to choose the job that you will going to love, a business from which you have knowledge of.

Maybe later on you could find a home-based business that will earn six figure yearly! For more online business opportunity you can visit my review of Six Figure Yearly

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Is WP Syndicator the Best WordPress Plugin

* A considerable saving in time versus manual content syndication.

Is This Wp Syndicator Plugin Worth Attempting?

WP Syndicator is frequently a plugin for WP than instantly syndicates content throughout a number of top Web 2.0 web web sites. Secondly and perhaps considerably more importantly there’s the Lookup engine optimisation advantage from the back-links you get from syndicating your content material material to all these web sites. * An enhance in specific traffic especially from micro-blogging web web sites within your syndication network.
I’ve turning out to be in this planet vast internet advertising and blogging game for above 3 years now and I’ve tried almost every wordpress plugin below the sun to assist me make a lot more money about the web with my wp internet sites and sites and so drastically this wp syndicator plugin has created the best outcomes, acquiring my written content substance available and attracting a entire great deal of high high quality one of the ways hyperlinks to my site and obviously acquiring far more visitors.

The process of posting the composed content material is automatic right from a WordPress weblog. I’m still playing using the plugin in the moment on various blogs and I observed a complete great deal of progress in particular with the weblogs I’m running this plugin on, they’re ranking a excellent deal significantly much better and quicker, generating more automatic back links back again towards the internet sites and saving me a fantastic package of time on promoting my own weblogs.

syndicates your content throughout a amount of popular World wide web two.0 sites.

What does this mean and what can it be applied for? First of all, there’s the traffic you’re in a position to obtain from your Web 2.0 websites by posting your content on them.

* WP Syndicator will really benefit any wordpress blogger, especially folks people seeking a competitive advantage inside research engines.

It does take a little time to set it up with all on the assorted accounts, but as quickly as that’s carried out, it genuinely can be considered a one-click solution. Correct here Are The Basic Features Of This Plugin:

WP Syndicator is a powerful WP plug-in that instantly
Here’s a quick WP Syndicator Review

Does WP Syndicator Plugin Perform?

* Improved lookup engine ranking via an enhance within your link popularity with each and every other with significantly much better preliminary indexing.
The minimal cost and charity donations will end in the third week of July, so get in on this appropriate now and assist a excellent trigger.
The plugin does what it says on the box: It syndicates your posts, producing backlinks automatically. To be honest with you, I think its a really fantastic application, It is by much one of one of the most sophisticated wordpress created articles syndication plugin, assisting you make 1 of essentially the most of every and each and every post you post in your web website.

Bottom line: It’s possibly the easiest way I’ve actually seen, for buidling a handful of one way back links and giving a little “SEO boost” to each single one of your posts.

First $1000 Using Affiliate Marketing – Targeting an Affiliate Niche

Niche market is focused, It is detail 1% out of 100% or even 0.001% of 100%. Always check the market before choosing an affiliate product.

Where to check? You can go to:

Amazons book, Bulletin Boards, Clickbank and even on forums, where people speak out and demanding of things and many others ways!

Like, “Tennis” “Soccer” . A business that focuses on a niche market is addressing a need for a product or service that is not being found by main keywords.

Where customers demand for the product but is not brought forward to them by advertising to them. A niche market may be thought of as a narrowly defined group of potential customers.

A deep in niche market usually dissolves out of a market niche, where potential demand is not met by any supply of products and services.

It is important to target an affiliate niche market,

So your goal is to learn how to do two things quicklyto earn Your First $1000!

  • Locate potential niche markets to market affiliate products to

  • Determine the profit potential of that market before diving in

    Locating The Affiliate Niche Market:

    You may want to begin by thinking about the topics you’re already interested in. This could be, for example:

    Sports -> Specifically: English Football

    Cooking French Cuisine -> Coq Au Vin recipes

    And so on. Notice how we’ve broken down those main categories into sub-categories.

    Now this could be taken further and further…

    English Football -> Learning foot tricks

    Coq Au Vin Recipes -> chicken cooked with wine, lardons, mushrooms, and garlic.

    Tim Yu is the owner of providing information on Creating Your Own Business Online.

    To get Free “10” Things You Needed To Know About Getting Rich From Affiliate Programs, go to

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  • How To Optimize A Dynamic Website

    Internet technologies and e-commerce are advanced now and still developing day by day. As a result people prefer to have a dynamic website for their businesses or their online presence. So for some webmasters or new search engine optimizers who have experience in doing SEO for a simple static websites becomes necessary to know also about how to optimize a Dynamic Website?

    For successful search engine optimization (SEO) of a dynamic website it is require to have some complex search engine technology and methods that are substantially different and much more sophisticated than the SEO techniques used for ordinary, more conventional “static” web sites.

    In this article you can find some useful and important tips for how to optimize a dynamic website but first I would like to describe about what are Dynamic Websites?

    Introduction to Dynamic Websites:
    Now days often business websites are dynamic means that the web pages are dynamically built pages that allow user interaction and online shopping cart is an example for that.

    Dynamic websites are websites whose pages are generated on the fly and usually built with a programming language such as ASP, PHP or JAVA. Often Dynamic sites are database-driven means that the site content is stored in a database and the dynamic code “pulls” the content from a database.

    Problems in indexing Dynamic URLs:

    It is really difficult to get dynamic web sites properly indexed in the major search engines unless they are professionally optimized. Even most search engines claim that they now index the majority of dynamic web sites but still only in some cases and it is limited to a number of URLs.

    One of the most important reason behind having problem with dynamic sites to get indexed by major search engines is that Search engines often consider a dynamic URL as a set of infinite number of links.

    Now days often dynamic web pages are created “on the fly” with various technologies such as ASP (Active Server Pages), Cold Fusion technology, JSP (Java Server Pages) and so on. Now all these pages are user friendly and works very will for real users actually visiting the web site, but they usually create a mess with most search engine spiders.

    The main reason behind it is because all dynamic pages do not even exist until a user actually goes through a query or variable that generates the pages. Often search engine spiders are not programmed to select or choose any of query or variables. In this way, those dynamic pages do not get generated and that is why do not get to be indexed.

    One of the main difficulties with search engine spiders are that they cannot read and are not trained to understand any of the dynamic databases of URLs which either contain a query string delimited by a question mark or any other database characters (#&*!%) that refers to as “spider traps. ” Once a search engine spider falls into any of those traps, it usually spells bad news for that dynamic web site.

    As a direct consequence that most search crawlers have significant problems “reading” any level into a typical dynamic database, most of these search engine spiders have been programmed to initially detect and then ignore most dynamic URLs.

    How to optimize a dynamic website to get it indexed by major search engines:

    1. Using URL Rewriting Tools or Softwares – There are some URL Rewriting Tools and software available on the web that converts a dynamic URL to Static URLs. So it is better to use these tools to convert a dynamic URL of your site to Static URL.

    For an example- Exception Digital Enterprise Solutions offers software that helps to change the dynamic URLs to static ones.

    In this way, changing a dynamic URL to static one helps it to get easily indexed by search engines.

    2. Using CGI/Perl Scripts – Using CGI/Perl scripts is one of the easiest ways to get your dynamic sites indexed by search engines. Path_Info or Script_Name is a variable in a dynamic application that contains the complete URL address.

    In order to correct this problem, it is needed to write a script that will pull all the information before the query string and set the rest of the information equal to a variable.

    When you are using CGI/Perl scripts, the query part of the dynamic URL is assigned a variable. So, in the above example “?id=586” is assigned a variable, say “X”.
    The dynamic URL

    will change to-

    through CGI/Perl scripts that can be easily indexed by the search engines.

    3. Managing Web Servers-

    Apache Server – Apache has a rewrite module that enables you to turn URLs containing query strings into URLs that search engines can index. This module however, isn’t installed with Apache software by default, so you need to check with your web hosting company for installation.

    ColdFusion – It is needed to reconfigure ColdFusion on your server so that the “?” in a query string is replaced with a ‘/’ and pass the value to the URL.

    4. Static Page linked dynamic Pages – Creating a Static Page that linked to an array of dynamic Pages becomes very effective especially in case you are the owner of a small online store. Initially just create a static page linking to all your dynamic pages. And optimize this static page for search engine rankings.

    Make sure to include a link title for all the product categories, place appropriate “alt” tag for the product images along with product description containing highly popular keywords relevant to your business. Submit this static page to various major search engines including all the dynamic pages as per the guidelines for search engine submission.

    In this way if you are going to optimize a dynamic website then all above tips can help you to successfully optimize your dynamic website and your site will get indexed by major search engines without facing any problem and you have a great chance to take your site among top ranks on major search engines.

    Webexcel Solutions (ISO 9001:2000 Certified) A Software Development Company and an SEO Company

    Author involve in research and analysis of various search engine strategies and alogrithms. For more articles by author please visit- Latest Google SEO Tips and Strategies

    Money With Squidoo Requires Zero Monetary Investment

    When you’re a brick and mortar business offline, you can bet you’ll be shelling out a hefty bounty that pays for rental space, inventory, employee payroll and more. But run and online business and you can make money with Squidoo for absolutely nothing.

    Online, virtual real estate (otherwise known as domain names), can cost anywhere from $6 to multi-millions if you’re buying a prime URL. But with social networking sites in the world of web 2.0 domains, you can get free pages to conduct your business on with zero rental costs, no utilities to pay, and no hassle of employee payroll.

    Money with Squidoo comes easy when you’re able to create unlimited accounts – one for each target audience and demographic – and unlimited lenses (or pages) within each account.

    That means you never have to buy a domain or pay for hosting and you get the perk of having Squidoo’s power in the search engine results pages (SERPs) working to boost your lens higher and attract visitors.

    For most online entrepreneurs, the cost of launching and growing their business can be almost as draining as an offline venture. With Squidoo and other social networking sites (like Hub Pages, Google Knol, and Weebly), you have your content and images hosted for you – and with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, you just point and click your way to a complete web page that looks like a professional created it!

    Those who want to make money with Squidoo will be pleased to know that just about anything goes on this particular social media site. They don’t restrict links and they allow G to X rated content (with filters in place to weed out inappropriate material at the user’s discretion).

    If you’re looking to get started online but have zero funds for your start-up, set up your business on Squidoo first and then when profits begin streaming in, branch out to your own domain if you want to. For a professional Squidoo lens, visit – or download the do it yourself guide at if you’d prefer to learn the ropes yourself.

    Social Interaction in the Age of the Internet

    While the global messaging possibilities made available by e-mail and Internet access can put us in touch with fellow humans the world over, many of us are finding ourselves left feeling lonely and isolated by the rush and brevity of electronic exchanges.

    Furthermore, the anonymity of chat rooms, and e-groups can lead to a tendency to embellish the truth, or even invent a different identity altogether, with many chatters around the world re-inventing themselves from their income to their vital statistics up. In some cases the difference between invented Internet personas and the factual truth of an individual can lead to unwelcome self-concept issues and further social withdrawal as the Internet image pulls from social reality into an isolated realm of keyboard, screen and preferred self.

    Get Real

    Paul receives a text message from a friend saying “how r u?” He’s having a bad day, he’s worried about his father and he’s stressed at work, but what can he really say about that on the keys of a mobile phone? How much more supportive and sustaining would that same message be if it had been spoken to him directly with a warm and interested tone of voice?

    All too often we are running around “asking” without asking. We may ask another how they are, technically speaking, yet the enquiry has no more depth or value than an initial “hello” and will inevitably invoke the anticipated brief and standard response. . . “fine”. It would be rare to hear the truth, “I’m stressed” or, “my cat died”, or “I’ve got a raging headache”, yet many of us are walking around just desperate to reveal that truth, and to express our feelings to the willing ear of another living, breathing human being.

    A dash of interest can be a real tonic

    Our fast-paced lifestyle and entertainment choices are leaving us out of touch with ourselves, and with each other. We flop out in front of the TV at the end of the day, we meet up with friends and then go to a place that is either too loud to hear each other, or too dark to see each other. All too often we find ourselves sitting next to a friend, but taking interest in the faces of people we will never meet in some fictional encounter on a cinema screen.

    To live, to really live, as in feel alive and vibrant, we need to regain an active spirit of human interest, we need to get involved in the process of life, in the details of the lives of others and we need to seek social antidotes to the intimate, yet meaningless, relationships we are having with computers, televisions and mobile phones.

    Human Investments, Human Returns

    Paying attention is an investment. Listening, enquiring and exchanging, are the active currencies of real human interaction, and such an investment brings rapid priceless returns. A socially satisfied human being is one who can cope well with the demands of a fast paced life without feeling that it might wash them away.

    Ananga Sivyer is a contributing editor and health consultant for LifeScape magazine and the author of the self-help workbook: The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom

    For more articles likes this or to sign up for her free “Energy Points” E-zine, visit her web-site at: