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If you were wrongly convicted of a Crime

You found yourself in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Before you knew it you faced criminal charges and were found guilty.

If you think you were wrongly convicted or sentence is not fair you can do something about it. You can file an appeal for your case. An appeal does not mean you will go to trial again it means your records will be examined to make sure the proceedings were conducted fairly.

When you appeal your case each party has to submit a written brief to the appellate court. All evidence from the trial and the court transcript will also be given to the courts. The arguments will be short and will focus on the legal issues.

When everything is submitted to the appellate court the judges will look over everything for major errors. They are looking for major errors to see if it may have changed the verdict that was handed down to you.

If you lose this appeal you still have a chance. You can next appeal to the State Supreme Court. If you fail here also then you can take your appeal to the federal courts. Keep in mind in order for the federal courts to accept your appeal you have to of had federal issues in your charges.

If you win your appeal it can now go a couple of different directions for you. If the prosecutor decides to appeal they will take it to a higher court. The prosecutor could offer you a less offense and want you to plead guilty and everything will be stamped time served. If you are innocent though, you can demand a new trial.

A prosecutor sometimes actually drops all charges against you. In the rare insistent the charges are dropped it is because the appellate court ruled that some evidence or confessions should not have been submitted.

An appeal can also be used if you have a probation or parole violation. Some states will have you file an administrative appeal which will be heard by the administrative law judge.

The thing you need to remember was when you first got arrested for the crime your criminal records started right then. If you never had a criminal record before, you will now. Even if you win the appeal and the case is dismissed and all charges dropped it will not clear your record. It will still be sitting there for anyone to look at. In order to get charges off your criminal record that were dismissed you will have to get the records expunged. An attorney can tell you how to go about the process.

Once the records are expunged, when someone does a search criminal records it will show your record is sealed for that case. This means no one can look at it for any reason. It does not matter if you are trying to get credit or even a job; the records are sealed so they will not be shown.

Youve Been Caught! – A Nannys Guide

Uh oh. . . you’ve been spotted! That’s right, you’ve been recently scrutinized and tattled on by an overly concerned-too much time on her hands-employs a nanny when she doesn’t really need one-mommy and she’s posted your description along with your blunder on the ‘I Saw Your Nanny’ website. You know, it’s that website that’s had over 1.7 million hits since its launch in August 2006 -well that’s according to it’s counter anyways. . . and yes. . . we are jealous-not to mention it’s the website that your good intentioned employer checks daily. No, we’re not going to bash the website entirely because in actuality, nannies post on the website too and you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that most of the mommies agree that the good nannies get a bad rep because of all the “fakes” and “glorified housekeepers” out there. (Before you get offended, those are the ‘Mommy’ quotes, not ours).

Anyways, you’ve discovered in one way or another that you’re the “nanny with the brown shorts, grey college t-shirt, hoop earrings, black hair, watching infant twins” in your area. Now you’re worried that your employer will find out, side with the “concerned for their safety” mommy and give you the boot with no questions asked. First, if that’s the case, you’re better off working for someone else anyways. However, that’s for another article, another time. Nevertheless, if your employer has already seen the post, talked to you about it and you still have a job-take heart. At least you’re not working for that other mommy. In this case, though, we’re going to assume that your employer doesn’t know your little secret yet but you’re pretty darn sure she that she will soon.

Therefore, we are now going to put you into one of the following categories:

not guilty

We are going to address the “not guilty” nannies first, because we HOPE that this is the category you have all fallen into. If not and you plead guilty, we here will address you as nannies who have fallen victim of a “purely accidental”, eventually happens to everyone, mishap that was seen by the mommies around you. On the other hand, if you are guilty-no doubt about it because you slacked off-then shame on you!

Not Guilty

Phew-you didn’t do it. Good. Now what? Well, our first suggestion is to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row (pun not intended). This means analyzing what really happened and why the report is false.


What the mom reported: You were lazily sitting on a bench and talking on the phone while you were letting the child run around without supervision. The child then fell, hit his head and it took you three minutes to realize what had happened and go over to the child to help him.

What really happened: You were sitting on a bench. Nannies are aloud to have breaks (especially if you’re full time with long days and the kids are with you during your lunch break) just like everyone else. You were on the phone, but you were on the phone with another nanny arranging a play date for the kids. Little Jimmy did fall and yes he does have a scrape, but you know first aid and Jimmy well enough to understand that he was fine. It was NOT three minutes until you administered assistance but you did not want to make a huge deal out of the “boo-boo” right away. Why? Because once little Jimmy figures out that you know he has a “boo-boo”, he immediately goes into victim mode and freaks!

So. . . sounds reasonable, right? If you’re not guilty of anything wrong, then what do you have to worry about?

Here are three things you should think about doing:

1. Get things in order.

Get your story together and smooth it over. You might even want to get the child’s side of the story too as a simple test to see what he/she will say when asked. DO NOT TELL HIM WHAT TO SAY. Just simply see what he/she thinks happened (depending on the age of the child of course).

2. Fight back!

Post underneath the mom’s report, but don’t post anonymously because that defeats the purpose and makes it look like you’re afraid of confrontation. Be eloquent but firm, mature but not afraid. Tell her that you know what you’re doing. Think about this: your employer will eventually be reading this (because you’re going to tell her about it-just keep reading) and it’s going to be between you and the other mom. The mom has posted first and her description of you will most likely be more of a lashing out, hate-nanny type deal so contrast that with your mature, ‘with all do respect’ post. This will tell your employer that you are a professional and while you don’t play into a petty exchange of words, you will defend yourself if need be.


“Mrs. So and so. . . I am the Nanny you saw that day and have since then read the above complaint you posted about me. I wanted to thank you for keeping an eye out for negligent nannies but have to assure you, I am not one of them. My employer and I have an understanding when it comes to the care of her child and I am more than qualified to do so. I will be showing her your post along with my reply because I know what you have reported is neither entirely true nor accurate. ” Etc. Etc.

Only post once then leave it alone. You have made your defense and now have better things to do. You’re too busy to get into banter with the mom.

3. Tell your employer.

Mention it casually because in reality, it isn’t that big of a deal. Start out with “hey you’ll get a kick out of this” or “you’ll never believe this”. Once your employer looks at the whole mess and sees that you’ve taken steps to clear your name in a MATURE fashion, it will most likely leave a good impression. State that you would never do anything that could lead to the endangerment of their child and that you’ve taken extra measures to ensure their child’s safety. State that if your employer would like to join you and the child one day for observation purposes, that you would make sure to have extra fun activities planned for the three (or more) of you.

Not the end of the world now is it? You’ll be fine you awesome nanny you. . .


Now a word for the guilty nannies. Calm down! Yes, little Sally has a horrible purple bump on her forehead now and yes some of the things on the post rang true but no, you’re not a horrible nanny! Things happen! Would I recommend posting a response to the mom who supposedly caught you? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on what you want to say and how far you’re willing to take it. As long as things between you and your employer remain in good arrangement, then what really do you need to worry about? It’s a different story though, if you have been mentioned by name (rare) on the website. Then you should try your best to clear your name in a professional manner.

Draw encouragement and support from your fellow nannies but remember to avoid fighting fire with fire. Always be the bigger person when dealing with mom’s who won’t let things go. If you’ve nannied for a few years, you’ve already observed or come to know bitter women who are just never happy with anything. That’s not to say that all of the moms posting on “I Saw Your Nanny” or similar websites are busy bodies or nanny-haters. They may be genuinely concerned for children and their welfare. With that in mind, would you not do the same thing if you thought a child’s safety was being jeopardized?

Just tonight in the store, my husband and I witnessed two girls under the age (I am assuming) of six left alone in the middle of the isle with no one around. The smaller of the two girls in the basket (looked around three years old) kept trying to get out of the cart, nearly falling. The reason I was concerned was that there was no one around but a purse was still with the two girls. I stood there for a few minutes waiting but no one had yet claimed them. People were stopping and noticing so I asked the two girls where their mommy was. They pointed to their friend Esmeralda who was supposedly at the customer service area (which was actually vacant). I stood there maybe three more mi
nutes looking for someone to claim them (remaining also for their protection) when a woman showed up. She had two other children with her and acted as if I wasn’t even there. The woman had been gone long enough for my husband to start worrying about them.

In other words, some moms might post out of genuine concern for the child’s safety. So consider this before jumping to conclusions and posting something you’ll regret.

Not everyone’s perfect although we as nannies strive to be. There is always going to be someone out there who is going to have something to complain about and there’s always going to be someone who ends up creating a website just for them to complain to. Nevertheless, take heart nannies; there are good posts on the website too. After reading a “wonderful nanny sighting” post, NYnanny said. . . “Sometimes I start to wonder if people forget this site is called “i saw your nanny” not “i saw your nanny do something bad” so it’s nice to see someone take the time to let a mother know that her nanny is doing a good job. . . “

Time will only add to your credibility and integrity so keep learning and growing as a nanny. Start forming a support group between the child’s teacher, other parents and other nannies. Soon you will have so many people who can honestly vouch for you that the dishonesty of anyone else will immediately become extinguished.

-end of article

Tiana Purvis

Columbiana, AL-Shelby County Correctional Facility inmates roster

Alabama-Shelby County Sheriff’s Office; Shelby county jail inmate search mug shots records listings/information lookup, Shelby County public records, rapist inquiries, reverse E-mails, reverse landline phone numbers, dilapidations, existence records, conglomerate corporation enlightenment. . .

Alabama’s Shelby County was established on February 7, 1818, and named for Governor Isaac Shelby who was as the 1st and 5ft Governor of the U. S. state of Kentucky. Additionally Isaac Shelby was a soldier in Lord Dunmore’s War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and also collaborated in the state legislatures of Virginia and North Carolina.

More than 190 years later, there’re countless of runoffs that can be responsible for an incarceration inside the Shelby county jail. For relevant instance, if your ordinary-self engorge a pint of Ice Beer or Clairette de Die beyond the validated line of demarcation and prompt to start the ignition of a Cadillac, you might later encounter yourself inside the Shelby county jail. Nevertheless, there’re many everyday occupants who beat down the flukiness of rapidly ending up inside the Shelby county jail. Unluckily enough, this could hit any woman at any stage. One abundant year everything feels refined and the other millisecond you can find yourself experiencing a cloudburst of headaches from the Shelby county jail.

Alabama’s Shelby County covers 809.53 sq mi (2,097 km²) which 794.69 sq mi (2,058 km²) is land and 14.83 sq mi (38 km²), 1.83%, is water. Shelby County’s seat is Columbiana but its largest city is Alabaster. Futhermore, Shelby County is apart of the Birmingham-Hoover-Cullman combined statistical area.

The Shelby county jail is officially referred to as the Shelby County Correctional Facility and is located at the address of 380 McDow Road, Columbiana, AL, 35051-9618, United States of America.

The Shelby county jail operates thanks to the 65 highly certified correctional employees on its schedule hence includes agents from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Hence in that time a living soul could truly desire that he was en plus familiarized prior to getting jammed inside the Shelby county jail. Planned beforehand could have unapplied a voluminous sense of sick headaches from the constitution, federals and other captives inside the Shelby county jail. However the crazeds are eventually to run across as the half a second you’re arrested inside the Shelby county jail among criminals from pluralistic formations such as murderers, clique members, hoodlums, youth molesters, boosters, grafters and others, you need to get a recall of the settled principles and hush-hush rules. If you suspect that it’s all right inside the Shelby county jail parce-que the cops are marking all week long, envision encore!

Alabama’s Shelby County has an estimated population of 143,293 and a population density of 215/sq mi (83/km²).

The Shelby county jail is presently constructed to house 500 inmates. Hence the unceasing increase of cons inside the Shelby county jail has been altered into a month after month wonder in the preceding common years due to the escalation in the wrong conduct ratio. These prisoners inside the Shelby county jail definitely outnumbers the officers at a level hence unimaginable trying to check every changes. For that justification particularly, it’s important to be satisfyingly taught on the inmate laws that are authorized inside the Shelby county jail model, keep track of your movements, lump together with your own label and be conscious of the constituted inmate regiments inside the Shelby county jail as they evoke the superiority.

More and more critical inside the Shelby county jail is not to abandon your wife Charlotte, concubine, husband George, man, best friends or kins as they could irresistibly emotionalize in an important job from the outdoors as far as covering you here and now and thereafter your custody from the Shelby county jail in Columbiana, Alabama

All Columbiana, Shelby County, Alabama and nationwide criminal records, rapist listings, reverse E-mails, reverse landline phone numbers, breakage inquiries, Shelby County public records
, procreation records, operating company enlightenments and billions more can be located from the Shelby county jail AL nationwide database.

You Have the Right to Say NO to a Sobriety Test

Did you know that you have the right to say “no” to a sobriety test?

When the police officer asks you whether you’ve been drinking, you can tell him that you don’t want to answer any questions without the advice of a lawyer.

You should get out of the car if he orders you to, because otherwise he can call backup and have you forcibly removed from the car.

But that’s the extent of your cooperation. Don’t answer questions about what you’ve eaten or drank that evening. Don’t answer questions about prescription medications. While these questions may seem conversational (the police officer has been trained in how to make them appear that way), they’re actually part of how he’ll build the case against you.

Remember, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

The next thing the police officer will try to get you to do is to take a field sobriety test. This may involve walking in a straight line or following a pen light with your eyes. Remember, at this point, the officer has already decided that you’re drunk. If you cooperate, you’re just helping him build the case against you.

If you are arrested, you will have the option of doing a breath, blood, or urine test. You have the right to turn these down. However, if you do, you could lose your driver’s license for a long stretch. This is because when you received your driver’s license, you gave “implied consent” to taking these tests. Sometimes, the penalty for not taking the alcohol tests is more severe than the penalty for a first time DUI would be. However, losing your license is an administrative, not a criminal, punishment.

The police and the prosecutors are required to present evidence against you. Don’t make it easy for them by handing them their case on a platter with your words and actions.

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, go to

Your Doctor Did Something Wrong – Do You Have A Medical Malpractice C

Your doctor did something wrong and you want to know if you have a medical malpractice claim. You may have a claim, but you also may not have a claim. Let me explain.

For your doctor to be liable for doing something wrong to you, your doctor must have acted in a way opposite of what a reasonably prudent doctor would have acted in the same situation. Your doctor must (1) have done something that a reasonably prudent doctor would not have done or (2) your doctor must not have done something that a reasonably prudent doctor would have done.

For example, if, during regular surgery, your doctor “nicked” with a scalpel an organ that a reasonable prudent doctor would not have “nicked”, you may have a medical malpractice case. If, during regular surgery, your doctor did not remove a clamp that a reasonably prudent doctor would have removed, then you may have a medical malpractice case. However, if either of these happened in an emergency case where there were extenuating circumstances, your doctor may not have committed medical malpractice because your doctor may have acted the same way that a reasonably prudent doctor may have acted in the same situation.

For your doctor to be required to compensate you for medical malpractice, in addition to your doctor not acting the same way as a reasonably prudent doctor would have acted in the same situation, you must also have been injured. For example, it may be wrong to “nick” an organ during surgery, and your doctor may have done that. But, if your doctor stitched up the “nick” and it did not cause you an injury, then you would not be entitled to be compensated by your doctor. Of course, if your doctor “nicked” an organ during surgery and that organ then caused you additional medical problems, you would probably have a medical malpractice case.

Medical malpractice depends on the specific facts of what your doctor did or did not do in your specific situation. If you think that your doctor has committed medical malpractice, ask other health care providers. You may be surprised. One attorney who handles medical malpractice cases told me that, in many of the cases that he handles, health care providers have told patients that their doctor committed medical malpractice.

This is general information only. If you have any questions whatsoever, talk with a lawyer licensed in your state.

This article may be republished, but the wording must not be changed and the author links must remain active.

Stop! Want to find out more about medical malpractice? Click here for more medical malpractice information

And click here for 7 tips on how to find the right medical malpractice attorney


Capacity to Write a Will

A will is a document written during the life of a person, which expresses what that person (the testator) wants done with his or her property after death.

Because writing a will is such a personal and important decision, the law has enacted some safeguards to ensure that the testator is acting of his or her own free will, and knows what he or she is doing.

A will, or a provision in a will, which is the result of fraud, duress, undue influence, or mistake is not valid. For a will, or a provision in it, to be invalid because of fraud, it must be shown that somebody made a material misrepresentation of fact to the testator, and they intended for that person to rely on that misrepresentation when writing the will. It must also be shown that the provision in question is, in fact, a result of the fraud.

For example, if somebody marries a wealthy widow, hoping to get written into her will, and is, in fact, legally married to someone else, this is fraud: he lied about being able to marry her, and she relied on her belief that their marriage was valid when writing the will. Any provision leaving property to the fraudster will not be enforced.

Duress involves the use of force or the threat of force in getting someone to write a will. A simple example would be putting a gun to a person’s head, and telling them to write a will in a certain way. Anything in the will that was induced by this duress will be invalidated.

Undue influence is a little more complex. Undue influence exists when a will is brought about through inappropriate pressure from an outside party. The influence must be so strong that it actually overcame the testator’s free will, and substituted his intent for that of someone else. Undue influence is usually committed by a person in a relationship of trust with the testator, such as a family member.

In addition to the above external events that can invalidate a will, internal factors can do so as well. If the testator lacks sufficient mental capacity – to the point that he or she cannot understand that a will is being written, and the consequences of the will, then the will is invalid. A person must be of sound mind to make a will.

Courts will strongly presume that a person had the requisite mental capacity to make a will, and overcoming this presumption is difficult, and requires very convincing evidence. It requires a showing that, at the time of the execution of the will, the testator basically had no idea what he or she was doing, and could not comprehend the consequences of his or her actions.

A will might also be invalid if the testator suffers from an “insane delusion”. This is different from a complete lack of mental capacity. It is a delusion, unsupported by any facts, concerning a particular person or entity. It can only invalidate the provisions in the will that are affected by the delusion. It can invalidate an entire will, if the whole thing was influenced by the delusion.

A simple example would be writing a family member out of the will because the testator thinks that he or she has been replaced by a space alien. Of course, in reality, the beliefs are usually not so outlandish.

In one real-life case, a woman left her entire estate to The National Women’s Party. It was later revealed that she harbored, without any apparent logical reason, a belief that the entire male sex was conspiring against her, and was solely responsible for all of the world’s ills, and that the National Women’s Party was the only group that could fix this. The court found that her beliefs were motivated by an insane delusion, and that her will was a result of this delusion, and invalidated the will because of that.

Ken LaMance is Associate General Counsel for – the easiest way to Find a Lawyer Online. Ken, a well respected San Francisco Attorney, has worn many hats at LegalMatch – from litigator to project manager. He has been instrumental in creating LegalMatch’s Law Library
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Labor Union vs. Management – Both Sides of the Coin

Throughout this paper, I will identify the issues raised in the assigned scenario and describe what arguments I would make if I was representing the union in arbitration and if I was representing the employer in arbitration.

From the union’s perspective, the issues raised in the assigned scenario are wrongfully accusing employees of theft; termination of employees without a just cause; Bonnie’s termination is severely harsh in comparison to her 10 year model record of employment; denial of the rights of the employees to have union representation at a disciplinary hearing, and failure to provide evidence of employees’ wrongdoing.

“Less is not more” as it pertains to raising issues during arbitration. Like a good advocate, I would try to raise as many issues as arguably possible. However, I am of the realization that qualitative issues trump quantitative issues. Like a pit bull, I would go for my opponent’s jugular, and push the envelope as much as I can. Of course, I would endeavor to neither compromise my integrity or the legal code/code of ethics (as an attorney).

As the saying goes, “first things. . . first!” Therefore, I would allow the proper procedure to run its course: shop steward/griever communicates with the manager (in question). If unable to reach a resolution, a union official communicates with a higher manager. If still unable to reach a resolution, the union president would communicate with an executive. If all attempts at reaching a resolution to this point fail, then the employer and I would appear before an arbitrator as per our contractual agreement on Grievance and Arbitration: if the parties are unable to resolve any grievance, either party may submit the issue to the Arbitrator for final and binding resolution.

After the four steps ‘dance’ illustrated in the above paragraph, I would let the ‘dogs loose’ by arguing that the employees did not steal the shirts. I would underline this argument with the failure of the employer to provide evidence via a camera recording or employees’ confession to refute my claim. Thus, I would be able to assert that the manager breached the contract, in particular, the Just Cause: no employee may be disciplined or discharged without good cause. I would emphasize not only the act of the breach but the harshness, too. For example, I would accentuate the model record of employment that Bonnie had maintained over a period of 10 years while waving her personnel file as an appropriate prop. Hammering the nail, I would declare that based on the evidence it can only be concluded that the employees, especially Bonnie, were terminated with extreme prejudice. For good measure, I would throw in ‘the denial of requested union representation’ by the manager at the disciplinary meeting although the employer has a legitimate defense (will be discussed, later).

In reference to the employee handbook containing the provision stating that theft is a terminable offence that was given to Clyde but not given to Bonnie because of her earlier date of hire; I would deem it negligible because of the following reasons. First, the collective bargaining agreement is a contract whereas an employee handbook is not a contract. Of such, management reserves the right to change the handbook’s material at anytime as per the disclaimer in the front and back of the employees’ handbook. Therefore, in the view of the union, an employees’ handbook is null and void since it’s not a provision of the collective bargaining agreement. On the other hand, theft is against the law and ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking the law. Howbeit, the preceding sentence is moot because the employees are not guilty of theft. If not, management will have to make a case against my position by first providing undeniable evidence supporting its claim.

From the employer’s perspective, the issues raised in the assigned scenario are the employees were caught stealing, and theft is a just cause for termination. For theatrical (but strategic) effect, I would present the employee handbook containing the provision stating that theft is a terminable offence; given to Clyde upon his hire. As for Bonnie, I would stress the criminality of the offence – ‘stealing is against the law’ – a criminal/prosecutable act was committed on the company’s premises as witnessed by the management upon viewing a camera recording.

More so, Clyde’s termination is not severely harsh because of the long paper trail since his recent hiring. Like in the game of baseball, ‘three strikes you’re out’ is relevant in Clyde’s case. In addition, management reserves the right to reach a decision on disciplinary matters despite the absence of a requested union representative as per labor law. For example, management is allowed to reach a decision even although the investigated party (the fired employees) refused to participate without union representation at said disciplinary meeting. Anyway, it could be averred that the union representative wasn’t immediately available because he didn’t contact us until the following day.

Like the union’s counterpart, management’s advocate would apply the “Less is not more” model as it pertains to passionately raising issues during arbitration. I would mirror my adversary in all aspects described in the third paragraph of this paper.

After the four steps dance described in the fifth paragraph, I would effectively argue the issues raised in paragraphs six and seven, respectively.

The Arbitrator would more than likely rule in the favor of the union because of the lack of evidence: neither camera recording nor employees’ confession. Thus, the Arbitrator would be forced to give the union the benefit of the doubt. Someone might counter that Clyde’s termination would hold up even if Bonnie is reinstated because of her lengthy model employment in comparison to Clyde’s unsuccessful and short employment record. To the contrary, Clyde and Bonnie would be ‘in the same boat’ (nope, not the getaway carJ) because the lack of evidence makes his checkered past not relevant to his reinstatement in his occupation. The late great Barrister Johnnie Cochran would put it best: “if you don’t have the evidence to show. . . then you have to let my clients go. ”
In conclusion, I identified the issues raised in the assigned scenario and described what arguments I would make if I was representing the union in arbitration and if I was representing the employer in arbitration.

Karl A. Mitchell

The Truth About The Western Governors University Scam

You may want to know about the truth of the Western Governors University Scam. There have been a lot of rumors circulating on the Internet regarding this online university which has about 32, 000 students in different programs. Here, the institution will be examined and so will those claims that people have made against the institute.

Students of this university come from everywhere in the United States, but there are also students in military bases abroad, as well as Canada. The institution itself happens to provide an opportunity for online, affordable high education. Students can register regardless of the SAT scores they received, but an entrance exam needs to be passed. It is a nonprofit institution, and therefore it receives both federal and state grants and even private grants. The university cannot receive government funding for its overall operations, however. Academic operations are all virtual and WGU employs about 1, 800 staff and faculty members. Most of them work from online offices and provide help to students.

Seeing If This Could Help the Western Governors University Scam

Scholarships are offered in order to help students with their tuition costs. Students are also able to apply for financial aid from the government to finish their studies in either bachelor or master’s programs. Overall, 58 degree programs have been offered by this institution and these include finance, accounting, IT management and many others, including business management. As an accredited university, the degrees that are earned through this are also respected. Every student is given a personal mentor from the time of enrollment to their graduation.

After taking a look at the offers that the institution presents, it could be safe to say that Western Governors University scam accusations are not true. It has been recognized as an educational institution by numerous boards and has even won a few awards for the excellence in education that it provides. The President of the university was awarded the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education during 2010.

Being a nonprofit organization, the institution operates like government agencies. This can be frustrating for students and therefore there is the appearance of inefficiency. For example, a student complain about the problems when it came to filing and finalizing the financial aid documents. Another one complained about the way in which diplomas are delivered. There are numerous students, however, who have happily graduated from WGU.

Those complaining about a scam may have their own input to blame. Whether you are attending college online or going to an actual campus, it is important to put in the proper dedication in order to progress. Maybe a few students just expect distance learning to be a much more laid back style of study. This is not the case. Students need to give themselves over 100 percent to a course. This is not an easy road to graduating.

There is a lot of hard work involved. This is the same as traditional universities, otherwise the college would not have the reputation that it earned. It would also not be accredited, and therefore not have received the awards it has. Established in 1997, during the early days of the Internet, this university has become respected and has growing enrollment from students. Overall the answer to the question is no, the Western Governors University scam is not true.

Matt works with Oklahoma Christian University-one of the top Christian universities in the country. For more helpful information, go to:

Criminal Records – Checking Court Cases

If you hire someone to work in your company and even baby sitter or house maid, it is wise to conduct background checks. In this way you could easily find out it he/she had a criminal record. Knowing that the person you hire is a trustworthy person, you could feel confident that you and your company are safe.

Any detailed information was basically kept on court record. These records may include videotapes, audio, transcript or any related records to court proceeding like trial transcript and argument of motion. You could gather the information on their case regarding why the person was arrested and why the arrest was made, including the name of person, who is involved in the case, and other important details regarding the case.

Thanks to modern technology today, accessing to these records is easy. Checking a person’s criminal record or public records can be easily done through the internet. There are affordable websites that you could select. It is more convenient using paid search service than going to the courts even it is free since there is more work to be done in going to courts yourself. Why waste time when you can check the record and information in the comfort of your home with the help of the internet.

Checking of criminal records of the applicants that you are about to hire is very important. Knowing they have clear criminal records will give you peace of mind. There are easy access offered by internet by these websites but others criticize it because they think it violates privacy. It doesn’t make any difference even most of the court argued. You have to bear in mind that these websites are legal and they are here to give you great service.

With few clicks from the mouse, checking criminal records is easy and convenient. Thanks to the internet and these paid search services who offer such service. it can help you obtain the information you need within seconds and you are assured of having accurate and correct information. So, start doing your criminal records searches now!

Written By: Maella Ayson for Detective Unlimited

Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement Essentials

The Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement is important for every LLC business. Knowing what absolutely must be addressed in this document can avoid business disputes and possible business failure. You are making an investment of money and time in your new business. Make sure your business is based on a solid foundation. This is assured by having a proper agreement for your limited liability company.

ESSENTIAL #1: Always Have a Written Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement.

If an LLC fails to adopt an operating agreement, it is subjecting itself to a set of default operational and governance rules set forth in the laws. It is quite clear that every body of law assumes a limited liability company will have a written agreement with operating details. It only provides default provisions to address the situation where an LLC fails to adopt one.

Don’t place the fate of your business at risk by subjecting it and its owners to a generic set of rules. You will find that most default provisions will not be suitable to your business. For example, some LLC laws say that each member shares EQUALLY in the profits of the limited liability company regardless of how much each contributes in terms of money and services. This is usually not the intention.

ESSENTIAL #2: Every Member and the LLC Itself Must Sign the Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement for a limited liability company is the primary document between and among the owners of the business entity. In most cases, the LLC itself is also a party to this document. First, you must always be sure that every Member and the company itself signs the Agreement.

A big mistake made is when one goes through the effort preparing an LLC Agreement but then fail to have every relevant person sign it. Every member and an officer of the LLC must sign it.

ESSENTIAL #3: The Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement Grants LLC Authority

When it comes to a multi-member limited liability company, one common issue that arises as an LLC business grows and evolves is that at some point there becomes too many cooks in the kitchen. In other words too many people who have authority to act on behalf of and bind the business entity.

At the very beginning of the life of a limited liability company, the management structure must be decided. Generally, there are two options: member managed and manager managed.

A member managed structure gives every member the authority and right to manage and conduct business on behalf of the limited liability company. While the member managed structure is the most common and is generally appropriate for a single member LLC, it does have limitations as more members are admitted to the limited liability company.

Think early whether it is always going to be the case that every person admitted as a member will be active and executive level managers of the LLC. If not, use a manager managed structure. This will save you a lot of time and headaches later.

ESSENTIAL #4: The Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement Must Evidence the Breakdown of Ownership

You would be surprised how many times people get together and orally agree on who will own what in a business venture. They then set up a limited liability company to run the venture and they never document, in writing, the relative ownership.

Later, as memories fade and the business gets prosperous, the owners disagree on the ownership. This causes a lot of time and money spent on nonproductive activity. Remember, once disputes and then litigation ensue, everyone loses except the lawyer.

Always, always, always document the specific and relative ownership of each Member in the LLC Agreement and keep this up to date as new members come in or additional ownership units are issued to existing members.

The Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement is the most important document for an LLC business. Take the time and effort to make sure it is properly customized for your situation and signed by all proper parties. Then, on a continuing basis, make sure it is properly amended and updated as the LLC business evolves.

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