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How to Improve Your Jump Shot

Jump shots are sometimes the only way to get a basket and score for your team. It is an essential shot that every player should master. It also requires more skill and practice then stationary shots because, it is a more physical shot.

Players looking to improve or master the jump shot should follow the following advice to make the most out of their practice sessions and make a good move towards being the best at jump shots.

The following advice gives some very practical ideas on how to make good jump shots and how to train yourself so that you can make every jump shot count.

Have a Practice Routine

Every time you are trying to work on a shot you have to develop a practice routine. This allows you to become more at ease with the shot. It helps you to make the shot more second nature.

Make sure that when you are practicing that you have a way to do your shot. You may warm up and stretch and then do some dribbling and then jump shots, for example. Do your routine the same every practice.

Do Specific Exercises

For jump shots you have to really develop your skills at jumping and balance.

You should do jump roping, jumping jacks and other moves that allow you to get practice jumping so you can gain height. You want to get the most height possible on your jumps.

Know the Key Move

A good jump shot will only happen when you can jump straight in the air. To practice this technique you need to practice jumping up and down in a straight line.

You can mark the ground with a circle. When you jump up and down you should make sure you land in the same spot each time. You should practice jumping exercises until you master them and still keep on practicing the moves so you stay good at them.

This is the key move to mastering the jump shot. A straight jump equals a straight shot. It allows you to really be accurate in your jump shot. Without the straight jump your shot is going to be off. Once you are in the air there is nothing you can really do to turn the shot right.

As you can see a lot of the focus is on jumping. That is because a lot of a jump shot is the jump. Every other shot you make is similar to the jump shot, but none is focused so much on air height. You have to take that seriously in order to have a distinguished and effective jump shot.

When you are practicing and working with your jump shot you have to remain focused and be willing to work hard. Jump shots do not come naturally to most people. They involve a lot of work and effort on your part. It is essential that you are serious about getting the height on your jumps and sinking a straight shot. Only then can you truly master the jump shot.

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Best Horse Racing Handicapping System For Picking Winning Longshot Be

You can play favorites at the horse track until the cows come home and nickel and dime a small profit, but if you want to make big money horse racing handicapping you need a good system for picking winning longshot bets that pay. Obviously, playing all the long priced horses is a losing proposition, but there are some horses that go off at big odds and win.

Learning how to separate the good bets from the bad ones is how professional handicappers make a living. There are no guarantees in life and especially not in picking good opportunities, but if you use a system you are more likely to minimize losses and maximize profits. Whether you are investing in the stock market, currency markets or betting on races, one thing is certain, if you go along with the crowd you will be a loser.

So what system do pro gamblers use to make a living? Going against the crowd is a start, but it takes more than just betting against favorites, because in horse racing, the favorites win almost a third of the time. Your job, if you want to show a profit, is to figure out which ones are legitimate favorites and which ones are phonies. There is a way to do that and it is really not very hard. I’ll give an actual example to back up what I am saying and after that, why don’t you start looking through some of those old programs you should be keeping for reference to see if you can find other such cases?

If you are betting on a horse, doesn’t it make sense to know whether or not the horse can actually do what you are asking it to do? In other words, if you are expecting a horse to win an event at Churchill Downs on the natural dirt track, wouldn’t it be nice to bet on the only horse in the race who has actually won such a race? How about 24-1 odds, does that make it sound even better? Does it sound crazy to you that the only horse in a race who actually won at that track and on that surface was going off at 24-1? It really happened on 6-18-2008 in the third race.

The #4 Alluring Adversary was the only horse in the six horse field who had won on the Churchill Downs dirt track and yet it went off at 24-1. Two poor performances over a sloppy track hid the horse’s form that really wasn’t that bad if you looked three races back where it showed a second place finish after leading most of the race against a field of 10 horses. My payoff was $52.40. The #1 Rose Is A Rage was the favorite at 8-5 despite never having won at Churchill.

So what is the best system for picking long shot bets? Start by finding a false favorite like the #1 horse in that race who had never won at Churchill Downs and then find another horse at much longer odds who has done what you want your horse to do and you will be ahead of 99% of the other horseplayers.

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Elk Hunting Colorado Units To Hunt In

Colorado is a huge state. It also has the largest elk population in the world. This is where you want to hunt elk, in Colorado. Elk hunting Colorado is divided into units. Here is some to consider to hunt in.

Elk hunting Colorado in the northwest is called unit GMU3/301. This is west of Steamboat Springs to give you a better location. This unit gives great flexibility with family, work, and the weather for late season hunting. There is numerous public lands offered by the BLM or Bureau of Land Management.

They are accessible by service roads from the United States Forest Service. Also, county roads will intersect so it is easy not to get lost. You can use your limited license cow elk for December or unlimited either sex archery license along with a second and third rifle season.

If you are in the Denver area, another elk hunting Colorado unit is GMU 18. Kremmling is to the west and Hot Sulphur Springs will be to your southeast. This is a great elk hunting spot for the early season. High meadows and dark timber will need to be scouted and maps will be needed. But, you should bag one with no problem.

There is a place called the Hunter-Frying Pan Wilderness Area. This is in Pitkin and Eagle counties. There is over two hundred and fifty square miles of public land for elk hunting Colorado. This unit is called GMU 47. In Colorado, this is one of the units that is least pressured. It is also considered an early season unit. Because of the limited access by horseback or foot along with the altitude, it will be an experience of a lifetime. It is great to hunt in the second rifle elk season.

One more unit to discuss is GMU 81. Elk hunting here in Colorado is one of the best in the state. It is located in the south central part and will be found west of US Hwy 285 all the way to the Continental Divide. Try the South San Juan Wilderness. You will have to walk, hike, and ride horses to get there. No vehicles will be allowed.

There are fir, spruce, and aspen forests with open parks, which is a perfect hunting ground for elk. In the summer, the elk will be found in the high country for feeding. You will find them at the lower elevations for fall and winter. Then, they will run and hide in the drainage that are very steep when hunting begins. Along with dark timbers to camouflage themselves.

There are many more units available to hunt elk in. Elk hunting Colorado will be the beginning of a new lifetime adventure.

Football – Brazil won Confederations Cup after Beating USA

The five-time World Cup champion, Brazil, beat USA in an incredible way, after being down 2-0 in the first half. However, the experienced team of Brazil came back with all they got to even the game and then obtained the victory in the final minutes.

Both teams were criticized for their lack of performance in different parts of the tournament; first it was USA which had a very poor start in the cup, losing the first two matches, and many didn’t even though that they could reach the final. However, they proved everyone that they could compete with the big teams when they beat the European champion Spain in the semifinals. For its part, the defending champion Brazil had a very good start, but then had a very poor game against South Africa in the semifinals, being outplayed by the host team and barely earning the pass to the final with a late goal for a 1-0.

In the final, at the beginning of the match Brazil did not have opportunities in the offense due to the great defense that USA was approaching with the help of his great goalkeeper Tim Howard, whereas USA, in hands of Landon Donovan, got several opportunities to score. At minute 10, a good play of Jonathan Spector, who ran into the right side and sent a low cross into the area which Clint Dempsey accurately touched with his right leg to send the ball straight to the goal, opening the score for USA.

The Brazilians kept trying to find the way to their offense but they didn’t seem to find them. Just 17 minutes later from the opener goal, the Americans astonished their opponents again when the midfielder Landon Donovan got the ball, ran up the middle, passed to Charlie Davies and then asked the ball back from his teammate to beat the Brazilian goalkeeper and put the score 2-0.

Everyone was surprised for the supremacy of the Americans in the first half, but in the second half things completely changed for them.

The Brazilians entered with aggressiveness and confidence and in the first minute of the second half Luis Fabiano opened the score after turning and shooting in great way with a pass of Ramires. After that, Brazil kept pushing to get another goal, whereas USA kept fighting in defense and even Howard got to work hard to save some close opportunities from the Samba boys.

Nevertheless at minute 74th, Luis Fabiano scored again after a rebounded kick in the crossbar by Robinho to tie the game 2-2. The game continued in the same pace; Brazil attacking and USA defending but a corner kick for Brazil with just 6 minutes left, gave the Brazilians the victory after captain Lucio headed the ball, beating goalkeeper Tim Howard.

After that goal, the Brazilians just waited for the referee to announce the end of match to celebrate, jumping with joy knowing that they were once again champions of the Confederations Cup and their comeback in the game was a delight. On the other hand, the Americans looked very disappointed and they couldn’t believe that their effort wasn’t enough for the victory.

Landon Donovan expressed his frustration for losing after being so close, but he also recognized the value of his team’s achievement. “This is a massive learning experience. You always hope to do the most learning when you win, but you probably learn more by losing. If we’re smart and we take what we should from this game, we can progress. And that’s what we’re trying to do, ” said Donovan.

Moreover for Brazil this means a great step to return as a force in the world football and they (the players, coaches and followers) hope they can get better by learning from some of the mistakes committed during this tournament, so they can be ready for the World Cup tournament next year.

The best of lucks for these two countries in their qualification games and we hope they could bring great football to the biggest event of all, the South Africa World Cup 2010.

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A Bait Bag For Carrying Live Worms

What? You’ve never heard of a bait bag for carrying live worms? Well, take a few minutes to read this article and you’ll hear about how a bait bag can save you a ton of time and make carrying your live worms a ton more convenient. Now you may not think that carrying live worms around in the container you purchase them in is that big of a problem, and if you don’t move around much while fishing, you’d be right. The problem comes in for those of us who like to move around a lot while fishing. Either wading up and down a river or moving from spot to spot along the bank of a stream or lake. For those of us who move while fishing, carrying around a container full of live worms is not only a pain in the butt, but also a big time waster.

One day, my fishing mentor devised a solution to this problem. He fashioned a small bag out of some felt and created the first bait bag. It was simply a small bag that he safety pinned to his fishing vest, and he would transfer live worms from the container he bought them in to the bait bag while he fished. Then, whenever he needed a worm, they were right there at his fingertips. He discovered that the worms would just sit there and wait to be used. They didn’t even try to crawl out.

I always thought this was an ingenious idea, and soon made my own version to use. That was over 20 years ago, and I can’t even imagine fishing with live worms without the help of my bait bag. My bait bag has become as much a part of my fishing gear as my hooks and weights are. A bait bag is bay far the best way that I’ve ever seen, to carry live worms while fishing.

The bottom line is that if you use live worms for fishing, and tend to be on the move a lot while fishing, you should give a bait bag a try. There is no need to waste time searching for where you stuck your worms and then fumbling around with that stupid container if you begin employing a bait bag for carrying your live worms while fishing. You can purchase one for a few bucks that will last you for years or you can make one yourself. The point is that you should begin using a bait bag sooner rather than later. You’ll wonder how you ever fished without one, I promise you that.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…. . Montana!

The New & Improved Bait Bag:

Run a Marathon – Things You Have To Know

For those who are planning to participate in running a marathon, here are some things that you would need to know to make sure that your mind and body are well prepared.

1. To prevent poor performance, make sure that you are properly prepared. It could be the biggest mistake to instantly assume that you would just be fine and dandy on the day of the marathon, thinking that it would be a very easy and doable feat. Though there are some cases when that just might be true, it is still better to expect the worst to make sure that you will be ready to handle anything. Running a marathon could be hard and could cause serious damage to an individual’s physical health, particularly when a person underestimates the difficulty of such an activity. Proper preparation would involve consistent training as well as a fitness and diet program designed by an expert. You may also need to invest on a pair of good running shoes, as well as other equipment.

2. Running a marathon could require a lifestyle change. If you are looking into joining a marathon, it could require several lifestyle changes. You may need to select the food that you will be consuming. You may have to cut back on fatty food and food with empty calories that just would not help you achieve the fitness for the marathon. You may have to up your intake of different fruits and vegetables as well as your intake of water. You would also need to make sure that you get adequate rest everyday.

3. The preparation you do before the marathon could be the difference between failing and succeeding. Without proper preparation, the race could be over even before it starts. Some things to prepare on before the race would be: the clothing you would be wearing that day and the warm-up exercises to do and some exercises to relax your mind and body before the marathon.

4. Sort out your thoughts before the race. You could probably visualize the moment that you finish as well as the celebrating you will be doing afterwards. Make sure that you rid yourself of al negative thoughts that would definitely not help in any way.

5. Plan out an after-race strategy. This would be important and should be done regardless of the outcome of the marathon.

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People Come in Different Shapes and Sizes – So Do Mountain Bikes

Whenever you buy a new bike, for yourself or for your children, it is important that you get a bike that is the right size. If the bike doesn’t fit, it will ruin the enjoyment of biking altogether, and if you or your child continue to ride the bike, can even cause knee or back injuries, as they try to compensate for the poor fit.

A great many people buy bikes for their children from department stores or discount stores like Target and Walmart. However, this is a bad idea, as the bikes there are the bottom of the range, and are put together by people who are not necessarily properly trained in the task. (Have you ever looked at the furniture they put together?) And if you are fortunate enough to even find someone to help you in the “sports section, ” they still probably won’t know anything about how to help you fit the bike properly.

It’s best, therefore, to buy a bike from a bike shop – you’ll be able to get expert advice, and the bike shop personnel will be able to answer your questions. However, it’s also important that you familiarize yourself with the terminology and principles of bike fitting, so that you can appreciate what the bike people tell you. Because there are bikes specially designed for every niche sport, the fit you want differs from bike to bike.

Remember also that the majority of adult bikes are made for adult males, and that adult women are typically shorter then men, and weigh less. They also may have long legs, but shorter torsos. So women have a more difficult time finding bikes that fit. Fortunately in the last several years women-specific bikes have been designed by companies such as Terry (they make only women-specific bikes), and from other major companies with a women’s bike division.

When the average person thinks of a “woman’s bike” – he or she thinks of those bikes in which the top tube is not horizontal, as in a “men’s bike, ” but sloping. This type of bike is easier to mount if you’re wearing a skirt, but in the general scheme of things they are not as sturdy as a “man’s bike” and should be avoided.

So, go to a bike shop and look around at their vast array of bikes.

Does the bike fit?

When you stand astride a bike – you’ll want plenty of room between yourself and the top tube. (This is called the “standover height. “) It is best to have around four to six inches of clearance between the tube and your crotch. If you have to come to a stop suddenly, you’ll appreciate that this clearance is important – and you don’t ever want to ride on a bike – even for a few minutes – if you’re too short for it, because you’ll learn your lesson painfully.

Saddle height Have someone hold the bike still while you sit on it. Extend one leg down to the pedal at its lowest extension. . . your leg should not be at full extension, but rather slightly bent. Only when this occurs is the saddle at the correct height. Also, always ensure that the seat is level – tilting it forward or backward for whatever reason will ony lead to discomfort.

If you’re planning on mountain biking or going over any kind of uneven terrain, you’ll be rising off your bike seat all the time, in reacting to the terrain. You’ll probably lower the saddle an inch or so to compensate for all that jouncing around.

Top Tube If you’re a woman, pay careful attention to the length of the top tube, which separates you from the handlebars. You don’t want to have to stretch forward uncomfortably while you ride.

Handlebars If you already own a bike and want to have the handlebars raised or lower by purchasing a new stem through which the handlebars go, that costs money. But when you’re being fitted out with a new bike, the store employees can exchange those with no problem. And again, this is something that a discount store can’t do.

When you find a bike you like, take it out for a test ride. Indeed, don’t just settle for test riding one bike. There are many different types of bikes on the market – frames made of different materials, full suspension or front suspension, etc. that you’ll want to get the feel of each one of them.

After you’ve had the experience of riding various different kinds of bikes, you’ll be able to make your own decision in a more informed manner.

Alastair Hamilton is the author of many articles on different web publications, with subjects like mountain biking published online for . Find more publications about mountain bike reviews at his website.

Bowfishing Boats (Shapes and Sizes)

Bowfishing has taken on a bunch of new enthusiast into the sport. Most of the new bowfishing people start off with fishing from the banks. Utilizing there old archery bow with some simple modifications at little to no cost to start out. Everyone who enjoys bowfishing has a certain quality about them to want more action. They tend to not stand on the bank for to long before they are searching for the perfect bowfishing boat and freedom of the open water

How many people generally go out with you has a large impact on the choice of boat. Sixteen to twenty feet on length will generally do for up to five persons on a bowfishing trip. Forty eight inches is also about as narrow for stability purposes. Keep in mind also a flat bottom vessel will give even more stability. Your bowfishing experiences from the banks of earlier excursions have you well informed of the environment where the fish are. Shallow lakes and bayous are the most popular for bowfishing by all means.

Bowfishing motors and are determined by the environments. The most expensive bowfishing boat has to be the all so common air boat from the deep south. Next might be just a all purpose fishing boat with an outboard motor. Then the surface drive engines like Pro-Drive or Gator-tail. And don’t forget the typical trolling motor Quite and smooth running plus Eco friendly. Which every you decide to research on. They all have a purpose and a application for use.

Your wallet might be a little lighter after just a little dream shopping. There is always alternatives and you can start just about at any level of Bowfishing. Just as long as your out there. Landing the trophy fish just comes with time and practice.

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Fishing Tips Why Fish Bite

As anglers one of the biggest, if to the biggest thing to understand is why fish bite. In this article, I’m going to explore some of the reasons why fish bite and provide fishing tips that you can use to your advantage to become a more successful angler. Understanding the reasons why fish bite or don’t bite is of the utmost importance to any angler worth his or her salt.

Although there are many, many reason why fish bite, for this article I’m going to focus on the 3 main reasons that have enabled me to catch more fish on a regular basis. More than twenty years ago I had the pleasure of knowing and learning from an incredible angler that taught me these three tips about why fish bite, and I’ve been using them to my advantage ever since. Now you can do the same. Let’s get down to the business of ‘why fish bite’, shall we?

  • The Diameter Of Your Line – Many anglers overlook the importance of the diameter of their fishing line. If fish can see your fishing line they are much less apt to bite, it’s as simple as that. This is especially true when fishing in clear water for fish such as trout or smallmouth bass. Many anglers use fishing line that’s entirely too heavy for the fish they’re attempting to catch. Use line that’s as light as you can get away with. You will get many more bites, the lighter your fishing line is. For example, I use four pound test for all of my river and stream trout fishing, and I regularly land fish in the nineteen to twenty two inch range. The diameter of your line matters!
  • The Weather – The weather plays a huge role in the behavior of fish, and thus why they bite. If you want to get more bites when fishing, spend a little time learning the ways in which the weather impacts fishing and you will get more bites. A great fishing tip is to be fishing when certain fronts move through your fishing area, and conversely you might as well not bother when other frontal systems make their way through your fishing area. The weather is a big reason why fish bite.
  • The Moon – Of the three reasons why fish bite listed in this article, the moon is probably the most important. When it comes to fishing tips, the moon is kind of like the Holy Grail. Understanding how the moon impacts the behavior of fish is amazingly important. You will get more bites simply by being on the water when the moon is in certain phases, such as when it’s a new moon. Believe it or not the moon plays a huge role in your fishing success or failure. Start using the moon to your advantage sooner, rather than later and you will begin catching many more fish.
  • These simple, yet amazingly effective fishing tips are the three biggest factors as to why fish bite. What, you think I’m crazy? Just test them and find out for yourself. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did. Many times the most effective things in fishing are the most simple, there’s no doubt about it.

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    Developing Grit

    In hockey, players need a hard edged approach to the game to be successful. The sport requires you to battle and overcome obstacles every second you are on the ice. Some players have a natural ability to elevate the level at which they compete. They develop a “tough as nails” attitude or “heart” so they will not be dominated or controlled on the ice and will battle as hard as they can to make a difference in the game. This is what I call grit (an indomitable spirit or an unwillingness to quit).

    Now there is a difference between being a gritty player who will not quit and a fool who skates around the ice looking for someone to hit just for the sake of hitting. These players are not gritty they are hurting the team. A gritty player is a guy like Ryan Smyth of the Colorado Avalanche, Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning or Paul Kariya of the St. Louis Blues. If you watch these guys on the ice they are smart hockey players who battle hard for the puck and do the right things at the right time to make a play. Rarely will you see them get outworked. They may lose the battle, but they are not outworked.

    This is the type of player that coaches want to work with. These are the guys who put in extra time with dryland training, or in practice. They ask questions from the coaching staff and want feedback on their training and games (and then they do something to improve from this feedback). I used to work for a hockey school in Vancouver and before practice Paul Kariya and his two brothers would rent the ice before the hockey school. This was 6:30am to 8am each morning, all summer! Paul would set up the on-ice drills and then be the first to do the drill. Each of his brothers would follow and he would yell at them if they went at anything less than 100% all the time. It was amazing to see the work ethic and determination of these players. After practice I would see them in the weight room down the street and these guys would hit it hard. No days off, and no screwing around.

    Now you may not have the natural ability that a Paul Kariya has but you can sure train as hard as he does. In your training I recommend the following types of training to ensure that you know how to compete and what it’s like to perform when you have something on the line:

    1. Schedule some kind of competition within your training. It may be a race or two with other team-mates or it may be trying to beat your own personal best in a particular lift or exercise. Log these competitions in a notebook and watch your success grow.

    2. Up the anti during training with side bets between friends or other players. I’m not talking about gambling 500 dollars on a 40 meter sprint, but I am saying you put something on the line during your competition. A cup of coffee or a dollar bet may not seem like much but you would be surprised at what you will do to win it.

    3. Gritty players are not afraid of playing hockey at full speed and you can’t be either. When you are skating into the corner you can’t be thinking of losing the race to the puck or that the other guy is bigger than you are, or you’re finished. You have to win that race, get the puck and battle hard to get out of the corner to make the play. This has to be done every shift. On-ice and dryland sessions should convey this need to battle as often as possible so it becomes a natural event on this ice during a game.

    4. Radio disc jockey Howard Stern used to say that as a kid he got beaten up all the time. In conversations with other celebrities he would often say that taking a punch wasn’t that bad when you knew that it didn’t hurt as bad as you thought it would. The truth is that we are afraid of the unknown and when we see people get punched or hit we are uncertain about it. Now I am not suggest you go out and start a fight just for the sake of getting over your fear, but I am suggesting that maybe taking a boxing class or martial arts lesson wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Learning that taking a punch in the face won’t kill you, but you will never know it until it happens to you. Other types of combat games such as wrestling or stick battling are also a good idea for hockey players as it helps develop confidence in your abilities and how to overcome another person in direct competition.

    All of these suggestions will help your game but without the desire to improve your performance it’s not going to happen. The bonus of learning to compete or develop your grit is that it will carry over into the rest of your life after your playing career is long finished. Believe me, this is an asset!

    David Pollitt is a Canadian hockey strength and conditioning coach who owns a training facility in southern California. His website is one of the best sites on the internet for hockey training articles, services and products. David has a degree in physical education from the University of Manitoba, is a graduate of the Olympic Academy of Canada and is certified with distinction from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. David can be reached at