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Checks Unlimited Offer Codes

When it’s time to place a check order, the worst and most expensive method is ordering them through the bank.

  • For better pricing and a wider variety of choices, you should always go through a quality third-party printer like Check Unlimited.
  • With a Checks Unlimited coupon code you can save even more over their already-friendly prices.

About Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited was founded in 1986 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are considered to be the first direct mail check printing company, and by stressing hard work, integrity, and quality products, they have remained at the top of their industry.

  • Initially providing only 13 designs, the company now offers over 70 designs in their personal categories and several more in their business categories. In addition, you can find a ChecksUnlimited offer code for other available merchandise, such checkbook covers, address labels, and many other accessories.

Personal Banking
The code most frequently applied is for personal use. They have over 70 different designs in 11 categories, such as animals, best sellers, cartoon, classics, Disney, eco-friendly, home & garden, inspirations, Land & Sea, and Warner Bros. Most styles are the standard top-perforation style, but they also offer 16 designs that span their categories in a side-tear style.

  • In addition to these styles, they also have 12 different desk sets. These are three-ringed sheets with a side-tear and three vertical perforations on each sheet. Stubs are on the left and remain bound in any three-ring binder.

Business Checks Coupon Code
This company also specializes in a range of services for business. Every type of banking document and accessory a business could need is available for order and a coupon code helps in these times of economic recession. The standard, manual, 3-on-a-page checks are available in 13 professional designs and can be ordered as singles or with duplicates.

  • The downside is that they only fit in 7-ring binders. They can be customized with lettering, a monogram, or a symbol. Voucher-styles for paying invoices with discount calculations can also be purchased but come in only two designs.
  • Products are available for businesses with software designed to take advantage of computer check-printing with a check coupon code.
  • A variety of different business software systems are supported, including Microsoft Money, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Checkmark, Great Plains, Microedge, Simple Media, Simple Money, and Meca Managing Your Money. For each software system, compatible check types can be purchased in up to 12 designs.

Coupon Codes
This is one company that is great about putting out new coupons. Their special offers can save up to 60% off your total order, plus a free gift is available with some. Another example of a great coupon code is the one for two boxes of checkbooks for only $11 with free shipping. Yet another code allows address labels to be added to that offer for only $4 more.

For a particularly large order, free shipping certainly comes in handy, or for professional needs, get 25% off your order of business checks. The best part is that if one Checks Unlimited offer code is invalid, there are many more from which to choose.

Before Nanotechnology, There Was The Pocket Watch A Dependable Time P

Long before the advent of Nanotechnology, fine craftsman created amazing micro-mechanical machines that were both precise and beautiful. Although it is not clear when the first time piece that could be carried was produced, it is generally thought that the first pocket watch was made during the 16th century. These early devices, although finely crafted, were crude at timekeeping until the mid 19th century. During the late 1870’s it became a truly precision time piece, rivaling most technology of that time, and combed numerous advancements in science of the time. This level of precision was possible with the advent of temperature compensating balances, and fine adjustments enabling the watch to run at a consistent rate of time in several positions. These refinements were primarily due to the need for a precision time keeper that could be stored in a railroad workers pocket, as the train was increasingly relied on for dependable and safe travel. It was during this time that manufacture moved from the cottage craftsman to mass-production in factories. These are the time pieces that can be used, and are the most affordable for the average person today.

Although these watches were mass produced, they still capture the style and pride of the craftsman of earlier years. Open a common 7 jeweled Elgin (or a Waltham, Hamilton, New York Standard, Illinois. . ) pocket watch from the late 1800’s and you will notice attractive plate patterning (called damaskeening), polished screw heads, finely finished wheels (gears), and polished jewel settings. These artistic elements (with the exception of the jewels) are not needed for the watch to function properly, and many would not be noticed by anyone but the watchmaker (watch repair person) when the watch was disassembled for repair.

Why would someone want to own an antique mechanical watch (wind-up watch) today? A battery operated quartz watch can be purchased for under $20.00, keeps excellent time, and is very practical. Well, an antique pocket watch represents an age that seemed to pride themselves in fine craftsmanship. It is truly unique to have in your pocket a tiny mechanical machine that works for years before needing any maintenance, and is independent of an outside power source. Also, the pride in owning and using daily a fine piece of machinery is appealing to many. Some collect a wide array of different time pieces, while others have one pocket watch that is used on a daily basis. Many have a watch that has been handed down through the family, and would like to have their heirloom restored.

Whatever ones preference, owning and using an antique device such as a pocket watch can enrich our understanding of how impressive technology of the past really was. It also sparks interest in furthering our knowledge of history, and can even provide inspiration for the pursuit of self sufficient technology for today.

Joel Trenalone is an architect working at California State University, who also operates a small buisness in repair and sales of antique and vintage mechanical watches. Find more about mechanical watches and services offered at

Rare Review of the Meade Deep Sky Imager III With Autostar Suite

At fraction of the cost of typical CCD cameras with the same or similar pixel counts, the Meade Deep Sky Imager III, or DSI III, is a user-friendly 1.4MP electronic camera designed to take extraordinarily high resolution single-shot deep sky photos with the least amount of hassle.

What’s new with the DSI III?

Meade Deep Sky Imager III with Autostar Suite 04535 integrates a 1.4MP Color Sony ExView HADTM CCD that features a large 2/3″, 1,360 x 1024 pixel, image sensor with a 16-Bit A/D converter for quick single shot full-color images accompanied by lower thermal noise, a wider field of view and a higher resolution. Reduces noise without a cooling fan which allows you to stack exposures for hours at a time. The thermal sensors monitor temperature and automatically matches dark frames to ambient temperature so it’s not likely to take uncalibrated pictures. Software features zoom feature for quick and easy focus, employing the new and larger chip for simple processing and astonishing images. It is very user-friendly. In fact, there’s nothing holding back an amature astrophotographer from diving in right away and getting to work on their passion. All this weighing in at a tiny 2.2 lbs.

What really sets this apart from its predecessors?

Drizzle Technology. Developed by NASA for processing images from the Hubble Space Telescope, it will work on ANY Meade AutoStar Controlled Telescope. Enhancements added by Drizzle are, increased resolution, extended view, and field de-rotation, obsoleting field rotation with breezy two-star selection.

Instead of relying on traditional interlaced scans, DSI III’s sensor and electronics deploy progressive scans for clear and awe-inspiring lunar and planetary imaging. Deep Sky Imager models will actually work on any telescope and can be utilized as an Autoguider on AutoStar computerized telescopes. Features increased resolution without interpolation, resulting in a final image that is nearly 4 times larger than previous DSIs. USB 2.0 High Speed: Download images with fast USB connection.

A Few Technical Details

Color images do not require multiple exposures through color filters as more expensive CCD cameras do. 1360 pixels wide x 1024 pixels high (1,392,640 total pixels). Each pixel measures 6.5 microns square. The square pixels make image processing easier and provide more realistic stellar images. Full 16-bit A/D conversion for greater image depth and contrast. From 1/10,000th of a second to one hour. This allows you to record images of bright lunar and planetary features as well as faint deep sky nebulas and galaxies that the unaided eye could never perceive, all in full color.

What to remember about the Meade Deep Sky Imager III with Autostar Suite

This remarkable product TRULY IS A BREAKTHROUGH in consumer-available technology for astrophotography and is not to be overlooked if you are serious about progressing your interest in astro-imaging. No other device in its category on the market today comes close to the DSI III. With so many experts agreeing on this, you’d have to be crazy to pass this up. It has everything an astrophotographer could ask for. No wonder it receives such high praise!

Final Words of Thought

This next step up in the DSI camera line brings numerous new features and enhancements that allow the user to achieve a higher level of imaging with the same ease of use and low cost that has made the DSI the camera of choice for so many beginning and advanced astro-imagers. Take the next next-step toward making a name for yourself, based solely on your commitment to nurturing your innate nature to explore and capture the universe in all its wondrous bounty!

Beyond Sight brings you the information to get you started on your new hobby, or help renew your passion for astronomy or astrophotography. We only wish to bring you the best, which is why we are very selective when deciding what to review and what we recommend on our site.

If you wish to learn more about the most talked about leading brands and models of telescopes and binoculars, please feel welcome to visit Beyond Sight

Organizing Boobs

I broke down and went shopping. Shopping is one of my least favorite activities. Though the time had come and I needed to go out for the dreaded

. . . da da dum . . . Bra Shopping!

Funny I mentioned this need of mine to a couple women and they all had the same response. “Ugh, I HATE bra shopping. ” Seems many of us put it off until the last moment.

My mission: To find a bra that is comfortable and fits well as quickly as possible.

Walked through the store and snagged up 4 different brands.

Nope. These won’t work.

Oh, someone left one in the fitting room, size 38D.

Way too big, but I think mine 36C, are too small.

Back out on the floor for the next round.

Another 4-5 different ones, various sizes.

Bingo! Now, I’ve got the size (I think), now comfort.

Some straps pinched, one didn’t correct my “side boobs, ” another just didn’t look right.

Ah, finally. Found one that fit well, looked good, felt comfortable.

I bought 5 so I won’t have to do this again for awhile.

36D – a D cup?!

Geez, I am slowly becoming my grandmother.

No matter what she did, her boobs just continued to grow.

A successful day, I will no longer be tugging at my bras adjusting them for comfort

. . . . well, at least for a few months.

Big or little, flat or endowed – Ladies get out there and get your boobs organized in a well fitted bra. You’ll feel and look better.

When was the last time you went bra shopping?

Angie Weid, professional organizer and rocket scientist, is the owner of Organized Solutions. She helps people feel better about their space – home, office or life. To learn more about her, check out her website at or give her a call 734.890.1276.

She also has a blog (
) Angie has before and after photos of projects, tales about her life and any other odds & ends that drift into her head.


PREGNANT Irish telly star Victoria Smurfit had revealed how she had to SQUEEZE herself in to a sexy snug-fitting catsuit for her latest role as being a rubber-clad dominatrix.

Although she enjoyed playing out the part for ITV’s Trial and Retribution VIII, she admitted that being pregnant didn’t benefit the sexy costumes she needed to wear. The sexy 31 year-old said: “Of course there were instances when I felt uncomfortable. But generally speaking it had been very exciting and strangely liberating. “I suddenly became much more forthright. I’d snap ‘no, yes, no, yes’ when shown costumes!”

But Victoria, now seven months pregnant, said she needed to carry on for refits after filming the series in the early months of childbearing. “I was required to return to home of Harlot to ask about for refits, ” she recalled. “There was obviously a particular should keep performing readjustments to the top 50 % of the outfit as I grew larger and larger. “I was absolutely delighted to fall pregnant but here was an occasion after i thought about being as slim so when fit being a butcher’s dog and instead I used to be getting grumpy if I didn’t eat every three or four hours.

“No wonder my costume needed re-fitting, ” said Victoria, that’s an associate of just one of Ireland’s wealthiest families. The Smurfits – her dad Dermot and uncles Michael and Alan – have made a lot out of the packaging business. Victoria, who lives in Dublin with promoting company boss husband Doug Baxter, said Doug found it not surprising that she was team to play a dominatrix-type. “He said: ‘that’ll suit you perfectly!’ she said. The Irish actress, who hit the large time after starring in Ballykissangel, met her husband after agreeing presenting a 1998 newspaper awards ceremony.

They married in 2000 in a very lavish ceremony in Surrey followed by a honeymoon about the French Polynesian island Bora Bora. In addition to Ballykissangel where she played Orla, she’s also had parts in Cold Feet.

But she got her silver screen burglary 2000 when cast when Weathergirl with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Carlyle inside the Beach. Victoria’s character, DCI Roisin Connor, has got to don a decent latex Underwear – filled with high heel shoes, plunging neckline and whip – to visit undercover at the sado-masochistic sex club inside a bid to resolve two murders.

Couple of years later she appeared as Suzie, a love attraction of Hugh Grant’s character within the hit film About A Boy and the main character in Lynda La Plante’s Trial and Retribution.

l Trial and Retribution VIII is on ITV1 on Monday October 11 and Tuesday October 12 at 9pm.

Writers and Their Cats: A Review of The Cat on My Shoulder&quot

“Writers and cats seem to be custom-made for each other, ” says Editor Lisa Angowski Rogak in the introduction to “The Cat on My Shoulder: Writers and Their Cats. ” And after reading this book, I’d be hard-pressed to disagree.

I received a copy of “The Cat on My Shoulder” as a going-away present from a friend at one of my jobs, and it’s been a cherished part of my book collection ever since. In its pages are dozens of essays penned by prominent writers, about the cats who share their lives. From the authors ranging from Richard Scarry to Sue Grafton, the stories are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, occasionally surprising, and always entertaining. Plus, each essay is accompanied by a black and white photo of the author and his or her cat(s) and, in one case, the author’s rather entertaining self-portrait.

One of the great aspects of this book is that it embraces different perspectives. There’s Sue Brownmiller, who begins her essay by stating that she is a dog person, who is on her first cat. She goes on to describe the adjustment a dog person must make to cats, their quirks and their methods of communication. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Lilian Jackson Braun, who proclaims that she’s always had Siamese. Lilian Jackson Braun is the bestselling author of “The Cat Who…” mystery series, which features a crime-solving pair of Siamese cats who go by the names of Koko and Yum Yum.

Aside from the cat aspect of the book, it’s also a great peek into the lives of some of our favorite writers. As such, the book has an intimate feel, as stories told between good friends.

The essays are all fairly short, which makes this a great book to read in small sittings. A nice-sized trade paperback with a clever, cartoonish cover, this would make a great coffee table book and a great conversation starter.

This is truly a beautiful, book for anyone’s collection. It’s a book that’s meant to be read again and again. It would make a wonderful gift for the writer, reader, or cat-lover in your life.

Indeed, Lisa can often be found with a cat on her shoulder. This article has been submitted in affiliation with http://www.PetLovers.Com/ which is a site for Pets

Hairstyles – Get the Right Hairstyle & Look Stunning

Getting the right hairstyle to make you look stunning is easier than you think, as long as you follow our expert tips.

Its not enough just to follow fashion and the latest celebrity trends, the first rule is to know the shape of your face so that you can be certain of which hairstyles are guaranteed to make you look stunning.

In order to pick the most flattering hairstyle for you, you need to:

  • know your face shape

  • know what to look for

  • know what to avoid

    Oval Shaped Face

    An oval face shape is the most versatile face. Luckily for you, you can pull off almost any look and any length. Whatever the length, wear your hair layered near your cheekbones, lips or chin to highlight whichever of these features you choose.

    If you have an oval shaped face you should avoid short layers that add height to the top of your head.

    Long or Oblong Shaped Face

    If you have a long or oblong shaped face then curls and waves can create the illusion of width. If you prefer to keep it straight then you can you can create more width with bangs. Chin-length cuts and bobs are ideal.

    You should avoid overly long or particularly short cuts as these will elongate your face. If wearing your hair past your shoulders, make sure you have it cut into layers particularly around the face.

    Round Shaped Face

    If your face is round you should opt for styles that fall right below your chin or those that add volume on top. Go for soft, graduated layered hairstyles that will make your face look slimmer. Bangs can be flattering, keep them long and wispy with tapered ends to deplete from the roundness of your face.

    You should avoid hairstyles that add bulk or weight to the side of your face. If you wear your hair short avoid one-length, blunt cuts that emphasize the roundness of your face.

    Square Shaped Face

    If you have a square shaped face then you will need to choose a textured hairstyle that will shift the focus of attention away from the jaw line. You should opt for long, sleek layered styles that begin at the at the jaw line, continuing down, or short spikey cuts.

    Avoid blunt cut bangs and one length bobs, these hairstyles will make your face look even more square.

    Heart Shaped Face.

    If your face is heart shaped then a pointy chin will more than likely be the focal point of your face. Opting for windswept bangs will draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones instead.

    Choose hairstyles with either a fringe, a parting or hair that falls below the jaw line.

    If you have short hair, keep top layers long and soft.

    You should avoid blunt cut bangs and anything too harsh.

    What’s Hot What’s Not?

    So now you know the types of hairstyles that suit your particular face shape, how do you choose the right hairstyle to make you look stunning?

    For this season your hairstyle should be slick, sleek and straight.

    Big hair is ‘sooooo’ out! Keep it soft, feminine and girly and you’ll be guaranteed a hairstyle turns heads and is simply stunning.

    Get More FREE Style PDF’s, Video’s & Articles

    For more FREE fashion articles, video’s, PDF style and fashion reports and all you need to know about fashion & style visit our website for a huge resource of articles, features and downloads and at

  • Transform Intimate Nights with Exotic Nipple Jewelry

    Nights Get A Little Nice And Naughty With Nipple Jewelry
    Bringing out any naughty side can be thrilling with nipple jewelry.

    • Non pierced options allow anyone to experience an the excitement.
    • This allows any woman to get a bit naughty without the commitment.

    Titillate any breast by wearing handmade female body accessories.

    • The heightened sensations these provide can increase female arousal.
    • The delicate metal can make skin feel lightly caressed when worn.

    Adjustable pressure makes it possible to get a firm or soft touch.

    • Women can give breasts a firm touch when more sensation is desired.
    • Softening the tension can give skin a feather soft sensation.

    For women who want a little extra spice, dangle charms may be added.

    • Charms may increase sensations as they create additional movement.
    • Those wanting even more visual appeal, chains can be added to jewelry.

    Get Linked In With Nipple Rings Jewelry Chains
    Chains can take any female nipple rings from merely spicy to fiery.

    • A sultry appearance is created by linking a chain between breasts.
    • When worn, this can further enhance the pleasure women experience.

    Chain types can vary depending upon the look a woman wants to have.

    • Colored pearl beads gives any skin tone a touch of saucy elegance.
    • These may be worn around the neck similar to a standard necklace.

    Looped around the neck can also allow these to be worn under clothing.

    • For women who want more flair, these may be worn without clothing.
    • Non pierced nipple jewelry may also be clipped to chains or chokers.

    For the ultimate in sex appeal, chains may be clipped to a choker.

    • This can help to perk up breasts and increase arousal for women.
    • Perkier breasts are a great way for any woman to feel more erotic.

    Nipple Rings Put The Jingle Back Into Holidays
    The holidays often mean more time with a lover or special someone. This often leads to couples seeking ways to add more jingle to sex. Intimacy can be increased by using body accessories for adult play.

    Holiday colored decorations for the body are can make nights hotter. This may include colored jewelry or chains clipped to pieces.

    • Nipple jewelry accessories can allow for many more personal touches.

    Clip on charms are another flirty way to add pizazz to the body. Holiday light bulb designs are an erotic and fun type of charm. Women wearing these will feel naughty and nice around the holidays.

    The Best Tips For Wearing Non Pierced Nipple Jewelry

    Jewelry should be kept clean and gently stored when not in use. To avoid damage to the material, tarnish removing cloths may be used. This can help to prevent build up on the metal that is used.

    Non piercing nipple rings makes women look sultry without the work.

    • They should be carefully placed on the body then gradually tightened. This allows women to become accustomed to the sensation created.

    Those new to non pierced fashions may wish to start out slowly. A bra or tight top may help keep them in place during daytime wear. More experienced wearers may prefer to wear them without a bra.

    Without a bra, accessories can often be seen through clothing.

    • For a sexy night, this visual display can titillate a partner.
    • Nipple jewelry can be a surefire way to entice any lover at night.

    Cool Wrestling Shirts – You Gotta Have Em

    Practically every boy in the world dreams of being a professional wrestler someday. Professional wrestlers have gone from the ring into every home throughout the country. Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and The Rock have become household names and have even gone on to make action movies in Hollywood. The popularity of wrestlers has spawned a lucrative business that includes toys, videos, and wrestling shirts.

    Every wrestling fan knows that you can’t go to a wrestling match without wearing a wrestling shirt. It’s simply much more fun and exciting if you can show your support for your favorite wrestler through your shirt. Much similar to other fans in basketball, football, hockey, and baseball, wrestling fans express their support to their favorite wrestlers by wearing wresting shirts.

    Every wrestler from the most popular to the newest will have shirts that bear their character. One the most popular shirts ever is Hulk Hogan’s “Hulk Mania” shirt, which he made popular by ripping them apart during his ring entrances. You can even determine the popularity of professional wrestling through them. If you see a lot of them in major retail stores you can bet that the current wrestling scene is hot.

    If you’re looking for wrestling shirts and other wrestling merchandise, the best place to look is in the World-Wide-Web. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for instance, offers a huge collection of merchandise on their website. They have everything from wrestling action figures to championship belts. Shirts dedicated to popular wrestling icons like Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan are probably more expensive. If tour all-time favorite is not as big as those two, you have a good chance of finding vintage wrestling shirts at a reasonable price. If you collect wrestling merchandise, finding hard to find items are more likely to be found on the Internet than any where else.

    If you have a collection of wrestling shirts, you should take good care of them if you want them to last. Never put them in the dryer because doing so will hasten the wear and tear of the fabric. Using a mild cleansing product like Woolite, will keep your shirts looking good and will not cause the colors to fade. Although they may not be as important as a suit wrestling shirts hold special memories of your wrestling heroes.

    Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning Wrestling Shirts
    . Visit our site for more helpful information about Wrestling Shirts and other similar topics.

    Birthstones – Natural, Lab Created, Or Simulated

    When shopping for a birthstone, you may encounter a wide range of prices along with the labels “natural, ” “lab created or synthetic, ” and “simulated. ” As you might expect, natural gemstones are the most valuable, as they are created by nature, must be mined, and are rare.

    Many natural stones do not look pretty in their natural state. Rather, they must be treated with heat or chemicals to bring out the colors we admire, then carefully facet cut and polished to bring out the sparkle and fire we want. A good gem cutter can work around the naturally occurring flaws within the stone, called inclusions, which can either give the gemstone character or decrease its value.

    Laboratories are able to take the composite minerals that compose a natural stone, which took Nature eons to produce, and re-create the necessary heat and pressure to synthetically make an identical gemstone. The only difference is that a lab-created gemstone is flawless, meaning it is without inclusions or impurities that occur in a naturally formed gemstone.

    Simulated stones are made from materials that are not part of the composition of a natural gemstone. They may be made from glass, plastic, or other synthetic or natural stones. For example, lab-created sapphires may be color treated to simulate Alexandrite gems, or a zircon is used in place of a diamond. Even harder to detect are stones with a thin layer of natural gemstone fused to another material. These stones often take a trained gemologist to detect, and are called doublets or triplets.

    All three types of gemstones have their use in jewelry making. If you want to have inexpensive costume jewelry, you do not want to pay the price of simulated or natural jewels. On the other hand, if it is the “real” thing you want, be prepared to pay a lot for it. If the deal is too good to be true, the stones are probably synthetic. Gemstones should come with a certification of authenticity if they are natural.

    The most common synthetic stones are rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and alexandrite. Other synthetic stones are opals, garnets, and all the other birthstones. As long as you know what you are buying, these lab created stones are everything that a real gem is, just not as rare. Certain stones, such as topaz and opal, are fragile and are typically fused to another stone to create a doublet or triplet.

    Gemstones are weighed in carat weights (ct. ) This is not to be confused with a karat (K), which is how gold is weighed. If there are more than one stone in a setting, it will be referred to as “ct. t. w. , ” or “carat total weight. “

    The most common way for people to get ripped off when buying birthstones or other gemstones is to buy them second-hand from a pawn shop, flea market, estate sale, or even out of the newspaper. Buying from a reputable jeweler or gemologist will assure you that you are getting what you pay for.

    Each item is made to your exact specifications and made even more special with the personalization you choose. Create your custom piece to include a loved one’s name, a wedding date, a birth date, religious occasion or words that inspire or touch your heart.