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The Reef Resort, Grand Cayman Simply All Inclusive A Friends and Fa

Grand Cayman, 2009 – This package was created for budget-minded family and friend travelers, who appreciate a great value and premium amenities. The Simply All Inclusive™ package includes all taxes and service charges, unlimited drinks (including top shelf premium cocktails) in the resort’s bar The Rusty Pelican and Pelican’s Reef restaurant, three meals daily (guests can choose anything from the a la carte menu), snorkel equipment, tennis, gym, and bicycle rentals as well as a complimentary on-site discover scuba diving lesson. Guests staying seven or more nights can also add a complimentary catamaran excursion to the renowned Stingray City or a relaxed Sunset Sail. Two swimming pools, water aerobics (a great exercise for children and adults of all ages), a daily noon fish feeding from the resort’s dock, children’s activities, water volleyball, shell collecting, sandcastle building, and endless beach adventures are all at a guest’s fingertips.

For those who relish captivating sunsets and evening activities, the resort offers a variety of entertainment, including the legendary Barefoot Man ( Stay in shape at the new Simply Fit gym or rejuvenate in the new boutique Le Soleil Spa. The Simply All Inclusive™ package rate starts at U. S.

$490 per night, for two for a Beachfront Studio, per night. Guests will also continue to enjoy simple and convenient ways to make vacation planning a snap with the resort’s on-site complimentary concierge who can arrange adventures pre-arrival and, of course, on-site. Hurricanes are never an issue at the Reef as their guarantee gives guests an option to cancel with a full refund before they even leave the house. In addition, the East End is the best kept secret among snorkel and dive enthusiasts, being the most pristine and un-crowded area on the island, which allows water adventurists an up-close and personal encounter with the reef and all of its inhabitants. Opened this summer, is a state-of-the-art fitness center, SimplyFit Gym, and soon to open Le Soleil Spa, an affordable day spa concept will open presenting guests with additional opportunities to stay in shape. The Reef Resort has been a Travel & Leisure steals and deals pick twice this year, and was featured as part of a round up story on

To learn more, visit The Reef Resort online at or call toll-free 866-714-2309.

Japan Tourist Attractions & Must See Places in Japan

Identified as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan is a country which is comprised of islands . As a travel destination, it offers a fascinating time for the visitors. A wide range of attractions, sights, historical places and natural beauties of the country combine with a colorful cultures in this country. In Japan the past meets the future.

Japan attractions can be visited by dividing the country into regions. Eastern and Central Region, Northern Region, Southern Region and Western Region. In Japan, there are hundreds of cities. Also, these regions are named as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa.

There are hundreds of cities in Japan each of which has its own aspect. Among top cities in Japan are Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nara, Kyota, Hiroshima, Kamakura, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Chiba, Kawasaki etc. Tokyo is the modern capital and densely populated city of Japan. It is a fabulous city. Some of Tokyo attractions are Imperial Palace, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Sensoji Temple Asakusa, Shibuya, Meiji Jingu Shrine, the Yashukuni-jinja shrine, Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo Disneyland. Hama Rikyu Garden is considered to be the best garden in Tokyo. For sure Tokyo is the must see city of Japan.

The Kyoto Imperial Palace Park, Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji – Golden Pavilion, The Museum of Kyoto, Ryoanji Temple, Gion, Kiyomizu-dera Temple are popular places to see in Kyoto. Hiroshima is a port city which was destroyed by an atom bomb. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, the Asa Zoological Park are must-see places for the travelers. In Kanazawa, the visitors can see Kenrokuen Park and Honda Museum. Popular sights of Osaka are Osaka Aquarium, Osaka Castle and Universal Studios Japan. Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city. Nagasaki Peace Park, Confucian Shrine, Chinatown are popular places to see in Nagasaki. Fukuoka has several beautiful attractions: Hakata Canal City, Tochoji Temple, Sky Dream Fukuoka, Hokozaki Shrine, Ohori-koen Japanese Garden.

Hokkaido with its beautiful natural suroundings attract many travelers. Mt. Fuji is one of the must see places in Japan. Kumamotojo has a fame as a Japanese castle. Shikoku -88 Temple Pilgrimage- owns sacred Buddhist temples. Nikko National Park, Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and Japan Alps National Park are among popular National parks of Japan.

If what kind of things can be done in Japan is asked, these may be listed:

Attending a Sumo match.

Participating in meditation in a Buddhist temple.

Taking part in a traditional tea ceremony.

Climbing Mount Fuji.

Enjoying and visiting cherry blossom spots.


Tasting sake and sushi.

Attending festivals.

Japan owns hundreds of places to see. The names given above are just some of the travel attractions.

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Cabarete, Puerto Plata Nightlife Guide For the Dominican Republic

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic has long been known for its fantastic kite surfing beaches that attract droves of college aged travelers from around the world. Cabarete is a popular destination where the young come to surf, drink, tan, and party.

Most people don’t realize that Puerto Plata’s towns of Sosua and Cabarete offer much more that a few all inclusive resorts. This is particularly true if you’re younger and looking for a place to have a few nights of romance.

By day Cabarete is a quiet little beach town, only a few miles long. By night it becomes a happening beach strip. Unlike its neighbor Sosua, Cabarete is known more for its European travelers than for the working girl locals.

There are a strip of restaurants along that beach with outdoor seating. These restaurants are a great place to catch dinner and watch the sunset. Once the sun goes down the restaurants turn into nightclubs. There is Casanovas, Ohm, Blue, and a handful of others that offer late night drinking and dancing.

The party does not stop at these clubs though. Once these clubs shut down the truly vibrant head over to the Casino where the action goes well into the morning. The Casino is the after hours place that offers a trendy nightclub and gambling. What else do you need?

Cabarete is a small town and if you find yourself up for adventure you are just a quick cab ride away from Sosua where the streets are filled with “beach bars. ” Beach bars are small open bars, mostly frequented by Dominican working girls. Even if that doesn’t sound like your scene its worth it just for the experience.

My recommendation for those of you heading to Cabarete is to rent a condo or villa instead of booking a week at a hotel. While a hotel might offer some nice luxuries you will most likely wind up missing out on the fantastic Cabarete nightlife.

Bobby Rio is the author of TSB Magazine a site about dating, relationships, sex, travel, nightlife, and self improvement

Places to Visit in Al Khobar

Al Khobar is commonly referred to as just Khobar and is situated in Eastern Saudi Arabia along the Persian Gulf. Most of the city’s 360,000 residents work for the largest oil company in the world, Saudi Aramco although the tourist sector is growing leading to the creation of more attractions and places to visit in the city. Originally Al Khobar used to be only a small fishing village until oil was found in the 1930s and now it’s a bustling commercial city with shops and plenty of clean beaches. The beaches are immaculate and quiet, as although it’s a port for oil the majority of shipping has been transferred to Dammam and Saudi Aramco’s dedicated port, Ras Tanura. This has led to Khobar being able to transform the seafront and extensions have been made to the land to allow for the development of restaurants, parks and beaches.

The Corniche is a section of reclaimed land that is the city’s main leisure area as it’s lined with places to eat and there play areas provided for kids. The gardens are well maintained with a few shaded areas under the palm trees but it can really come alive at night when it’s cooler and people come out to sit under the stars. It’s common for people to be seen bringing the shisha pipe as informal gatherings of friends set up along the stretch of land. Through the middle is a ladder shaped pond and the whole area is beautifully landscaped.

Al Khobar’s most significant landmark is the impressive King Fahd Causeway. The road is constructed through the sea as it runs all the way from Khobar to Bahrain. The construction is split in two, with an island in the middle connected by two bridges and cost a hefty $1.2 billion to build but was paid in full by Saudi Arabia. In total it stretches for 16 miles, the longest bridge connects Khobar to Bahrain’s Umm al Na’san Island and then a shorter section connects to Bahrain’s main island. On the island in the middle is the Causeway Tower which can be climbed and the viewing deck provides expansive views of the bridge as well as far reaching views of the Persian Gulf. Within the tower is also a restaurant which is popular for coffee breaks and tea and the views from the restaurant are also pretty good too.

Beaches in Al Khobar provide good spots for swimming and with them a variety of water sports including jet skis and pedallos. The beaches are all near the city and Al Khobar hotels so it’s easy to be one minute in urban surroundings and then the next to be down by the sea. The finest lengths of sand are at half-moon beach while Al Azizia has ideal spots to catch some rays. Then as the evening draws in, to watch the sun sink over the horizon it can only be Sunset Beach.

Just outside the city, a thrilling way to explore the desert is by quad bike as the vehicles can tear over the sand dunes and there are a collection of companies that offer trips. Alternatively camel rides are a more traditional and sedate way to go exploring but they can canter at quite a pace if needed to. The whole camel riding experience is rather magical on a tour in the cooler early evening and the camels themselves are decked out in the finest saddles complete with multicoloured headpieces. The rides can vary in length from a couple of hours, to full on afternoon excursions and there’s always a handler available so it’s even safe for children to take part too.

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Taking a Look at the Vacation Business

The vacation business is one that can be successful in many ways.  You will find that you are helping others in getting and taking that vacation of a lifetime that they need and usually deserve. In addition, you make money yourself by promoting the business of vacations and traveling. Therefore, you really get satisfaction from this type of business in two different ways. You get the satisfaction of helping others, as well as having a profitable business that you can make money at. It is a win, win situation. Let’s look at ways that you can promote your business to others, as well to potential customers.

Offering Affordable Luxury Vacations
First of all, who would not want to be on the end of the vacation business that offers affordable luxury vacations? No one that I can think of. Many times when someone mentions taking a luxury vacation, the first thought that comes to mind is “Wow that has got to be expensive!” Well, when you have the chance to offer a great luxurious vacation that is affordable, you also have the chance of drumming up more business. You can help others take that dream vacation, and actually be able to afford it and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped them.

Travel Memberships
Using travel memberships to promote your business is also a great way to help others. Many people plan and go on vacations a few times a year. When you offer them a membership for traveling, they are often getting the best deal around.  In addition, you in return are getting more business, business that you may not have gotten in the first place without the memberships to offer your customers. Travel memberships are great for someone that travels on business a lot. Especially one that owns their own business or whom likes to mix vacation travels with business travels. Travel memberships are really a great tool for promoting your business.

The vacation business is often one that is misunderstood to be a travel agent business. This is not always the case. There are many different types of travel businesses that you can have and offer these great deals to your customers. Being in the travel business is a rewarding field and can be sought after in a number of different venues, not just through a travel agency. So, keep this in mind while you are looking for ways to make a profitable income with your business that is all about vacations.

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Things To Do In Paris

The most obvious thing to do in Paris when you arrive is to visit the famous Eiffel Tower! It will only cost you about 4 Euros to go up to the viewing platform at the Eiffel tower. On a clear day you will get a fantastic view of Paris and can view over 30 miles if there are no clouds. Directly beneath the Eiffel tower you will see many people having a picnic and this is a perfect stop if you are planning a romantic break or even a wedding proposal ! If you visit the tower at night you will also enjoy a great display of the Eiffel tower lights.

Art lovers will love Paris and no visit would be complete without checking out the famous Louvre in Paris. With over 300,000 pieces of art it would be no surprise if you spent your whole weekend at the Louvre. Indeed many art lovers spend a whole week visiting the many sections of the Louvre ! When you buy a day ticket to the Louvre you can come and go as you please so you can plan other activities nearby to break up your day.

There are many other things to do in Paris but you should plan your Paris trip in advance as many of the attractions will have waiting times in high season so it is wise to plan an alternative attraction in Paris also.

If you are looking for things to do in Paris you will need to plan at least a weekend in this wonderful romantic city. There are many budget flights to Paris but more people are now taking the London to Paris train with Eurostar as this only takes about 2 hours and you avoid the hassle of airport check ins. The Eurostar to France train is the perfect way to start your break to Paris as you can plan all your things to do in Paris before you arrive.

Visit Paris with the Eurostar London to Paris train and enjoy the best deals on Eurostar Weekend breaks

Shark Fishing in Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Con Dao Island, Vietnam widely known as Island of Pearl, in the East Sea approx. 156km from Vung Tau, is endowed with lovely beaches shaded, fresh air, clear blue waters, primitive forests and abundant wildlife.

Con Dao has 20 sandy beaches, some of which are attached to primitive forests creating a poetic landscape. White sand dunes slope gently to the blue and clear water of the sea, inviting visitors to swim, play in the waves and discover the beauty of coral reefs with scuba diving. Tourists are also encouraged to try fishing, and in particular squid fishing.
Fishing is an option both day and night; however squid fishing is only available at night. Unlike many areas where the fish and squid are found in deep waters or hiding behind stone falls, fish and squid are abundant around Con Dao and are easy to catch.
Services are available such as boat, fish rods and bait, as well as high-tech fishing equipment. There are many types of fish to catch and families and friends often gather together for seafood parties.

Shark can be reached overland and boat, junk and canoe trips which can also be arranged from Con Son town center or Ben Dam Port to seven sceneries, Mui Dai Cape, big bamboo, and small bamboo islands, where visitors can indulge in the splendid island sceneries as well as freely drop their fishing rods and relax after a tiring work day.
At night the shimmering lights, gaudy colors and fake squid lure the squid swimming in the darkness of the sea. The best places for squid fishing are 914 Pier, Ben Dam Port, Mui Dai Cape, to name just some off-shore-sites. Nhat Beach on Love Top is known for romantic sunsets as well as wonderful shark fishing. This is the best place for fishermen hoping to conquer a shark.

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Best Places to Visit in Paris

The French capital of Paris has long been one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and is home to many of the continent’s famed attractions.

Despite appearing to be quite a confusing metropolis of interweaving roads to first time visitors, Paris can be a joy to explore. The experience is likely to become far less daunting as central sights loom out of the distance at each part of your journey.

Tourists should also be aware that although some places may seem off the beaten track, most are within easy reach of any Paris hostel via the reliable and cheap Metro system.

River Seine

The River Seine is an excellent place to start any day. Running right through the heart of the city, it offers tourists the chance to take a stroll along a predetermined route whilst allowing them to branch off and explore the surrounding attractions that take their fancy.

Travelers may find themselves having to dodge their way through Parisians pedaling gaudy tourist paraphernalia at more popular junctures, such as around the Eiffel Tower or nearby to the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Some way from the river towards the north of the city, Montmartre maintains much of the bohemian characteristics that have endowed it with historical renown. Although once again easily accessible on foot, tourists can be forgiven for choosing alternative routes on its steep inclines.

At its highest point, however, tourists can find some wonderful Parisian sights. The huge Sacre Coeur Cathedral is an excellent photo opportunity and a lovely place to enjoy a meal or picnic.

The summit also offers wonderful views of the cityscape below, and can be a useful place for the beleaguered tourist to get their bearings.

Montmartre is also home to the famed red light district and the Moulin Rouge, offering a blend of gimmicky and genuine places of interest.


Although an attraction in itself, the huge sprawling Champs-Elysees boulevard is often a pleasant departure from the more built up areas of the city. Tourists are unlikely to find a cheap Paris hostel along here, however.

At one end the Arc de Triomphe monument is one of the city’s must-sees, honoring the soldiers that fought in France’s historic wars. It can also be an amusing place to watch cars carefully navigating the bizarre Charles de Gaulle roundabout (nicknamed L’Etoile, or star), famed for its confusing lack of road markings.

Before settling down and becoming a copywriter for Hostelbookers. Paul Scottyn did a backpacking tour of France, he checked out a variety of the country’s budget accommodation, including a number of most Paris Hostels

Team outing places around Bangalore

Team outings are always fun, more so when the locations are new and exciting. Today’s generation of corporate honchos as well as executive employees seek adventure not only in work, but also in the enjoyments. If you are based in or around Bangalore, here are some of the exciting places around Bangalore; you could plan your next team outing for:

Coorg: Coorg is the anglicized name of former Kodagu, a district in Karnataka. Team outings can surround around the beautiful locales of mystic coorg. Major tourist attractions include Talakaveri, and Nisar

gadhama, places formed by the river Kaveri. Iruppu Falls and Abbey Falls are both scenic as well religious spots. Nagarahole is a national park and wildlife resort, where one can spend exciting evenings watching different species of animals. All in all, a very sumptuous place where one can expect to have a blast in the midst of nature.

Dandeli: Dandeli is an ideal holiday spot for those who are in love with nature. The region offers one the best experiences when it comes to adventure sports too like White Water River rafting in the Kali River, exciting wildlife travelling which includes exotic safari adventures, and jeep safaris into the dense Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Fun unlimited is guaranteed as there is so much to do in Dandeli!

Nagarhole: Nagarhole National Park is also famously known as the “Rajiv Gandhi National Park”. The extra ordinarily placed tourist centric park is located 94 kilometers from Mysore in the state of Karnataka. There are a lot of animals and flora and fauna that one can locate very easily in the park and thus one trip to the Nagarhole National Park ensures that one is much more educated and aware of the various species of animals in south India. One can enjoy the many safari rides that the park offers.

Bandipur: Bandipur is one of the most beautiful tourist spots that can even culminate as a nice team outing spot. The place has one of the best wild life sanctuaries in India. The Bandipur National park has collaboration with the Project Tiger and thus houses a lot of the near extinct species. One can enjoy elephant rides and safaris in the national park. Also there are a lot of cottages as well as dormitories for the visitors to camp and stay for the nights. One can spend a luxurious time watching many of the rare species of animals and birds and go home more enlightened about Mother Nature.

Masinagudi: Masinagudi is an interesting locale situated on the foothills of Nilgiris. It is located just beside the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. The place is perfect for team outings as it is filled with lush green environment as is apt for many local adventures. One can indulge in a lot of trekking and hiking sports and even go for long walks and treks in the wilds and expect to see some of the most exotic locales at the turn of every step!

Crave for the best places for management outbound and corporate offsite around Bangalore? Take your pick from Coorg, Dandeli, Nagarhole, Bandipur, Masinagudi, and lots more!

Grand Canyon Air Tours – Plane Rides Across the National Park

If you have never seen the Grand Canyon, it should be on your list of things to do. However, many families follow busy schedules and do not have time for long trips and camping. Grand Canyon airplane tours allow you to see some of the most magnificent scenery in the world, and it can all be done in one day.

Departure Points

The best tours leave from Las Vegas or Grand Canyon National Airport in Arizona. It is easy to get to either one of these locations by plane. From there, the tours last just a few hours and they are affordable too.

Are you planning to take a vacation to Las Vegas? If you are, don’t miss the opportunity to take an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon. It is easy because most of the tours offer free pick up and return to your hotel. You will have plenty of time to fly over the Grand Canyon during the day and be back in time to take in a dinner and show the same night.

Air tours are perfect for children and adults, as some tours will only take up about four hours of time. Of course, you can choose the package tour you like best. When you are ready for your tour, just book it right on the tour operator’s website. At the home page you will find all of the important information like itinerary and prices. Booking a memorable vacation experience is as simple as clicking your mouse.

Sights to Behold!

You’ll see other notable landmarks on your tour such as Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River. The Colorado River is the creator of this magnificent canyon area. It gradually cut through the rock and left behind some of the most amazing natural formations on earth.

Lake Mead is the largest man made lake and reservoir and you will fly high above it. It is more than a mile wide and one hundred and fifteen miles long, and is nearly six hundred feet deep in some areas. Water from this region flows to San Diego, which is hundreds of miles away.

Even more impressive is the massive Hoover Dam, which is located on the lake. This dam is used for flood control and irrigation. The dam is also used to generate electricity for about a million people.

Bring Your Camera

When you take a Grand Canyon air tour, you will see some of the most unusual and amazing rock formations. Many of them have to be seen from the air to be appreciated. You have to see the unusual rock formations for yourself because they are impossible to describe. Just don’t forget your camera, there will be many photo opportunities and you want lots of mementos to share with your friends when you get home.

A Grand Canyon airplane tour is a great way to create memories that last a lifetime. Add a trip to Vegas where you will get free shuttle service from your hotel or you can fly directly to the park’s airport. It is definitely worth the price to get a glimpse of the breathtaking natural artwork created by the mighty Colorado River.

Tips from the Author

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