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Celebrity Cruise Line Is Celebrity Cruise Line Worth Its Top Rating?

Enjoying a vacation on a cruise ship is quite unique and not like other types of vacation experiences you can enjoy.

Imagine – it’s a bright, sunny day and you’re on deck as you feel warm tropical breezes gently caress your face, your arms, your legs.

You look around and are mesmerized by the ocean and the captivating scenery of the coastline approaching off the ship’s bow.

You’re enjoying a Celebrity Cruise Line voyage.

And you’re very pleased because it certainly is living up to its reputation as one of the best rated cruise lines to travel on.

  • On top of their luxurious appointments, outstanding amenities, unrivaled accommodations and their attention to detail, you’re overjoyed because of the excellent value you’re getting on your quality cruise
  • From the stewards through the captain, Celebrity Cruises takes great pride in making you feel as if you are the only guest aboard their ship and they treat you as though you truly are a celebrity.
  • One of the adventures of cruising is awakening each morning at a new and exciting destination that you have the prospect of exploring.

    And when you’re aboard, between ports of call, you can just relax and give in to the temptation of being pampered by their watchful staff.

    Celebrity Cruise Line has become one of the best rated cruise lines because so many people who have been on a Celebrity cruise report that they truly had a once in a lifetime experience. They’ve said that they had taken a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

    All Celebrity Cruise vacation packages are considered “all inclusive. “

    This means that virtually everything you need for a marvelous vacation is included in the price of your ticket.

  • Gourmet meals are included.
  • You’ll savor a wide variety of dishes that will tantalize and delight your taste buds.

  • You will never have a dull moment because of the variety of activities, entertainment and amenities that are all available to you.
  • Your accommodations are luxurious and have everything from very comfortable beds to gracious surroundings.
  • And everything is there for you for the price of your ticket.

    Taking a Celebrity cruise has been compared to staying at a luxury hotel

    Only here your personal staff follows you as you travel the globe.

    Each day you have the advantage of exploring a new location, or simply taking in the new view from aboard ship.

  • Unlike traveling to different locations and staying in luxury hotels, you never have the hassles of packing, hauling your bags to the next stop on your journey, unpacking, and repacking once again.
  • Instead, you just focus on having fun.
  • And best of all, after you’ve spent the day just wandering around and exploring the streets of your new destination, you get to go home to a staff that knows what you like and has prepared your quarters the way you want for a relaxing evening.

    You have over 130 worldwide destinations to choose from with Celebrity Cruises.

  • You can go on anything from a two-night trip to a multi-week voyage.
  • Celebrity Cruise lines has received numerous travel industry awards and are usually top-rated by travel guides, so you can rest assured that you will have a great time anywhere you sail away with them.

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    France – Bordeaux and St. Tropez

    France and Paris, Paris and France. You’ll have a great time exploring Paris, but you’ll miss places like Bordeaux and St. Tropez if you don’t get out of the city.


    Bordeaux is both a city and the center of the wine region in France. As a city, Bordeaux is surprisingly bereft of things to see. One can find unique statutes, fountains and the like, but there isn’t really a particular location to mark of on your, “I saw that” list. The city is, however, a good place to relax, drink and eat. For relaxation, you can put around this low key town and take in food at the outdoor cafes in the Place de la Comedie. The specialty food of the region are canellas, which are very good. If you’re with the wine and cheese crowd, Bordeaux is going to seem much more exciting. The surrounding region produces wine by the mega cask loads and you can visit locations such as Chateau Mouton-Rothschild to smell and taste the grapes. Moderation is suggested as you want to avoid the grapes of wrath the next morning!

    St. Tropez

    St. Tropez has gone through roughly three stages in its history. Originally, the town was a little fishing village no different than others dotting the coast of France. At some point, however, it became the place to be for artist who had given up on Paris. No less than the painters Matisse, Signac and Seurat lived and worked in the town. Fortunately or unfortunately, those times have passed. While artist still populate the town, St. Tropez is now the hangout of celebrities and the wealthy. While still a beautiful location, the over the top glitz of St. Tropez is a bit much.

    Once you get out of Paris, your options are wide open when it comes to exploring France. Bordeaux is definitely worth a visit while St. Tropez tends to be a take it or leave it destination. I left it.

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    Best Places To See in Greece & Greek Islands

    Greece has an ancient culture that exists on extensive coastlines and islands. The mainland of the country is mountainous; however, the country has lots of islands most of which lie in the Aegean Sea. The wealth and diversity of the Greek seas, the Greek coasts and the hundreds of Greek islands are charming. Not only the beauty of Greece’s landscapes but also the ancient heritage of this country attracts attention. The countryside shifts from mountains to valleys and these form a list of things to do for the travellers.

    Some major cities in Greece are Athens, Crete, Attica, Santorini, Mikonos, Corfu, Olympia, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Chania, Kos, Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion.

    Athens is the capital of Greece. It has a cultural, political and touristic importance. The city houses many must-see places. Among the top tourist attractions of Greece there are; The Acropolis and the Parthenon, The Agora, National Archaeological Museum, Syntagma Square, The Plaka, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, Athens Olympic Stadium, Lycabettus Hill, The Byzantine Museum, The National Garden, the Triumphal Arch of Galerius at Thessaloniki, Vergina. The Acropolis is a historical site which has a world wide fame. The ancient periods of Greece can be seen in Athens’ National Archeological Museum.

    The monasteries of Meteora are among the most popular travel destinations in the world. Rhodes has always been an important port through the history. Crete presents visitors myths, legends and history with a beautiful landscape. Popular attractions of Crete are the Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Gorge of Samaria. Acrocorinth in the city of Corinth is a place to see.

    Greece is full of archaeological sites and monuments which reflect the history of itself. The visitors are mesmerized by this history. Greece is regarded as the place of the gods and goddesses once touched the earth. Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, Archaeological Site of Delphi, Mount Athos, Monasteries of Meteora, Mystras, Delos, Corfu, The Palace of Knossos, White Tower, Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Byzantine Museum, Ancient Thira, Ancient Akrotiri, The Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Acropolis of Lindos are among places to see.

    Endless kilometres of the Greek coasts and beautiful beaches are also charming. Beaches stretch over many kilometres. The clean and transparent waters are popular all over the world. In summer, the beaches of Greece are at the top of the list of attractions. Some of the names of these beaches are Crete, Corfu, Amorgos, Ios, Milos, Paros, Serifos, Kithnos.

    Festivals, especially Hellenic Festival, of Greece are very popular. Festivals present world class music, theatre performances and more. Greece offer a wide variety of local wines. Birdwatching at the Nestos Delta and Prespa Lakes are popular.

    Greece is also a mountainous country. Mt Olympus, known from Greek mythology as the abode of the gods, is the highest mountain in the country. Mount Pasnasso is also another popular one. Hiking and climbing are among available activities in Greece. Greece is known as the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Museum of the Olympic Games is a place to see by the travellers.

    There are many places suitable for different activities to do in Greece. In order to have idea about Greece and its attractions, you can visit Travelovideo and watch the videos of the country.

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    So Youre Retired – What now?

    Being retired doesn’t mean you have to give up working or doing anything that you love, it simply means you have moved into a different stage of your life and now you can rest and take it easy and just do the things that you actually want to do even if you don’t get paid for them, now is the time to start getting some hobbies and use your retirement nest egg to fund your lifestyle, however you may be tempted to start a business to fill in your time, I believe this is a mistake, you have worked hard all of your life so now is the time to enjoy your time off and travel around the world while you still have the chance of seeing some of the great wonders that this world has to offer.

    One of the best ways to find something to do with your time is to think about what you did on the weekends while you were working at your regular job and try to do more of that, perhaps a spot of golf would be a good idea and maybe even do some volunteer work or buy a classic car so you have a project to work on and have something to show at the end of it, whatever you want to do with your time it’s best to stick to something that you know you will enjoy, now is the time in your life where you get to enjoy the fruits of all those hard years of back breaking work.

    One thing you must do in your retirement years is to keep active, as the body ages it’s very easy to sit around and get lazy but the human body needs constant exercise to be able to fight off disease and become more flexible, I have seen many people take up weight lifting in their retirement years and feel the full benefit of having an active lifestyle while keeping their mind active and having a routine which is something to get up for in the morning.

    Taking up a gentle form of exercise has all kinds of benefits but really you can do with your time whatever you wish, however you may find it difficult to adapt if you are so used to being busy and then you just have all this free time on your hands but you should never use that as a reason to create work for yourself, you really need to think about taking up some hobbies, things that you really enjoy doing and that could keep you active mentally and physically.

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    Important Events in Austin, TX

    Austin is a city that is full of fun and exciting events that you want to check out. Some of these events are family friendly, others are for adults only. But, what you should know is that the city of Austin is full of them and on most weekends, you can find something entertaining to do. Be sure that you are checking out some of these great events and that you get what you need so that you can have some fun at these festivals and events. It is easy to plan your schedule around these and know what is out there to attend.

    Austin Wine and Music Festival

    Although most people would read this and immediately think that this was an adult only event, the wine and music festival is a family friendly event. Head there with your family and watch for the banners Austin, TX companies have created for them showing where the kid face painting booth is. Otherwise, head out with just the adults and enjoy some great live music and some great wine. You will find that this event is held in one central location and that it is stretched out across three days so that you can maximize your enjoyment of the event.

    Urban Music Festival of Austin

    One of the best parts about Austin is that the city is so eclectic. So, you will find that it isn’t just one type of music that is there and that people enjoy. The Urban Music Festival is held once a year and lasts for two days. You will find that it includes reggae music, hip-hop, and R&B. It is so great to go check this out. Be sure that you are looking at the banners Austin, TX companies have created and see what large name acts will be featured at that time and for that genre.

    Rodeo Austin

    Austin has a lot of rodeos that are out there, so you will find that there are festivals that are out there for them. Rodeo Austin is one of these events and it is something that a lot of people check out. If you are interested in rodeo, head down to Rodeo Austin and be sure that you are looking at the banners Austin, TX companies offer so that you can see what is being done and where. There are all kinds of great events that are head there, bull riding, steer roping, and much more.


    So many people hope that one day they can attend Carnaval, which is a huge festival held in Brazil. Most of us will never make it to it. The great thing about Austin is that they actually hold one of these festivals each year that people attend and check out. This is a great time and a party that is held in the street. It has great food, great company, and great music. If you are looking for a good time, make sure that you are checking out Carnaval when it is being held in Austin.

    Balaklava Bay – One of The Most Mysterious Places in Crimea

    Beautiful harbor Balaklava bay framed by steep cliffs, narrow and mysterious entrance with projecting headlands on either side, untouched wilderness, a quiet bay . . .
    No, this is not a description of the famous bay Listrigonov with its bloodthirsty giants, from which escaped valiant Odysseus. This is – a fascinating miniature town of Balaklava bay, located close to Sevastopol.
    Balaklava bay town full of secrets and mysteries, like almost all Crimean land. On the mysterious bay walks a lot of legends and legends, from ancient, not very romantic adventures of Odysseus is mentioned countless treasures to the British ship “Black Prince, which sank formidable cliffs of the bay.
    Name of the picturesque harbor from Turkish means “fishy’s Nest”, which is fully justified. In welcoming Balaklava bay as a cozy sea hotel “de luxe” fit everything you need, that would make our dear guests: the magnificent panoramic scenery, beautiful beaches with emerald water and shingle beach, fashionable yachts – clubs and diving – malls, excellent fish restaurants with excellent cuisine and a lot – a lot of gentle sun.

    Balaklava bay – this is truly a unique wonder of nature.

    Hidden from human sight in the Rockies haven, Balaklava bay contained in itself the most beautiful monuments erected not by human hands: the steep headlands Aya and Fiolent, the slopes are covered with thickets of Crimean Pitsunda pine, juniper and strawberry tree, as well as reefs, boulders, caves amazing underwater world.
    Balaklava bay has many historic buildings that adorn its architectural data is a wonderful place. Old aristocratic mansions XVII – IX centuries. famous Russian aristocrats Naryshkin, Yusupova et al, Victorian-style building on the waterfront makes for a cozy-like Balaclava Mediterranean port city.

    The picturesque ruins of the Genoese fortress Cembalo acting Orthodox Church of the Twelve Apostles, the top-secret underground factory of submarines capable of withstanding a nuclear explosion – the most interesting and most visited points of Balaklava. In the rocky shores of Balaklava starred such famous films as “Man – Amphibian, ” “Sappho. “
    When you’ll travel to Crimea – you gonna see Balaklava beaches, the most wonderful place for those who love romance and quiet, not loaded with standard beach activities, camping. Located at the foot of the Crimean mountains coast, travel to Crimea, bay strewn with small pebbles and large golden sand. Through the clear water can be seen rock – sandy bottom with its marine life. To get to the beach should make a fun little journey by sea on a cruise boat or on a fishing skiff. Fans of a more active holiday can reach the beaches along the path, which is located along a cliff – this hike will take more than an hour.

    Modern Balaklava – it’s just an entertainment center of the elite.

    Famous people from all over Europe travel to Crimea to enjoy swimming on their own yachts, have fun on the glamorous parties and concerts of famous artists, and just relax from the hustle and urgent cases.
    Beautiful Balaklava celebrated by the most famous poets and writers who traveled to Crimea – Homer, Pushkin, Kuprin, Lesya Ukrainka and others, is truly the most wonderful corner of the Crimean coast.

    American Battlefields – Battle of Little Bighorn

    The Battle of Little Bighorn is perhaps the most famous conflict between Native Americans and the U. S. government.

    The clashes between the settlers of the American West and the Native Americans between 1865 and 1890 are known as the Indian Wars. Little Bighorn Battlefield is the site of the June 25, 1876 battle between the U. S. Army’s seventh cavalry, and several bands of Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho.

    This is where your vacation begins, living the life of an Army horse soldier on the American Frontier, studying the tactics, techniques, and customs of the frontier army.

    Relive one of the most celebrated, controversial, and debated military events in America: the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Ride out on a three-day campaign, living in authentic period tents at a traditional cavalry field encampment while conducting realistic cavalry operations.

    Participate in basic cavalry encampment training where you’ll learn horse and soldier skills, practice mounted cavalry drills, and how to use weapons of the frontier cavalrymen. Cavalry training will be held near Medicine Tail Coulee, next to the Little Bighorn River, where Custer is thought to have flanked the Sioux Indian village.

    Some wild west outfitters offer horseback riding tours where the actual battle of the Little Bighorn took place and see a reenactment of the battle. For a more challenging adventure, you can train to become a re-enactor and participate in the Real Bird’s Battle of the Little Bighorn.

    U. S. Cavalry School offers U. S. cavalry horsemanship and tactics training, gun familiarization training for horses, reenactment training, cavalry encampments, and cavalry history instruction. Both novice and advance training courses are available.

    This reenactment vacation is open to everyone over the age of 14. This would make a great family vacation as there are a number of programs offered that are specifically oriented to family members not participating in cavalry training.

    Additional Activities
    An adventure vacation can be a living classroom. You can retrace the paths our ancestors took in settling the past. Fun can be had on an outdoor wild west vacation.

    Crow Fair and Rodeo

    Custer Battlefield Museum

    Custer Battlefield Museum is located on the former site of Sitting Bull’s camp, on the famous Garryowen bend of the Little Bighorn River, a traditional summer hunting campsite for many Plains Indian tribes.

    Several famous locations associated with the Battle of the Little Bighorn are visible from Garryowen. These sites include Reno’s hilltop defense site, Weir Point, Last Stand Hill, Medicine Tail Coulee, the Crow’s Nest, the Wolf Mountains as well as the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and Custer National Cemetery.

    Artifacts at the museum include many items found at the battle site, such as:

  • Crow Dog’s rifle

  • war clubs and trade knives

  • cavalry spurs

  • Tom Custer’s Kerr revolver and an Army pistol

  • Lakota lance made from a cavalry guidon pole

  • U. S. Army-issue revolver with a holster

  • Beaded Indian War Shirts

  • A collection of moccasins

  • shovels used to bury the cavalry dead

  • an Indian necklace made from one of the rings on General Custer’s saddle,

  • an early Sioux dugout canoe

    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – Located at the Custer Battlefield Museum

    The remains of this unknown trooper were found in 1926 and presumed to have been one of Major Reno’s men. The soldier’s body was not found until the road crew building the US 87 highway uncovered it 50 years later.

    The Custer Battlefield Museum is located in Garryowen, Montana; at Exit 514 on I-90, just south of the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

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    Things to See on Your Holidays in Belarus

    When anyone thinks of war whether it is World War I or World War II, Napoleon war or Northern wars, there is only one great place that could offer plenty of rich memories of these great events of our time, that place is Belarus. Aside from these events, Belarus has plenty of history of Russian Socialist Revolution, as well as the Jewish History.

    Many known personalities were born or have roots in Belarus, not to mention the Bielski brothers, Irving Berlin, David Mayer-Lanski and many others who have helped shape our world history. So that when one wants a great appreciation of world history, Belarus will be an informative place of destination.

    For example, the Khatyn, a memorial to a village burned during WW II, is one piece of evidence that Belarus had an active role during WW II. It has a Graveyard of Villages – each grave symbolizes each one of the Belarusian Villages that have shared their terrible fate with Khatyn.

    Another is the Brestkaya Krepasc or the Brest Forest, this is famous by the deed of Belarus heroic garrison. Belarusians had an unprecedented guerilla resistance scale. These partisan fighters stayed in Belarusians woods fighting Germans. In commemoration of this deed, Brest Forest was arisen in memory of the partisan fighters.

    Aside from these heroic memorials, Belarus has plenty of XII-XIV century’s castles. The Mir Castle, one of the many former residences of the famous Belarusian, is well preserved and serves now as a residence of the college of architectural restoration. The other castles include Nvasvizh, Zaslaue, Lida, and Kamianec.

    The 12th Century orthodox churches are also well preserved in Belarus. The St. Sophia Cathedral of Polacak is standing beautiful and mighty in Belarus. The famous Farny Jesuit Cathedral in Hrodna is one of the well preserved and main attractions of Belarus.

    Besides these historical places, Belarus has many attractions in its nature. Aside from the fact that it is a country of thousands of lakes, it has the last piece of primeval European forest. Its national park, Belavezha, has the relict of a European relative of Buffalo- Zoobr. Its capital city, Minsk, is designed similarly to a huge botanical garden.

    Other natural attractions include the Belarus Typical Landscapes that include pine and mixed woods. Tourists can also enjoy bird watching in the vast fields, forests and marshlands of Belarus. It has no private lands, so camping is quite popular with tourists. They can fish, gather berries, mushrooms and flowers, and swim in the lake without any hassle. The pace in Belarus is slow and relaxing and the people are warm and welcoming to tourists.

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    10 Interesting Things About Antarctica

    Antarctica is perhaps the most mystical of all the continents and also the most misunderstood. Here are 10 things about Antarctica you should know.

    Antarctica and the Arctic often are confused by many people. Antarctica is the land mass at the South Pole – the one with the cute penguins you see in the movies. There are tons of interesting things to know about Antarctica, but here are 10 you may not.

    1. Antarctica is the coldest and windiest of all the continents.

    2. To the surprise of many, Antarctica is also the driest of all the continents receiving a mere sprinkling of rain and snow once or twice a year.

    3. Antarctica gets its name from the Greek language. In a bit of deviousness, the term because it means opposite the Arctic.

    4. The continent was discovered in 1820 by a Russian expedition, but was not further explored to any serious extent for another 100 years.

    5. No permanent human residents are known to have ever lived on the continent and even today only temporary scientific communities exist.

    6. Antarctica, not the Sahara Desert, is technically the biggest desert in the world, but the desert is ice instead of snow.

    7. The ice sheet covering the continent is approximately 1.6 miles thick on average and holds 90 percent of the fresh water on the planet in the form of ice.

    8. The ice sheet was melting dramatically. In 2002, over 1,000 square miles broke off the continent. In recent years, unusual amounts of snow fall have resulted in a thickening of the ice contrary to global warming concerns.

    9. The continent is the only natural habitat of the Emperor Penguin, immortalized in the movie March of the Penguins. The penguin, however, also is found on the shoreline of some southern continents from time to time.

    10. The continent has no government and is not owned by any country. Many countries have claimed the continent at one time or another. Currently, a treaty exists that grants the continent its independence from any such claims.

    All and all, Antarctica is an amazing place. Contrary to popular assumptions, it is one of the driest places on Earth, yet holds 90 percent of the fresh water on the planet. This contradiction is just one of many that arise when considering this amazing continent.

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