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Write More, Make More Money – Five Tips to Writing Fast

Writing fast, writing more, and writing well is a skill you can develop. It’s a skill which pays off in today’s Internet world where so much depends on your writing skill, whether you’re writing as a freelance writer, or for your career, or for your business.

In this article we’ll discuss five tips to write more.

I’m a reasonably fast and prolific writer; it comes naturally. Over a long writing career I’ve also found that when I write more the quality of my writing goes up. My writing students have also found that when they write more, their writing improves.

Would you like to write a 600 word, well-researched article in half an hour, including research time? You can with practice.

Here are the tips:

1. Plan your writing a week in advance

You’ll write more when you plan your writing at least a week in advance. Not only does planning your writing in advance help you to discover useful research material via serendipity, your subconscious mind does a lot of the “writing” for you.

So on Sunday evening, or Monday morning, take a few minutes to create your writing schedule for the week, and enter all the articles, reports, and other material you know you need to write in the coming week.

2. Research for a week’s writing in one session

“Research”, especially online, can be a huge time-sink. As with writing, I plan my research in advance, and you can too. You can research ten articles, or a 30-page report, in less than two hours at the library. Online, using newspaper databases and commercial databases, it should only take you around an hour, maximum.

If you’re writing on commission, consider out-sourcing some research: it means you can write more.

3. Create descriptive working titles

Your working title tells you exactly what the focus is for an article, report, or book. It stops you wandering off the point while you’re writing. I know if I can get the working title right, writing the material will be easy. Equally, while I may know what the topic and slant are, if I don’t take the time to think about the title, I know that the material will take longer to write.

Batch-write titles, as you batch-research.

4. Outline each piece

Outlining is essential to help you to write more. My outlining is usually just a list of items I want to cover in the piece. If the topic is complex, or unfamiliar to me, I create a mind map.

Again, outline many pieces of writing before you write. I’ve just checked my In Progress file, and I can see that I currently have eight articles outlined. I’ll outline several more later today; I like to have somewhere between ten and 20 articles outlined in advance.

5. Relax while you write

The more you can relax physically as you write, the more you’ll write. Some writers like to listen to music – check to see whether playing music in the background helps you to get into a state of “flow” so you can focus just on your writing.

Bonus tip: get a speech recognition program. Although learning to dictate your writing takes a week or two initially, the boosts in your writing speed are worth it.

So there you have five tips which will help you to write more and make more money. Remember to practice these new skills until they become a natural writing process for you.

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Assignment Help for college students

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Business Writing Tip: Question & Answer Format

Traditionally, business writing uses the “one thing after another” format, which usually means a plain recitation of the facts, circumstances, or whatever else needs to be said.

But, we have a number of other options, and some of them may provide more responses or better responses. Consider the Q & A format, for example:

Question: What’s the Q & A format?

Answer: It’s a series of questions and answers, used to communicate important information to readers.

Question: Where can a Q & A be used?

Answer: It can be used in advertising, employee communication, or any other business situation where you want to provide written information to other people.

Question: Why or when would you use this format?

Answer: When I have a lot of information and want to keep up the interest of readers, for example. The Q & A format breaks up the information into smaller, more digestable chunks, and makes the content seem less formidable to readers.

Question: But don’t you need at least two people for this kind of format?

Answer: In the news media, Q & A means one person asks questions and another person answers. But, in a business writing context, Q & A also can mean the same person asks and answers.

Question: Can you give a real-life example?

Answer: Sure. I wrote one to promote my book, A Manager’s Guide to Newsletters: Communicating for Results. In that case, the Q & A provided an insight into my motivations for writing the book, and its evolution from a descriptive to a strategic approach. The material might have been handled conventionally, but the Q & A gave it a ring of detachment with inherently more interest, I think. You can evaluate it for yourself, at: .

Question: Is there anything special about writing a Q & A?

Answer: I think a Q & A can take many forms, but generally I’d recommend that you use a conversational tone if possible. By doing that, you’ll embrace the conventional sense of a Q & A, which is a discussion between two people.

Question: Did you write this Q & A by yourself?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And who are you?


About The Author

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English Grammar – Tips Helping You to Improve Your English Writing

Grammar plays an important role while writing a text as grammatical error will not only change the meaning but will also create a bad impression. In today’s professional world these type of errors are totally unacceptable as most of the communication whether at home or at office is done in writing. This tool helps to achieve the goal by improving your English writing skill. Let us find out how it is done.

Basic Facts

The tool of English grammar has the capacity of automatically proofreading your text to detect the basic errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation. To do this work it takes the help of a large database and advanced algorithms which is inbuilt. Thus it easily detects the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors which you can rectify while writing the text. It also gives suggestions about the typos correction.


The main advantages that you can obtain with the help of this technology are:

  • It saves the time that has to be spent on manual proof reading.
  • It assists in writing special writing assignments which is highly technical like the applications that have to be written for patent or for a job.
  • It has more capabilities than the word processor that is conventional which helps you to develop better writing skills.


This technology not only helps to correct your text but also improves your writing skill and develops the fluency that is required in writing the text. It is helpful for correcting all the errors that commonly occur in writing.

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Write Your Memories to Leave a Legacy – Tips to Get Women Started Wri

Write to leave a legacy. We often read about a financial legacy. There are advisors who can help you determine your goals and make sure that you have adequate money to achieve them. You are asked if you want to leave money to your children, to your church, to your college or high school, to a favorite charity.

But a life, fortunately, is considerably more than a bunch of numbers or a stack of bills. The author, writing coach and social psychologist Matilda Butler has identified seven legacies of life. She calls them: Emotional Legacy, Physical Legacy, Cognitive Legacy, Spiritual Legacy, Social Legacy, Financial Legacy, and Temporal Legacy.

“While I’ve written briefly about these life legacies, ” says Butler, “I’ll be addressing each in depth in a book planned for next year. For now, however, I believe memoir writers can use them to give focus to their own legacy. ” Consider Emotional Legacy, she suggests. The types of feelings you have are not always under your control. One event may make you happy and another may make you angry or sad. Having the full range of emotions is important in a well-rounded life.

Identifying these different feelings or emotions will give texture to your writing. Furthermore, how you handle various emotions is a gift you give to others, for that is the only part you can control. Do you nourish your emotional health? If so, how? Do you acknowledge your feelings or do you deny your emotional needs?

You want your family and friends to take care of themselves emotionally, but if you don’t help yourself, how will they have a model for their own lives? Consider an Emotional Legacy of a well-balanced emotional life that fully acknowledges both your feelings and your need to express feelings to those you know. When you create a living legacy from your awareness of your own emotional needs, you are also investing in your Emotional Capital. The more you invest, the more you have to give as a legacy.

Write your memoir as a legacy for your family and friends. Consider the variety of elements of your life that you want to include. Often the written story of a life is more valuable than a check or other monetary asset. Your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. can know what your life was like, what was important to you, and what times were like when you lived. As a commercial might say, “Priceless. “

Thanks for reading this. Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for. . . your Bonus Writing Prompt: Choose one of the Seven Life Legacies mentioned above-such as your Spiritual Legacy. How do you work toward an understanding of life? Is it through prayer, meditation, literature, music, art, or nature? Independent of the specifics of your religious or spiritual beliefs, you do have this particular life to live. Write a letter to a grandchild that explains your legacy of values. Tell your grandchild where these values come from and give examples of how they have shaped you.

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Kendra Bonnett is one of the authors of the collective memoir Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story

Existentialism in Waiting for Godot

Critics call Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett one of the first examples of the Theatre of the Absurd. This school of theater derived on the base of existentialists’ teaching in philosophy and art. Existentialists believed in nothing but conscious existence. But this existence had no sense for them. They emphasized the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe. Another point of existentialist teaching concentrates on the sense of anguish, loss of hope and fear which penetrates all spheres of human existence. Third point of this teaching is a theme of absurdity of our life and absence of meaning. All this characteristics of existentialism can be found in Waiting for Godot play and in general it can be regarded as a bright example of an existentialist absurd art.

This play became a challenge for an audience as it was a completely new type of the play and a bold attempt to give the explanations to the world which had no meaning at all. One set for the two acts stresses the absurd of human life. Beckett states that existence is determined by blind chance. Estragon and Vladimir are waiting for Godot who never arrives and the more they wait the less chances for them to meet Godot they’ve never seen. Actually there were a lot of ideas about who Godot might be as Beckett himself didn’t give an answer. Some critics state that main characters are waiting for God, other give the French translation of the word “boot”. But the main idea here is waiting for somebody to bring sense and understanding to senseless and empty lives. And existentialists know that this will never happen as there is nobody and nothing that can do this.

Another existentialist theme touched by Beckett is the meaningless of time. It was concluded by many critics that second act repeats the first one. It means that for the characters of the play the life is repeated day after day and forms an exclusive circle, where past, present and future and mixed and make no difference. The play is structured this way to let us understand that Godot most probably will not come and the certainty and hope he must have brought with his arrival will not come either. Every day Godot’s messenger doesn’t recognize Vladimir and Estragon and they meet Lucky and Pozzo at the same place. Finally Vladimir and Estragon stay at the same place in the end of the play where we met them at the very beginning and nothing has changed and never will.

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The main theme of the play is the main idea of existentialism – the search of the sense of life. And like all existentialists, Beckett doesn’t give an answer. His characters try to do anything possible to keep themselves busy and to pervert themselves from thinking about the meaningless and vanity of everything they do. “Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful?” Estragon complains in the beginning of the play. And this is the most terrible thing that happens to them. The theme of fear and dependence is also examined in the play. These are the topics typical for existentialism teaching. And the attempts of suicide taken by both sound comically and tragically at the same time. Vladimir: What do we do now?

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How Effective Are Your Communication Skills?

There are times when no matter how effective our communication skills are there are mis communications. And although we listen to information that is transmitted to us for internalization and understanding, we gather most of the information from the physical signals. Such signals include body language, facial gestures ones distance from us etc. Also in conjunction to the language used to communicate we seem to translate the pitch and tone before the words.

One barrier to effective communication skills can be obviously language. The choice of words and language will influence how the listener receives the communication. Since language is a symbolic representation that is learned by those involved in the interaction of communication, room is left open for misinterpretation and distortion of the information being sent. This is due to one’s own concept of what the symbolism of a particular word or language represents and the fact that the interpretation may vary from person to person.

Another problem that can prevent effective communication skills is body language. There are many times when what comes out of our mouth does not match our physical gestures and body language. In this case the person receiving information fluctuates between the words being said and the visuals to come to a conclusion about what information is being transmitted to them. This creates mixed signals for the receiver, which makes them distrust the information being given to them.

The biggest factor in nonverbal body language is the face. We all look at people’s faces for signs when they are communicating with us. We look to see if they are speaking the truth or lying to us. Similarly posture effects our interpretation of information as well. One’s posture can come across as aggressive, shy, indifferent a communication interaction affecting how we think about the information we are receiving.

Another thing to consider for effective communication skills is ones tone and pitch. We can use a particular word and with the incorrect tone or pitch the meaning of the word is altered. Ex. If we yell at someone with an angry face “I’m Happy Today!!!” They will look at the person’s way of saying the words as being an angry person today not happy. Think about how many ways a word can be said and even though it is the same word, the meanings change with the context with which it is used. This is the same for tone and pitch. This is where the phrase “Its not what you say, it’s how you say it” is illustrated.

People who know how to use effective communication skills know the importance of non-verbal communication as well. They know that just as important as what we say it is how we say it. They know the best way to convey messages are with body language and tone/pitch that reinforces what they are trying to convey. This leaves little room for misinterpretations on the part of the listener.

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Writing Tip: Repetitive Word Choice

I recently proofread a soon-to-be-published memoir that is translated from the French, and unfortunately, the translator’s word choice is so poor that it inspired this “what not to do” article. Word choice can be a positive or negative quality in writing for many reasons. In this case, the writer’s sin is the repetitious use of words and phrases. Over. And over. And over. Most writers who do this don’t realize they’re doing it, and it’s one of the best reasons to read your work out loud-and one of the easiest writing pitfalls to fix through careful editing.

For example, today I came across the following sentence:

“In reality, this was very unrealistic. “

I know what you’re thinking: “reality” and “unrealistic” aren’t the same word. But repetitive word choice isn’t always about the exact same word or phrase being overused; different forms of a word count, too. First, when in the same sentence or paragraph, they can be a red flag of redundancy. Would the meaning of the above sentence be any different if we cut “in reality”? Nope. You can’t claim an idea is unrealistic if you haven’t thought about it in terms of reality.

Also, potential for further depth and nuance can be lost if you reuse favorite words and phrases at the expense of variation. If we replace “in reality” with a more specific word or phrase, the sentence becomes much more effective and meaningful. For example:

“Given what had just happened in the Middle East, this was very unrealistic. “


“Outside of my daydreams, this was very unrealistic. “

Sometimes varying word choice is even more basic: If you reread a paragraph in your fiction and find that you’ve used the word “couple” three times, drag out your thesaurus. Try “duo” or “pair” or “lovers. ” Keep in mind that while words may be listed as synonyms, each has its own connotations, and the strongest writers take care to choose the word that best conveys their intended meaning and fits the tone or mood of their writing. That goes for every word in every sentence, of course.

In short, word choice is an easy realm in which to get lazy or sloppy, but it’s one of the most important aspects of good writing, if not the most important. Choose wisely and with variety, my writer friends.

Lisa Silverman is a freelance book editor and works in the copyediting department at one of New York’s most prestigious literary publishing houses. She has also worked as a ghostwriter and a literary agent representing both book authors and screenwriters. She founded in order to provide writers with free advice on both writing and the publishing business.

Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing Jobs

Web pages rank well only if the content is unique. These contents are written by ordinary people with good writing skills. You can earn a handsome income by becoming a freelance writer. But don’t jump into the fray thinking that it is a child’s play. Before you start your career as a freelancer you should be aware of the pros and cons.

The advantages of freelancing are obvious.

  • Flexible working hours: – It does not matter when you work as long as you meet the dead line. You can work at home or in your office. You can take it up in your spare time.
  • Freedom: – Freelancing offers the freedom to demand what you think you deserve. If your client wants your writing skills they are bound to pay according to your demand, even though staying competitive is important.
  • Skip resumes and interviews: – There is no need to submit resumes and attend series of interviews to get the job as a freelancer. If your work is good you get hired and you can be successful in the field.

Let us think about certain disadvantages of freelancing.

  • Excellent writing skills: Without excellent writing skills it is very difficult to survive as a freelancer. You have to update and constantly improve your skills to remain competitive.
  • Discipline and self motivation: – Self motivation and discipline are two essential ingredients for success in freelancing. Since there is no boss to supervise the work if you are not disciplined chances are there to do the work half-heartedly leading to bad reputation in the field.
  • Speed: – Speed is another factor which determines the efficiency of a freelancer. If you are to earn a handsome amount you have to produce quality work in less time. Most of the assignments get paid according to the length and quality of the content, not the time taken to complete it. Hence speed is important.

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