Challenges? Problems? If You Are in a Hole, STOP DIGGING!

Have you been somewhere likes this? Or maybe you know someone who is there at the moment? Your partner just left you? You just lost your job? Your business is going bad? Not enough cash to get you through the week? One of your children is sick? Sound familiar. Why is life full of problems? And why do these things happen to me? And, more importantly how do you keep moving forward when it feels like the whole world is conspiring against you.

Unfortunately life is not perfect. A wise man once said that Life only gives you challenges to the level at which you are able to deal with. One of the most important elements in dealing with the challenges that life throws at you is not to make them bigger than they are. We are all guilty of running the challenge around in our head until it gets so big that we just cannot see a way around it. Get a sheet of paper and properly define the problem. Do not embellish it. Do not make the story bigger than it really is. But, define the problem. In order to get through whatever it is that you are dealing with, you must first know clearly what it is that you are dealing with. Once you have defined the problem, throw away the paper, because it is not the problem that we are interested in, it is the SOLUTION that we are truly interested in. But, in order to get somewhere we must first know where we are starting from.

You are not alone. Get help. Somewhere out there someone has already faced and overcome the problem you are now dealing with. Maybe one of your friends. Or maybe you need to seek professional help. A coach, trainer or mentor can help you overcome the challenge. One of the negative ways we tend to deal with problems is to withdraw, because nobody has it as bad as what we have got it at the moment. Is that what you are thinking? Or I can not ask for help because I should be big enough to deal with this by myself. And I do not want to burden someone else with my problem. Frankly, this is a load of rubbish. Firstly, someone out there has a bigger challenge than the one you are facing right now. Secondly as human beings we like to help our fellow humans in their time of need. So, ask for help. It is there you just have to ask for it.

So, what is the way out? By now, we have defined the problem so we know exactly what the issue is that we are dealing with. Secondly, we have made a list of people, organisations, or resources that can help us with our problem. So now we need to decide what the desired outcome is. Where do we want to go to? And, more importantly why do we want to get there? The way out is then to take ACTION. At this point in time, we have done some writing and some thinking. And, this is where a lot of people get stuck. Take Action. Do Something that will move you closer to where you want to be. NOW!!

Got a big problem or challenge? Great. Let us do something about it. What is your problem? Do not make it bigger than it is, and do not make it smaller than it is. Imagine that it belongs to someone else and help them define it. Once you have it defined, make a list of people and resources that will help you overcome this problem. Remember that help is out there it is just a matter of asking for it. And finally, take ACTION. Move away from where you are and closer to where you want to be.

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