Charles Dickens, My Favorite Author

Dickens wide array of touching characters emphasizes the virtues of sacrifice, comprise, charity, and loyalty. The feelings for the poor, which he expresses in his stories, made me one of his fans and he became my favorite author.

Brief Account of the author

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and is still a popular English novelist. He was born to John & Elizabeth Dickens in a small terraced house at 1-mile End terrace, Land port, Port Sea on 7th February 1872. The house is now a museum & houses, furniture of the and the couch on which he died.

At the age of 5, his family moved to Chadman in Kent & then 5 years later to Camden
in London. In 1824, when his father was imprisoned for debt, he was sent to work at a Warren’ Blacking factory at Hunger ford market.

This was a very unhappy period in his life and when his father was released he attended day school. Three years after he commended work as a solicitor’s clerk, subsequently becoming a freelance reporter at Doctor’s Commons Courts. On 2nd April 1836, he married Catherine Hogarth the daughter of his friend. He died in 1870. Now I will describe some of his literary work in short.



This is also a story of a contrast and Comedy of social conflicts. The author has tried to bring a strategy of life where there is joy, sorrows and happiness. The actors and the actress have met crisis and they have suffered a lot to a great extent. The lifestyles and monotonous pictures of David Copperfield have been discussed. The commitment met by David Copperfield was not true to his friend. Their friends have not sociably accepted his proposal to make wits and humor. For this he was dispersed and deviated from his friend’s circle and parents, which led his life miserable.


This story has been written in the background of French revolution. In every time, the crisis has been created and the fatal consequences have been vividly reflected. The main characters of the story are : Dr. Mannette, Sydney Cartoon, Luchy and Mr. Darnay. In this story, Ever Mondes’ brother who willingly tormented the happy life of Dr. Mannette and have victimized Dr. Manette to conspiracy. Dr. Mannette was living peacefully in Paris with his practice. Once upon a time one evermond brother informed him that a girl was lying like dead in a certain place. Dr. Mannette recently went there and found that evermond brothers had recently disgraced the girl and in order to save her a boy came forward to rescue her but he was also shoot dead. Dr. Mannette submitted a detail report to the government against the evermond brothers. But the case actually went against Dr. Mannette. On a trial of a judgement Dr. Mannette was sentenced imprisonment for long fifteen years.


The story is based on the family affairs of a businessman and his friends. Here the author has created crisis and has created o reflect their motives of lively-beings expansively. Mr. Bansberry and his friends were the main subject of the story. He married with a girl who did not agree in their affairs. But she agreed to marry to provide her brother in the workshop of Mr. Bansburry. She had revenged at last against her husband by making his workshop burnt by her brother and made his bank robbery. Due to the fact, it was a consequence of her conspiracy of long days against Mr. Bansburry.


It is the story of a young orphan boy whose life sketch has been reflected as the life of poverty and depression under nonchalance, remorse and dilapidated environment in England in the 1830’s. The story envisages the evil of the poor family of the time and the corruption of the people who were usually accustomed to work there. It also shows the depths of London’s crime with an emphasis on petty robbery and pick pocketing. The main evil character of the novel, Fagin, also referred to as “The Jew” is characterized as a money pincher with no true affections. His main goals are to exploit the people around him so he can better his station and strengthen his power. Oliver, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Oliver represents all that is good in the society. He abhors the thought of stealing, violence, or mistreatment of any sort. The hate that Monks feels for Oliver and the greed he feels towards his inheritance eventually destroys him. The revenge that Sikes inflicts on Nancy drives him almost insane and eventually too accidental suicide.

I like his books

In his every novel, Charles Dickens has created crisis and described the consequences of his actors and actresses. I like this author’s books because he had created history in his novels and in the light of the history, the background of the stories has been highlighted as a process of resurrection of human beings.

Kh. Atiar Rahman is a distinguished author and a poet. He has many publication in national and international media.