Cheap Mexico Beachfront Real Estate; Excellent Low-Cost Investment

Do you ever find your self looking at beachfront real estate in Mexico and thinking, I should have gotten into this back when it was still cheap! I’d be making a killing right now. ” The point is that people who know what they were doing back 15, 20, 30 years ago knew where to look and what signs to look for that these now red-hot Mexico beachfront locations would be worth a lot some day. These same savvy investors are now looking at other places that are showing similar signs – perhaps even more promising than the established real estate destinations showed in the past – of being excellent projects; Cheap Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate is still available, and in places showing tons of potential!

Highlighting two examples, one in Campeche Real Estate, the other in Tulum Real Estate, will demonstrate this fact very clearly. Perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities around these days to buy cheap beachfront land in Mexico is in the state of Campeche, on the other side of the Yucatan Peninsula from famous locations such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen. About 45 minutes south of the capital (also called Campeche) a large stretch of wide, white-sanded, virgin, beachfront starts. A few hundred yards back from the beachfront is a beautiful lagoon, which has a large amount of local wildlife, including dolphins.

One development, just outside of the fishing village of Sabancuy, is selling lots that include 66 ft of beachfront, and stretch back to the lagoon starting at about $65,000 U. S! With all utilities from water to internet available, two new luxury condo and golf developments nearby, a newly renovated colonial city center in Campeche, and in general a huge amount of investment into the area’s tourism potential, these lots are prime candidates to jump in value over the next few years. The are also great opportunities for anyone who has a few years to build their dream home for retirement.

In Tulum, just south of Playa del Carmen, a failed government home development project, called Chan – Chamuyil, ” was taken over by a private company a few years ago; the company subsequently began selling the homes in this beachfront community to Americans and Canadians for about $45,000. The most current price is around $66,000, and some home owners who have been re-selling for up to $95,000.

With Tulum’s proximity to several very successful real estate markets, plans for a new airport, which has just been opened to private bidding for construction and operation, and a new well-developed urban plan to manage the town’s anticipated growth, there is a high possibility that Tulum will soon see a huge rise in property demand; this means that quaint little houses in a nearby beachfront development will also be in higher demand, and the price will go up.

So, if you think that you’ve missed the band-waggon for great investments in cheap beachfront, think again. These opportunities are full of potential, and are just waiting for the last few savvy buyers to pick up the remaining properties. Contact your leading Mexico real estate agent today to find out how you can invest in cheap Mexico beachfront properties

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