Checks Unlimited Offer Codes

When it’s time to place a check order, the worst and most expensive method is ordering them through the bank.

  • For better pricing and a wider variety of choices, you should always go through a quality third-party printer like Check Unlimited.
  • With a Checks Unlimited coupon code you can save even more over their already-friendly prices.

About Checks Unlimited

Checks Unlimited was founded in 1986 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are considered to be the first direct mail check printing company, and by stressing hard work, integrity, and quality products, they have remained at the top of their industry.

  • Initially providing only 13 designs, the company now offers over 70 designs in their personal categories and several more in their business categories. In addition, you can find a ChecksUnlimited offer code for other available merchandise, such checkbook covers, address labels, and many other accessories.

Personal Banking
The code most frequently applied is for personal use. They have over 70 different designs in 11 categories, such as animals, best sellers, cartoon, classics, Disney, eco-friendly, home & garden, inspirations, Land & Sea, and Warner Bros. Most styles are the standard top-perforation style, but they also offer 16 designs that span their categories in a side-tear style.

  • In addition to these styles, they also have 12 different desk sets. These are three-ringed sheets with a side-tear and three vertical perforations on each sheet. Stubs are on the left and remain bound in any three-ring binder.

Business Checks Coupon Code
This company also specializes in a range of services for business. Every type of banking document and accessory a business could need is available for order and a coupon code helps in these times of economic recession. The standard, manual, 3-on-a-page checks are available in 13 professional designs and can be ordered as singles or with duplicates.

  • The downside is that they only fit in 7-ring binders. They can be customized with lettering, a monogram, or a symbol. Voucher-styles for paying invoices with discount calculations can also be purchased but come in only two designs.
  • Products are available for businesses with software designed to take advantage of computer check-printing with a check coupon code.
  • A variety of different business software systems are supported, including Microsoft Money, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Checkmark, Great Plains, Microedge, Simple Media, Simple Money, and Meca Managing Your Money. For each software system, compatible check types can be purchased in up to 12 designs.

Coupon Codes
This is one company that is great about putting out new coupons. Their special offers can save up to 60% off your total order, plus a free gift is available with some. Another example of a great coupon code is the one for two boxes of checkbooks for only $11 with free shipping. Yet another code allows address labels to be added to that offer for only $4 more.

For a particularly large order, free shipping certainly comes in handy, or for professional needs, get 25% off your order of business checks. The best part is that if one Checks Unlimited offer code is invalid, there are many more from which to choose.