Consider A Goffin Cockatoo

The Goffin cockatoo is ideal for someone that doesn’t have the space for a Moluccan or Umbrella cockatoo but wants a pet parrot with the characteristics of a cockatoo.

They are about the same length as the cockatiel birds, but only because they don’t have the long pointed tail the cockatiels do. They are actually heavier but still a small bird at only 12 inches

A Goffin cockatoo has an overall white body with pink between the eyes and beak as well as under the crest. There is yellow under the eye coverlet, tail and wing feathers.

As do all cockatoos. they have a crest of feathers on top of their heads that they raise when they are excited or frightened. The difference being that theirs are smaller in proportion to their bodies than the crests of the other cockatoos are.

Don’t let their small size fool you into thinking they can’t be noisy. Although they aren’t as loud as the larger cockatoos they do scream, especially in the morning and evening.

You will need to provide your Goffin with plenty of attention and a lot of new and interesting toys to keep this active parrot entertained.

Teaching your Goffin Cockatoo tricks is a great way to both socialize and to keep it’s inquisitive mind occupied.

Something you need to be aware of if you are prone to allergies is that cockatoos have a a special dust that is used in preening.

The cage you get should be big enough to allow these active parrots to play and move around. You should consider a bigger cage than is normal for a bird this size.

Even though not all Goffin cockatoos will talk, there are some that develop an extensive vocabulary.

You want a cage that has a latch they can’t get at from the inside. With their ability to solve puzzles they will soon figure out how to open their cage doors.

If you are willing to give one the attention it needs a Goffin cockatoo will make a very playful, loyal and affectionate pet parrot.

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