Divorce Advice: why low Self-Esteem will ruin your Marriage

This article is close to my heart. Me and my wife have been together for twelve years now and have been married for 8 of those. Everything was wonderful for several years, but recently, things have changed and cracks are beginning to show and all because – and I’m going to be very honest here – I’ve been suffering from depression and the resulting low self-esteem has caused a great deal of problems. Here, then, is a precautionary tale: if you find yourself suffering from depression, seek help. If you don’t you’ll soon be facing a divorce.

My depression and the resultant lack of self-esteem have made me irritable, tired and selfish. I have spent the past several months moping and lamenting what could have been in terms of my life. Unsurprisingly, my wife has been more than a little disenchanted with my behaviour and separation has become a real possibility. I cannot blame her; the thought of living with someone who is permanently grumpy should be more than enough encouragement to commence divorce proceedings. For some reason, though, she’s stayed and I’m eternally grateful.

Following it having become clear that something was wrong and that in spite of the superhuman levels of tolerance that my wife had displayed, she would soon lose patience and file for a divorce, I sought help. As a result, I was diagnosed with depression and have since commenced a period of treatment. I’m starting to feel better and apparently I’m also easier to live with, but I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m just going to stick in there and hope everything works out.

If anyone that is reading this feels that they may be suffering from depression, then I’d strongly advise you to visit your doctor. If your attitude does not improve then you will not only find yourself separated or divorce, but will also find yourself isolated in other ways. Friends will abandon you and your family will begrudge the need to communicate with you.

Seeking help whilst suffering from depression is difficult as you’re likely to want to enter your shell. As it could prevent a divorce and ensure that you are not isolated, however, it’s well worth it.

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