Elk Hunting Colorado Units To Hunt In

Colorado is a huge state. It also has the largest elk population in the world. This is where you want to hunt elk, in Colorado. Elk hunting Colorado is divided into units. Here is some to consider to hunt in.

Elk hunting Colorado in the northwest is called unit GMU3/301. This is west of Steamboat Springs to give you a better location. This unit gives great flexibility with family, work, and the weather for late season hunting. There is numerous public lands offered by the BLM or Bureau of Land Management.

They are accessible by service roads from the United States Forest Service. Also, county roads will intersect so it is easy not to get lost. You can use your limited license cow elk for December or unlimited either sex archery license along with a second and third rifle season.

If you are in the Denver area, another elk hunting Colorado unit is GMU 18. Kremmling is to the west and Hot Sulphur Springs will be to your southeast. This is a great elk hunting spot for the early season. High meadows and dark timber will need to be scouted and maps will be needed. But, you should bag one with no problem.

There is a place called the Hunter-Frying Pan Wilderness Area. This is in Pitkin and Eagle counties. There is over two hundred and fifty square miles of public land for elk hunting Colorado. This unit is called GMU 47. In Colorado, this is one of the units that is least pressured. It is also considered an early season unit. Because of the limited access by horseback or foot along with the altitude, it will be an experience of a lifetime. It is great to hunt in the second rifle elk season.

One more unit to discuss is GMU 81. Elk hunting here in Colorado is one of the best in the state. It is located in the south central part and will be found west of US Hwy 285 all the way to the Continental Divide. Try the South San Juan Wilderness. You will have to walk, hike, and ride horses to get there. No vehicles will be allowed.

There are fir, spruce, and aspen forests with open parks, which is a perfect hunting ground for elk. In the summer, the elk will be found in the high country for feeding. You will find them at the lower elevations for fall and winter. Then, they will run and hide in the drainage that are very steep when hunting begins. Along with dark timbers to camouflage themselves.

There are many more units available to hunt elk in. Elk hunting Colorado will be the beginning of a new lifetime adventure.