English Grammar – Tips Helping You to Improve Your English Writing

Grammar plays an important role while writing a text as grammatical error will not only change the meaning but will also create a bad impression. In today’s professional world these type of errors are totally unacceptable as most of the communication whether at home or at office is done in writing. This tool helps to achieve the goal by improving your English writing skill. Let us find out how it is done.

Basic Facts

The tool of English grammar has the capacity of automatically proofreading your text to detect the basic errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation. To do this work it takes the help of a large database and advanced algorithms which is inbuilt. Thus it easily detects the grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors which you can rectify while writing the text. It also gives suggestions about the typos correction.


The main advantages that you can obtain with the help of this technology are:

  • It saves the time that has to be spent on manual proof reading.
  • It assists in writing special writing assignments which is highly technical like the applications that have to be written for patent or for a job.
  • It has more capabilities than the word processor that is conventional which helps you to develop better writing skills.


This technology not only helps to correct your text but also improves your writing skill and develops the fluency that is required in writing the text. It is helpful for correcting all the errors that commonly occur in writing.

Jane Sumerset is a professional Proofreader working for many large companies in Britain. Besides being a regular writer on topics like “how to write better or even a perfect english
” on the famous British English articles database and is living in London UK she’s a big fan of english writing software