Expert Advice On Knob And Tube Removal And Costs

When this electrical contractor begins jobs with the estimated 5 to 40 % of the old wiring, we in fact replace the ancient wiring that comprises up to 90 percent of the overall house wires. The prior occupants deliberately or otherwise tend to conceal the knob and tube in order to get a higher selling price.

House sellers or their dishonest electricians would hide the K n T and replace just its exposed pieces and ends, or implement other deceptive tactics.

As a result a happy owner has actually bought a property with ticking firebombs inserted in the walls and ceiling. Illegal splicing inside dry ceiling/wall is unsafe. The electrical code explicitly prohibits such practices.

From our experience 95% of 60 year or older houses have prohibited unprotected in-wall splicing in addition to the K&T. It is clear that all those ex-homeowners or handymen could not do multiple renovations and repairs correctly. And often even recently replaced or installed wiring is not to code, poorly done, or is outright dangerous for you and your house. Unfortunately, the only way to find this out is to cut the wall plaster or just replace all the wiring entirely instead of smashing the walls first.

Just a few remaining Knob-n-Tube wires would carry current to the second and third floors that comprise 70 or 80 percent of the entire home. Such deteriorated or abused circuits make the danger of overheating or in-wall ignition even greater. Neither official inspection, nor electrical contractor can discover those flaws without opening the walls or making holes. Only external check up is done by the inspector. Obviously no one would allow him to crush walls simply to have a look inside.

The estimate therefore makes no much sense because no one could see through the walls to find out the exact scope of the work. Estimating the percentage of Knob and Tube, the extend and nature of ungrounded lines, and of other unsafe conditions could take up to ten hours. The in-wall connections that were not done correctly are rather difficult to identify. It is faster to just remove them while avoiding any major damage to the walls.

It should now obvious that a supposed two circuit replacement could actually become a 80 or more percent full scale upgrade.

And that could lead to a conflict or a job not properly completed. Alternative is an hourly rate pricing. Assuming you hired an honest contractor this pricing approach should produce the best and fairest ultimate result. You can learn more about Knob-n-Tube Rewiring Contractor as well as other resources on Toronto Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement, Inspection, Repair and expert advice on tube replacement