Financial Planning Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

As the first decade of this millennium comes to a close, we are confronted with more critical, complex questions regarding the management of our personal finances. As people switch or lose jobs, their financial security and social security suddenly disappear overnight without much due of any planning. As financial markets around the word become more volatile, general price level of our property prices, health care, expenses for necessity items becomes more of a worry than before. Are the solutions simple and straightforward? Hardly. However, have you ever thought about how much money will you need in the coming five years? Twenty years? To support a thirty year retirement? To cover the possibilities of unforeseen health problems? Most people can’t figure out what they need for the next week, month, let alone twenty years from now. Meeting today’s needs and wants is already so consuming of their time, money and effort and there is little left over for tomorrow and there after.

The reality is this: To meet and achieve your future goals, it requires considerable amount of energy, foresight, discipline, contingency planning, and a certain amount of good fortune to make your finances work. It requires a certain amount of professional skill to quantify and manage your personal finances.

Remember this: Whether you are an individual or the head of a family, you are the master of your destiny and CEO of your own financial well being. Regarding your personal finances, you may choose to do it all yourself, or delegate it to others such as financial advisors, CPAs, stockbrokers, insurance agents, etc. Regardless of which, you will ultimately need to arm yourself with the basics – the questions and answer at least some of the questions.

The aim of this blog is to help you to answer some of the questions which pertains from the broad perspective of your daily personal finance, management of income, spending, saving, budgeting, banking, credit debit issues. Moneypapa will be touching on some of the latest money making tips (both online and offline) that you can indulge as a sideline income.

Remember – You Plan to Fail if you Fail to Plan.

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