Fly High with a Dumbo Party

Dumbo is an elephant known for his high flying and determination by kids world wide. Dumbo’s large ears have him soaring through adventures with his pal Timothy by his side.

Fun Dumbo invitations can be made at home for a Dumbo party. With some grey construction paper and a little imagination invitations for a Dumbo party are a cinch. Just trim the construction paper to form a silhouette of an elephant – make sure to have the ears be larger than normal. Top off the front of the invitation by drawing Dumbo’s signature blue eyes and voila you have a Dumbo invitation. Use a black pen or marker to write the invitation information on one side.

The decoration possibilities are endless for a Dumbo party. If the child prefers elephants then use any kind of elephant decorations throughout the party. Even use snacks such as Circus Peanuts to cater to the theme. Or utilize the circus theme set out in the movie. Decorate your home or the banquet hall like a circus, using Dumbo of course as the crowning element.

A great party game for a Dumbo party would be a feathered twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In this case, have a large picture of Dumbo on the wall. Line up the kids and hand them a feather to be taped onto Dumbo’s trunk. Blindfold the child when it’s their turn and spin them around a couple of times. Don’t get them too dizzy, just twirl them enough so they’re off center. The child who comes closest to pinning the feather to the end of Dumbo’s trunk wins!

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