Folfox Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the treatment used to treat cancer. It is also used in a combination that gives excellent results. Folfox is one of the combination chemotherapy treatments, which is used to treat bowel cancer. Folfox combination includes combination of drugs such as Folic acid (FOL), Flurourcil 5FU (F) and Oxaliplatin (OX). Folic acid vitamin is taken with 5FU that makes the chemotherapy more active against cancer cells without any side effects. However, sometimes it may cause high temperature but very rarely.

Chemotherapy is a cycle treatment and the number of cycles depends on your situation or stage of cancer. Mostly, you may have it up to 12 and each cycle lasts 2 weeks. At the beginning of each cycle of treatment, you have to inject these drugs intravenously that is into your blood stream. Also you may take it through a central line in which a long plastic tube is gone put into central blood vessel, through chest or vein in your arm. It stays until your treatment complete.

On first day, folic acid and oxaliplatin is given through drip over two hours and injection of 5FU is injected through central line. Mixture of 5FU is also given through drip for over 22 hours. On second day, the same process is done. On day 3 to 14, you have no treatment. After day 14, the cycle starts again.

There is standard folfox chemotherapy treatment that is known as Folfox-4 that is advanced treatment for colorectal cancer. Folfox-6 is the modified chemotherapy, which is active as first line chemotherapy for AGC patients.

Folfox chemotherapy also gives some common side effects. Combination may increase or decrease the chance of getting side effect. You may fill side effects such as fatigue, numbness or tingling, weight loss, sickness, risk of infection, drop in bone marrow function, diarrhea, pain in vein during infusion, mouth sores, loss of fertility etc. There are some occasional side effects like hair thinning chipped, brittle and ridged nails and sensitivity to sunlight. These side effects may be mild or more severe.

Side effects depend on your health, amount of drug and for how many time you are haven it and other drugs that you are taking along with chemotherapy. However, you may cure these side effects by taking other medicines, consulting with you doctor or care giver.

Folfox chemotherapy is one of the way using combination chemotherapy treatments and to know more about chemotherapy click here