Good at Spotting Liars? Or Are You?

Are you a person good at spotting liars? Do you know the signs to look for? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you may proceed to GO. For the rest of you (and by you I am including myself as well), lets go back to Pennsylvania Ave. and take it one dice roll at a time.

Liars are a very sly and sleek bunch. In general, they have no particular “look”. You can generally pick them out (maybe not at first) by some of the following traits:

Poor Relationship History
Most liars have a poor track history in the family/friend/relationship arenas. This is mostly due to the fact that they have wronged these people via lies and deceit. It is true when they say that you can judge a person by their company. Most liars either will not have company or will associate with their own kind (other liars).

It takes multiple lies for a family to turn its back on one of its own, so if you are associating with a person like this, run away. Fast. Friends my not be as lenient, but if they have been burned too many times, they will flee the scene as well.

Good Salesman

Let’s face it, most salesmen nowadays are born liars. They would sell ice to an Eskimo and still sleep like a baby at night. Unlike other liars, these individuals DO have a certain look. They always “look nice”. Nice clothing and fancy vehicles are standard with this bunch. You can generally tell them by false smiling, and their lack of really hearing anything you are saying.

Smooth Talkers (Non-Salesman)

I remember being asked my opinion for some TV program one day. While I always have an opinion, I was flustered. Generally, when talking spur of the moment, I am. Smooth talkers never fluster or bumble. Why? They practice. They already KNOW what they are going to say. This is a very true form of lying. The smoother the person, the easier the rehearsed lies come out. Normally you will encounter these individuals in a club/bar venue. Let them be to live in their imaginary world.

Inconsistent People

We all know people who are “flakey”. They are, for the most part, good-hearted loving individuals. However, people who are “inconsistent” try to hide behind those considered flakey. Being inconsistent usually means that you are not capable of remembering your own lies. It may seem that the person is just flighty at first but watch for the overlaps that will arise in dates/times and just blatant condescending information.

While, I don’t have an actual category for the liars I am going to address now, you will recognize them and have probably already classified them on your own. They are who I will refer to as “Honest to God” liars. Normally, if you have to say the word Honest, you are not being so. To have to follow up with God is just a double whammy. You should be able to take what people say for face value. Only when questioned, should someone have to prove being honest. Volunteering that information is a guaranteed conviction.

Overall, if someone has lied to you that you know of, chances are he/she will do so again. Try to be wary of those who are obvious liars and cautious of those you are not sure of.

Spotting lies is easy when you know how, for my best lie busting tips go to How To Spot A Liar – never be lied to again!