Google Give Big Reward for hacker in their Chrome Product

To enhance the security capabilities of the web browser Chrome, Google did not hesitate to spend the money up to $ 2 million reward for the hackers can find vulnerabilities on a web browser.

The search giant said it plans to finance for the contest Pwnium 2, scheduled to be held on 10/10 here in the framework of the security conference “Hack In The Box” in Malaysia.

Accordingly, if the hacker can attack the Chrome browser based on the source of the error will be awarded the money $ 60,000, even if the attack is not based on source browser Chrome, for example through a Chrome bug in the source code associated with an error of the Windows operating system, will be awarded the $ 50,000 amount. If the hacker exploit Chrome browser through security holes of the 3rd component, such as Adobe Flash or Windows Google will be awarded the $ 40,000 amount.

Google said it would spend up to $ 2 million reward for the hacker in this contest. Before that, Google also has plans to spend $ 1 million for Pwnium contest took place in early March, but only $ 120,000 is used for awards for security vulnerabilities that hackers can detect Chrome browser.

In addition to awards for hackers and security experts at contest Pwnium, Google also very generous rewards for security professionals if they discover any bugs or security holes on Google products and up time notify the “search giant”.

In addition to Google, there are many other security vendors are using the money to encourage hackers to discover vulnerabilities on their products such as Facebook, Mozilla or Paypal . but among them, Google is the company “more bold” to enhance security for the hacker. Up to the present time, Google has spent much more than $ 1 million awarded to hackers and security experts because of the security vulnerabilities that they found on Google products.

Conversely two software vendors to meet most security vulnerabilities in their products is Adobe and Microsoft without payment program to encourage professionals to find security holes in their products. However, Microsoft also recently awarded $ 250,000 for the three security researchers for help Microsoft improve the overall security status of their products.

With incentives for finding bugs in the product, especially the Chrome web browser, Google is hoping to turns your web browser into “fortress” inviolable, although current web browser Chrome has been highly price is safe and secure browser today.

The latest version of Google Chrome 21 has been equipped with features to deliver Flash content into the “sandbox”, which not only helps Chrome become more secure and minimize the possibility of hackers from breaking into browse through error on Flash, besides also helps Flash more stable operation on Chrome and limit crashes due to the Flash content.

Users can download Chrome 21 official version now in Google official website.

In addition, Google also launched the Beta version of Chrome 22, with improved performance and security capabilities, signaling an official version of Chrome 22 is really impressive in the near future.

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