Guy Gets Girl – Seduction Guide Review

Guy Gets Girl is one of the popular seduction guides out there. Unlike the other guides, this guide seems to be unique. It’s been written by a woman for men. Tiffany Taylor is an award winning author who wrote this book in 2003. Since then, it’s been updated regularly.

It is known to have the best pickup techniques and the most updated too. Gone are the days when ignoring could work. There are lots more to learn. Women have learnt to protect themselves. The guide is different from the other guides. This guide deals on emotionally connecting with a woman instead of connecting logically or physically.

This technique might be known to you if you have had lots of experience in dating and read more on female and male psychology. You find this with a few guides. Double your Dating is another guide that teaches you to connect emotionally. The difference lies here: Guy Gets Girl has been written by a woman for men whereas Double your Dating is written by a man for men.

The old saying that says only a woman could understand a woman’s art is very much true. It is because of the success of these techniques. Guy Gets Girl has been found to be more successful than Double your dating.

In Double Your Dating, Eben Pagan just makes guesses on female behavior and thinking whereas in Guy Gets Girl, Tiffany Taylor confirms on female behavior and what thought must be going on in their mind.

Taylor’s book is not about being a pick up artist or some jerk. You can be a nice man and yet get the chicks. That’s the secret in Guy Gets Girl. You get to become a modern day Casanova without being a jerk.

Being an ignorant loser is something we don’t like. We might have been at some point of our lives but not now. When we act like a gentleman, one thing happens. All the chicks tend to ignore us. That’s the problem.

Guy Gets Girl answers that problem. You learn the emotional triggers that are driving the female brain when it comes to attraction and love. Even if you are not rich or good looking, you can still get the chicks by using Guy Gets Girl.

Guy Gets Girl puts you in a better position in the game by just finding the emotional triggers that attract the woman. It works for all situations and almost anybody.

Some of the best sections include:

  • Read the girl’s body language and take control of the situation
  • How to start a conversation? Something that makes many men wonders. The best conversation starters revealed.
  • Ten Commandments to Win Over a Woman.

This guide explains it all and tells you everything you need to know about picking up women.

The Guy Gets Girl is available for $49.95 but as a package includes a few more guides on conversation and sex which can be very useful.

Whoever you are, if you want women then Guy Gets Girl is a must for you. I’m frank about that.

There is an 8 week refund policy. Something that you would not ask for as you would like the guide and buy more of Tiffany’s recommendations after you buy it.

Guy Gets Girl is a pickup guide written by a woman for men to get women. You will learn:
1) The Best Conversation Starters
2) Read her Body Language and take control
3) Ten Commandments to Win Over A Woman And more. . .

Harry Ramsay is a pickup artist who transformed his life from having no girlfriend to having girls begging to have a date.