Here Comes the Judge

At one glance, we are sometimes to quick to judge a person by their appearance, be it their clothing, hair style, body language attitude or the lack of these personality traits. The world today is still changing. New fads are wreaking havoc of our customs based on the way things used to be. The young people would call us baby boomers “old School. ” Still there are choices that we make that are based on our young years as baby boomers.

I can often size up a person with a word being said. Most of my intuitions are correct. My daughter finally understood why she could not were certain clothes. If you dress this way this is how people will perceive you and approach you. In the same light if you see a policeman in uniform he will be approached as a respectable peace officer.

Who made you the judge? We could not survive in this world if we did not judge the decisions in our lives. We judge what to eat what to wear, where to live, what cars to drive, the list is endless. The problem arises when we opt to judge someone and their choices that they make in life. We never consider that my choice of shoes that I wore today was the only choice that I may have had.

The majority of the judges in our court systems today strive to be fair and impartial based on local state and federal laws. Having the book thrown at you proves that the judge has done his research and you penalty for breaking the law should not be personal.

I told a friend that President Bush was a great man. This is my judgment/opinion of our world leader. I also spoke to a man who’s’ son was killed in war. He bent my ear and told me where to put my opinion.

What about the more-ways and folkways that we were taught in school? Passing judgment is something that we do even in our dreams. However our judgment should be righteous and not based on self gain, recognition or impartiality.

We often see judges at the Olympics, at football games, in boxing rings, on tennis courts and of course the court system. The Supreme Court usually hands down laws that American citizens are to live by. Moral integrity and doing the right thing should be a normal way of life.

There is an ongoing squabble with the Democrats and the Republicans, Our President the House and the Senate often debate on major issues. However self-made, Lawyers, Doctors Judges, friend and foe will judge you everyday. Even the very one that you love.

Whatever happened to love thy neighbor? A good friend will not judge you. A good friend listens to your conversation. The moral fabric of society continues to torn by the way things look. Today chances are we have no idea who lives next door.

Today it is hard to judge a person on appearance alone. It is best to get to know the person or their plight in life. The heart of man has many stories that are good and bad. How can I judge the splinter in your eye when I have a log in mine?

My final question, Is it right to judge? My answer to this question forced me to look within myself. The Bible says for us not to judge Look at Matthew 7:1, . But, should we judge people? Why not? The world that we live in has no idea of what peace is about. A righteous judgment can only be done by following What God has established in his word.