How to Feel Sexy in a Skirt

While some imagine the best way to feel sexy is by wearing revealing outfits or sexy lingerie, there’s much more to feeling sexy than that. Moreover, feeling sexy accompanies a display of attitude and confidence that is essential. The old saying that some are sexy wearing a flour sack carries an implicit piece of advice. For, it’s not what someone wears, but how they wear it that counts. With that in mind, focus on an often neglected item of clothing, the skirt. It’s been around for centuries, but few know the tricks of feeling sexy wearing it. So, forget about the obvious lure of sexy lingerie long enough to read on and see what the more understated skirt can do for its wearer!

A huge factor in “skirt appeal” is that, like dresses, skirts aren’t worn by men. Unlike jeans, trousers, Bermuda shorts, athletic pants, even shirts and sweaters, they’re unique to the feminine gender. Moreover, though feminine like dresses and thereby interesting to male eyes, they present much more wardrobe versatility. Sharing a great ability to be mixed and matched with other separates like pants, versatility is a hallmark without sacrificing femininity. And though dresses are also uniquely feminine, they are limited, classified as evening wear, work wear, or beach/resort wear. Skirts are different, so readily mixed with other garments that they can easily catapult from one category to another.

Shopping for a skirt is relatively simple, as styles abound. For those with toned bodies or a comfort level that allows them, there are fitted skirts. Whether knitted, stretch cotton, or fine wool, they emphasize the body’s curves from the waist area down, lengths varying from 14″ minis to those falling at or below the knee. The longer the skirt, the more likely it has a slit for movement. An opening of several inches along the side or back can be quite sexy, leg revealed upon bending or sitting with crossed knee. Feeling sexy is not hard to do if the atmosphere and environment are right. Skirts with slits, like minis, aren’t welcome at work, though, and are better worn after hours. However, a conservative fitted skirt that grazes the knee can go to work with a sensible blazer and shoes, later becoming a sexy evening piece. How?

Simply changing to flirtatious shoes, heels with peep toes or straps, that daytime skirt takes on a new look. Exchanging the blazer for a flouncy short jacket and opening one more button on a soft blouse creates a different effect. A spritz of scent, a toss of the hair, and it’s not hard to feel sexy in a fitted skirt. If it is black, especially paired with a white silky top or blouse, the appeal will be amplified.

Not everyone feels good about figure hugging skirts
. Fortunately, there are many current styles that provide wonderful options. Bohemian chic skirts are long and flowing, often with embroidered or crocheted panels enhanced with ribbons or tiny beads. Additionally, colorful silky skirts with patterns and textures alluringly cover figure flaws and generally have no slits. Offering go-anywhere ease of movement, they pair beautifully with boots, solid, or short with peep toes, for effect. Moreover, adding a low-slung belt or sash speaks of relaxed femininity.

Belts, like shoes and patterned stockings, play up a skirt’s performance, and the options, from waist cinching to falling softly below, accommodate many figure types. It’s wise to experiment to see what works best because feeling sexy in a skirt has everything to do with feeling figure confident. It is better to skip a belt if not comfortable. Instead, find a top that fits nicely without tucking in, and the skirt will still look extraordinary topped with a cute short jacket or soft wrap.

Not to be forgotten are classics such as jean and khaki skirts, casual fabrics that nonetheless can be enhanced with the right accessories. A flowing jean skirt with boots can captivate when it reaches the ankles and is accessorized with a pretty blouse with ruffles or lace. Contrasting lacy fabrics with practical denim or khaki is a great trick for feeling sexy. Moreover, the difference between a skirt and pants is that while pants usually leave little to the imagination, a longer skirt invites intrigue about the legs it covers.

Undoubtedly, sexy lingerie will always be fun to wear, but there is a reason skirts have endured. Perhaps it is that they’re not obviously sexy or don’t try so hard, leaving it up to the wearer to feel sexy in them by focusing on attitude and feminine touches. A pair of high heels, a nice leather belt, fishnet stockings, or a softly draped sweater, can team with a skirt to engender feelings more sexy than with lingerie. So, when next looking at that straight black style, or bohemian with ruffles, just imagine the possibilities for mood setting fashion by wearing a skirt!