How to Improve Your Cell Phone’s Battery Life

Does your Smartphone suck the life out of your battery? There are ways to help out the charge life of your battery, which help of course but aren’t the answers to your prayers. That being said, here are 8 practical tips for extending the life of your battery.

1) Screen Brightness-Brightness is a big battery drain. To save your battery, try setting the screen brightness down to the lowest setting. On some phones you can actually adjust it to automatically dim after it has been on after a set period of time. If you own a phone with an AMOLED display then it’s also a good idea to have a dark or predominantly black background or theme for your phone.

2) Location Services-Location services are run by apps to show where you are and probably report in to Facebook, Google+, Latitude, etc. It drains your battery to constantly having the GPS search for your location. Turn off the GPS. If you need it back on to run an app, such as Google Navigator, it will tell you to turn it back on.

3) Running Apps-Apps running in the background also drain your battery quickly. Install an App Killer. I use Advanced App Killer and love it, but there are many others out there. Killing an app isn’t like uninstalling it. It will run again as soon as you click on it. In addition, those free apps have been proven to drain batteries a lot more quickly than their paid counterparts. The ads that run are on a rotation basis and are constantly pushing the update.

4) Weak Signals-If you are in an area where there is a weak signal, your phone is your phone searching out a better signal. This of course drains your battery. Try setting your phone to “airplane mode. ” Then connect via Wi-Fi if you can. It will help out your battery charge quite a bit. If your phone has a setting that allows you to set the phone to 2G instead of 3G or 4G, try that for weak signals. 2G uses a lot less battery power and you won’t see a lot of difference in the calls themselves.

5) Avoid Heat-Batteries don’t like to be too hot. Don’t leave your phone in your car in the summer or in direct sunlight. The composition of lithium ion batteries reacts adversely to extreme temperatures, hot and cold. In the winter keep your phone in an inner pocket of your jacket to keep it warm, and don’t leave it in the car if you live in a cold area.

6) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-Having the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on when you aren’t connected causes your phone to constantly searching for the device. You can easily turn these features on and off, thus saving your battery life.

7) Vibrate Mode-While it is convenient to have your phone vibrate when you get a notification or phone call, it does use up substantially more battery charge to do so. Keep those bad vibes turned off when possible.

8) Email Updates-If your phone is checking for email updates every 5 minutes, it will drain your battery. Change the setting to manual so it only checks for emails when you tell it to, or to a longer period of time, for example 60 minutes. This is really helpful.

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