How to Improve Your Jump Shot

Jump shots are sometimes the only way to get a basket and score for your team. It is an essential shot that every player should master. It also requires more skill and practice then stationary shots because, it is a more physical shot.

Players looking to improve or master the jump shot should follow the following advice to make the most out of their practice sessions and make a good move towards being the best at jump shots.

The following advice gives some very practical ideas on how to make good jump shots and how to train yourself so that you can make every jump shot count.

Have a Practice Routine

Every time you are trying to work on a shot you have to develop a practice routine. This allows you to become more at ease with the shot. It helps you to make the shot more second nature.

Make sure that when you are practicing that you have a way to do your shot. You may warm up and stretch and then do some dribbling and then jump shots, for example. Do your routine the same every practice.

Do Specific Exercises

For jump shots you have to really develop your skills at jumping and balance.

You should do jump roping, jumping jacks and other moves that allow you to get practice jumping so you can gain height. You want to get the most height possible on your jumps.

Know the Key Move

A good jump shot will only happen when you can jump straight in the air. To practice this technique you need to practice jumping up and down in a straight line.

You can mark the ground with a circle. When you jump up and down you should make sure you land in the same spot each time. You should practice jumping exercises until you master them and still keep on practicing the moves so you stay good at them.

This is the key move to mastering the jump shot. A straight jump equals a straight shot. It allows you to really be accurate in your jump shot. Without the straight jump your shot is going to be off. Once you are in the air there is nothing you can really do to turn the shot right.

As you can see a lot of the focus is on jumping. That is because a lot of a jump shot is the jump. Every other shot you make is similar to the jump shot, but none is focused so much on air height. You have to take that seriously in order to have a distinguished and effective jump shot.

When you are practicing and working with your jump shot you have to remain focused and be willing to work hard. Jump shots do not come naturally to most people. They involve a lot of work and effort on your part. It is essential that you are serious about getting the height on your jumps and sinking a straight shot. Only then can you truly master the jump shot.

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