How to Prospect for MLM Leads

How to Prospect for MLM Leads

New network marketers are typically excited about their new ventures until the day comes when they have to pick up the phone to start generating new MLM leads, or worse, have to prospect face to face. Up to this point, you’ve done everything by the book; reviewed the company portfolio, read and memorised all the product details and learned the compensation plan inside out.

Now its time to start making some money and planning your finical freedom! So suddenly you are faced with new questions like, ‘How to find new prospects?’ ‘How do I prospect successfully?’ ‘How do I determine if someone is going to be a prospect for my downline or just be a customer?’ And the most terrifying thing is, ‘What do I say to these people once I’ve found them?’

It really can be a scary time. Especially if you’re low on confidence. Whether you want to do your prospecting online or offline, I hope the following help you out.

First of all, don’t let fear get the better of you. Remember, fear is simply and acronym of False Expectations Appearing Real! If this is your first or even second time in a network marketing business, being anxious about making calls or speaking to people face to face is natural. But usually, if you’ve decided on the right company and you have all the right knowledge and training to hand, you’re already in possession of the correct answers. If you’ve got a great support network in your upline (which you should definitely have), then these people will teach you how to prospect efficiently and successfully. It will take time, but just follow and practice what you’ve been taught and this fear will diminish and it will become second nature.

So, the first thing to do is keep a database of your prospects. Before you start prospecting, decide how you you are going to track your MLM Leads. This is usually what happens when someone new joins an MLM business. They start making notes of the people they want to contact to join their new business and believe me, this is exactly the pattern I followed (it’s a natural process). But by the time these newbies are ready to start calling this list, the original notes are nowhere to be found! Very frustrating indeed. And this continues, day to day. These new MLM business owners make notes everywhere they go, on till receipts from the supermarket, napkins.

The problem is always the same, I’ve done it and seen it a thousand times more. These notes get put down somewhere, usually in a safe place or rather in a place different from the last note was left and it’s in such a safe place, you have no idea where it is when you come to look for it! You must avoid this mistake.

You must have a database, whether you keep a written one (like a diary) or on a spreadsheet. This Database of your MLM prospects will form the basis for your marketing. Without it, you’ll create chaos for yourself at an incredible cost, starting with frustration and sometimes ending in a natural failure in your business. Please, please, please – always keep a database. And one which is set out so it’s easy to understand if you don’t look at it for a couple of weeks, perhaps if you go away of vacation. Because the next time you review it, you’ll want to know exactly whats what.

Next you must decide where to look for your new MLM leads. Your warm market or a cold market. Are you going to contact everyone you know first, or have known in the past? Or are you going to do this the more scary way, hit your cold market first? LISTEN. One valuable tip I learned pretty early on, is that the MLM Industry is very confusing. Your warm market, like your friends and family are not your best prospects! They are not going to have the same passion for your business as you do. Or they could do, if you really sold them the idea that they could get rich by the end of next week! But you’d have to be REAL convincing to do that. Remember, if you are not rich yet, don’t try and sell your closest buddy on this idea because guess what?

Your going to lose that friend as fast as you can break an raw egg! You have to get real. You have to think outside of the people around you when prospecting for MLM Leads. But this choice is important because prospecting can be discouraging and your success will ultimately depend on your attitude about which market you chose to tackle first. Thinking in terms of the other way around, if you don’t like meeting and talking to strangers, or don’t feel comfortable within the first 20 seconds, then cold calling for prospects is probably not the best way forward for you.

This is one way you could do it. In fact this was my process, when I got started. Something told me that my family and friends were not the best people to contact for my business. I had been in offline business previous to working online and at no time did I think about my friends and family, as business partners. It just didn’t make sense. But the way I looked at it, was that by prospecting these people, it was really good practice for when I came to speaking to complete strangers from all around the world! And it worked. By the time I came to call the MLM leads I had generated online, I was well versed in what to say!

How to get free MLM leads
is, more often than not, confusing and frustrating. Especially if you are new to MLM. But it doesn’t have to be. Generating new MLM leads is a continuing science for you, you can make it hard work or you can learn, right from the very beginning, how to do it right. We will show you