How to Use the Internet to Get Your Movie Script Seen

Do you have an idea that you are sure will make a great movie? Have you already written a movie script that you know will be a blockbuster? So, what do you do now? Do you take your script to an agent or send it to a studio? These are questions that all first time screenwriters grapple with after they’ve written a script. What do I do now?

Lucky for us, there is now a lot of help available online to help you get your script critiqued and seen by Hollywood professionals. There are websites that let you post anything from a rough draft to a full length treatment online, with all rights protected, to allow other writers, producers and agents look over your work and give you feedback based on their firsthand experience in film production.

This feedback is invaluable to anyone writing a movie script. Just as it takes a whole crew to film a picture and it takes more than one person to write the script. These sites give you a fresh perspective on your work as seen through the eyes of others who are in the same business that you are in, the business of making movies.

Having a fresh set of eyes look at your work allows you to see holes in the plot or underdeveloped characters that you had previously overlooked. When a writer works on a story for weeks or even years, he runs the risk of getting too close to his work and sometimes missing the obvious. Screenwriter websites help you get a fresh perceptive on your work which can make a world of difference.

These sites also bring another important element into play, connections. Hollywood works on a network of connections, sometimes it’s more about who you know than it is about the quality of the script that you are trying to get made. We’ve all seen horrible films featuring big name stars and have asked ourselves, what were they thinking? Those films happened because somebody knew somebody and sold a script that really wasn’t worth making.

Websites which cater to screenwriters give newcomers the chance to connect with their peers and create networks. These networks allow scripts to be seen by the people who make movies. So they are a win-win situation for any fledging screenwriter, post your work and receive the feedback necessary to make it a stellar script and get your ideas out there to the people who can actually make things happen.

Ashley Conway is the founder of Make’n Movies – The only service in the world where you play a leading role in the making of your own Hollywood blockbuster with the chance to make money for your movie ideas.