I Was Lied to by Multiple MLMs and Stumbled on Unselfish Wealth

One day I was wondering how to make money online. I was pretty good at finding the hottest new affiliate programs. I found several programs with lots of hype and no money in my bank. I was wondering how a person like me could possibly earn a living online with very little investment. I tried a few programs and one day a friend had a blog up about Unselfish Wealth. I looked at it and said wow this makes sense. The payment plan was astounding so I went along for the ride. I signed up in the beginning before pre launch at the end of May. I was so excited and new I was a part of something big, something that could help me an average person get very wealthy.

During pre launch I had 20 people signed up and only one signed up after we launched and went live. So I sat there wondering. Is this really going to work? I went to bed and woke up with three more sign ups. I thought great I have my 4 personals. I thought I would sail along and everything would be great. It wasn’t great. . . Just like at work people just don’t get to be successful you have to focus on it. I am a great manager and a great motivator but I was having problems with my team. I decided I wasn’t going to let that bother me. I have 68 people on my team and I personally brought in 35. In the marketing world that is considered very good. I want to be in the bonus pools because that is where the big money lies. The fast start bonus’ are really great and I have been earning $100 a week. Now my income has grown and I am earning on all different levels. It is great to log in and see all kinds of money pouring in. I love it.

Unselfish Wealth is a marketing system for Travelencia. Signing up under Travelencia for the membership benefits is great. It is a one time fee of $50 and 19.95 or 49.95 a month depending on what level of travel credit you desire. It is like a Sam’s Club membership for Travel It is well worth it to receive the up to 80% discounts on all your travel needs. If you want to run it as a business you are better off signing under Unselfish Wealth. The reason is you only get paid on 1 level with Travelencia, with Unselfish Wealth is a 4 x 6 matrix. If you want to see more how it works you can see my website.

Something happened when I joined this program. It brought my confidence back I became more determined than ever to be successful. I am doing real well and add approx. 10 a week now. I know this program could help many people earn a very lucrative income online. My husband will be able to quit his day job by April. It seems so unreal to me but I keep pressing forward. I love being my own boss and being here for my son. I answer only to myself because it is my business and I can run it however I want to. I help my team however I can. I created my own videos, blogs and websites to help them. I also assist them how to advertise. The relationships I have built are outstanding. I am very fortunate to have found Unselfish Wealth. It gave me my life back after being unemployed for 2 years. I have finally found the right program for me and it feels great.

“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things. “

We Free Economic Prisoner’s

Diane Robinson
UW Executive Director