Internal and External Customers

External customers are the company’s clients. They are people who purchase the products the company produces. They are of a great importance to the organization. There are also internal customers. They play an important role in the organization’s success as well. Internal customers are the staff that the company hires.


The Internal customer e. g. your staff, will benefit significantly by good customer care. More effective management will lead to a more motivated workforce. It will also give you improved co-operation between your departments. Your staff will welcome the fact that you are willing to invest valuable time and money in them as individuals as well as a team, and will have more job security.


Your External customers e. g. the members of the general public are the most important people to your organisation. Without these people coming into your shop and buying your furniture your business would not succeed. If a customer feels like she is interrupting your staff she will shop elsewhere in future, which will only result in a lost sale for your organisation. It is vitally important to make your External customer feel valued at all stages of the sale, Pre-sale, during sale and after sale. If your customer enjoys her experience and has a good time under your staff, then certainly she will use your organisation again.


Every business wants to be successful. Otherwise why would you go into business in the first place? If your Internal customers are contented in their workplace and have good quality customer care training they will feel more motivated and confident. Also it will lower staff absenteeism and turnover of staff. In reality why should the staff want to leave a job they feel confident and secure in!

The same good customer care given to your External customers will lead to success in your company. Your customers not only demand and expect your furniture to be of the best quality but also from the level of service they receive from your staff. Satisfied customers lead to fewer complaints for your staff to deal with, freeing up valuable time your staff could be more industrious in. The word of mouth recommendations your External customers will voice is in effect free advertising and this will without a doubt lead to improved reputation and most importantly to increased revenue.

It is essential to identify the considerations prior to development of an effective customer care strategy. To provide a positive approach to customer care it is important to follow the main key issues.

Identify customer’s needs – Knowing what your customer expects and wants from your organisation.

Developing the right products and services – Once you discovered your customers needs it is then vitally important that you develop your product so that it will match your customers expectations.

Measuring customer’s satisfaction – This requires constant and ongoing improvements, due to the changes in customer’s demands.

Developing Internal systems – Providing your Internal customers with appropriate customer care leads to co-operation and support from all departments, which leads to the overall success of your organisation.

Staff Training – It is essential for successful customer care that all staff is included in the training. It is vital that all the staff from the Cleaner to the Managing Director feel that they have an important role to play in the satisfaction of the needs in addition to wants of your customers.

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